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  1. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Gg. Im out. Lieing to everyone here whilst you mug everyone off.
    You get rich people to buy 5x more amount of cash shop items a week with your excuse that "Oh all the poor kids can now get cool gear for free". It takes ages to get 18mil and when you have that sort of money you won't wanna get a cosmetic item.
    So everyone that doesn't have enough silvers will be like "I can farm silvers by buying cash shop items and instantly selling them". They get into the habit of buying 5 cash items a week to farm silvers and your pay 2 win strategy infects the game like a virus.
    You money whoring company. Tricking people in to believing it is for the poor players instead of your money making schemes.
    You knew the game was dieing and wanted to increase your income.
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  2. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    You do realise that this new feature is going to be abused.
    It doesn't mean omg the devs are awesome they will let people to buy them with in game currency now...


    It means people are going to spend 5 times as much money a week to sell these items in game (duplicates most likely) making Daum money and making the person that sells the items on the marketplace a lot more richer than the next person.

    So what does the next person (poor person) do to compete? Use the same tactic if they can by buying Cash items and making Daum more money for nothing but silver coins.

    They might as well add a silver coin option to the cash shop because the only wall between the cash shop and silver is actually selling the item on the marketplace.

    Maybe it will mean prices of things and the marketplace with rise. But the only -----ing people that will be able to afford anything are those who pay $100+ a week to monopolize the marketplace.
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  3. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic BDOHub - BlackStone Calculator + Group Finder and More!   

    Because there is no guaranteed success from where you are on the fail with manual enchanting.
    It is only chance. Also the averages are very hazy, so implementing them would of been a waste of time and a bit of a task because there is so many time's that averages almost always are not correct. (RNG is RNG :P)

    The calculator is based on facts in calculation and and telling you how much things cost and a little suggestion on whether to force or not.

    If this is what you mean. 

    Otherwise you are saying the calculation is wrong? The suggestion to force and the extra cost?
    If so I can take a look at it. 
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  4. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic BDOHub - BlackStone Calculator + Group Finder and More!   

    Infact it does take the % chance into context.
    It recommends you force enchant if extra cost is equal or less than 1mil and if the success % is less than 30.

    Each failure does increase by adding the % each fail that we have stored for each enchantment level.
    You have to remember, all items and level enchantments have a maximum failure increase. 

    So if the % does not change when you increase failures, it is because you have hit the max % it can increase to for that combination of level and failure level.

    I appreciate your feedback.
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  5. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic BDOHub - BlackStone Calculator + Group Finder and More!   

    So, I come with the saddening news that the website may soon be taken down.
    Why? Because the amount of usage of the website is no where near worth the cost of maintaining it. 

    It is costing me more than you think.

    I am not one to complain, however it would just not be smart to keep it up at this rate.

    The reason I have made this post is to work out, who here truly believes I should keep this up? Currently it only gets about 15-30 people on a day. 
    It used to be in the hundreds. So surely a lot of people do not like the tool or just don't find it useful. 

    Please leave in the comments whether you think I should keep the website and calculator up and why would help.

    Thank you for those that are still using the tool.

    If you do want to help us out you can donate via the donate button on the calculator page. 
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  6. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Server Maintenance May 25th   

    For everyone complaining there is no patch notes, and/or saying they could of specified.. You Sir/Miss are blind... 

    Server Maintenance."I feel sorry for daum having to deal with people like you guys.
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  7. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic BDOHub - BlackStone Calculator + Group Finder and More!   

    So i took a glace at your profile. 
    Literally, within seconds it confirmed how much of troll or rude opinionated person you are

    Every reply is you either calling out people for down syndrome, calling people plebs and calling Daum simple and handicapped. 

    Sorry mate, but you're the type of person that is not wanted in the community. 
    So, next time you hate on the community with stuff like "Down Syndrome detected.
    Not a rarity among the BDO community."
    Don't try be a part of it.

    Case closed.

    For everyone that uses the website, because i know quite a few of you do. 
    There will be some changes coming tomorrow that i think you will all like!
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  8. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic BDOHub - BlackStone Calculator + Group Finder and More!   


    1. Troll
    2. I am pretty sure, giving information about how much things will cost, durability to be lost, how many black stones needed and the true % you have to succeed failstack is a little bit better than a coin toss. Don't you think?
    3. You stick to your Coin Toss and let others actually use something informative.
    4. I know i shouldn't feed Troll's, however i feel that @Flevalt thinks he was being clever and witty. 

    Let me be the first to tell you, you are incorrect. 
    You may continue to try troll but at your own risk.
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  9. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    Opens Patch notes, CTRL+F "Musa"...
    Finds "Basic stats for Musa & Maehwa increased, both AP and DP for Ranged, Magic, and  Melee."

    Orgasms in hope of a final fix.
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  10. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic A Groupfinder Tool pls , finding groups/participants takes long and is a waste of energy for the lead!   

    We have created an online tool for this, however its dead at the moment. http://www.bdohub.net/#!group-finder/fy9uf
    When people know about it more, hopefully it will start to populate.
    So keep an eye on it.
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  11. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic BDOHub - BlackStone Calculator + Group Finder and More!   

    Made a tutorial on how to use the Calculator!
    Hope you guys like and understand it!

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  12. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic BDOHub - BlackStone Calculator + Group Finder and More!   

    We have now added a group finder page for both EU and NA!
    We know you can use the in game chat, however its a pretty cool feature for those that would like to use it.

    Anyway, talking in channel chat costs energy.
    So why not?!

    Here is a screenshot:

    If you want to give it a go, feel free to come along!


    If you have any suggestions on what we should add to the website, be sure to let me know!
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  13. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic BDOHub - BlackStone Calculator + Group Finder and More!   

    Seems like you have to update the current enchantment level for change to show in the %.

    After a while of fixing, i have improved and added the following:
    - Armour/Weapon Support with there corresponding percentages and durability losses.
    - Memory Fragment Support that is substituted instead of the Black Stone.

    Re-Visit the website and let me know what you all think please!
    Do what you did before, let me know if there are any issues.

    Thank you.
    For those that have visited, do you guys think you will re-visit or use it ever again?
    Was it helpful? And what can i change on it? Please let me know. 

    Doing some work on the website tomorrow, so will add some suggestions to it when i do so.

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  14. ABkayCkay added a post in a topic BDOHub - BlackStone Calculator + Group Finder and More!   

    Delete my other thread there. 
    It got next to no attention. Hence why i posed in general. 

    EDIT: Ill delete it.
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