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  1. LoanWolf added a post in a topic <TENACIOUS> Recruitment Open! 10 Spots to fill. 57+. Sunday/Wednesday Node Wars   

    Moved to new forums reluctantly.
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  2. LoanWolf added a post in a topic Tired of Guild Shopping? Join [Grievance] on [NA_World] !   

    I actually really like these guys.  We fought them twice and each time theyve been super cool and respectful.  Always a good fight.  
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  3. LoanWolf added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    You can have it more then 3 ways in this circle jerk
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  4. LoanWolf added a post in a topic Victory lap thread   

    This is the war that never ends.  It just go on and on my friends.  Some people, started pking not knowing what it was.  And theyll continue pking forever just because it is the war that never ends.  
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  5. LoanWolf added a post in a topic Milking Cows Works on One Computer but Not the Other   

    So this is going to sound stupid.  And I am stupid, but I feel like maybe I can help.  I ran into an issue very early on with bdo, I couldn't summon boss scrolls or do alchemy.  It was very odd and specific, everything was fine in my games except those two things.  I deleted paz files, cleared my quest logs, uninstalled and reinstalled about 3 times.  This went on for about 2 weeks.  I had my friend log into my account, and she could summon scrolls, so I determined it had something to do with my files.  I restarted my computer and it worked.  I hadnt restarted my computer in about a month.  Thats all it took to fix.  I can't stress the amount of times I tried basically everything.  Just something to keep in mind for a game you keep on 24/7
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  6. LoanWolf added a post in a topic How Many FS Did You Get TET At?   

    179 for my Awakening.  I started at 31 fs.  41 for Muskans.
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  7. LoanWolf added a post in a topic Oh look a generic title! MP question.   

    So all marketplace items are built off of the estimated cost to upgrade it.  So for say a Pri accessory item, it will be 2.5 x the cost of the accesory item.  For armor and weapons it will go off of the base liverto price as well as the armor or weapon stone price.  The key would be to wait until weapon stones are at a low point, then put your liverto on the market.  Keep in mind players in front of you will need to repost eventually, so chances are just leaving it up it will eventually sell.
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  8. LoanWolf added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    Just my 2 cents. It is very dangerous to call guild hopping exploiting.  There would be other ways to get around the cooldown and increasing the cooldown would just mean the return of BirdGuild, BirdGuild2, GuildBird.  I think the biggest issue is the lack of memes from territory guilds.  Owning a territory means you are responsible for atleast 1 weekly meme post or video.  Everyone knows the real pvp only happens in the forums, and lately that has been lacking.  
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  9. LoanWolf added a post in a topic Returning players looking for Guild   

    Hey brotherman, I am going to drop my generic recruiting stuff below and address each of your points.
    - I am no hunter, but we have a member who is a very good hunter and will always bring people on his trips.  He finds pug groups via the hunting discord daily, only about 1-2 members in guild in addition hunt.  We have the guild boat to be able to do magoria hunting, but generally there is low interested.  
    - Nodewars twice a week, Sundays and Wednesdays.  Participating in wars means bigger payouts.  We have google docs that track all of our stats and participation, looks really pretty.  If you saw this nerdy spreadsheet if win you over in an instant.
    - Dont really have too many younger members, youngest is between 21-25, majority is 30-45.  We understand some people have families and lives, we certainly agree people like that exist in the world.  
    - There is a lot we offer.  Our voip is always active.  We have a wide range of personalities, as long as everyone shows everyone respect we have no issues.  We aren't a super serious guild.  We don't call out or kick members.  We play together because we enjoy each others company.  We strive to be better because we are gamers, not because we are forced to. 
    - We use mumble.  While I see the uses for discord, unfortunately it is not best served hosting 100+ people at a time.
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  10. LoanWolf added a post in a topic Can i have a JOB IRL and be competitive at PVP on this game ?   

    I work and play 5 hours a day.
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  11. LoanWolf added a post in a topic Villa fix   

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  12. LoanWolf added a post in a topic Villa fix   

    There are 2 villas near bandits that for 600,000 you can get a 10% exp buff for 3 hours and 10ap buff for 3 hours.
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