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  1. Dragonheart added a post in a topic Picture The Seasons - Calendar Event! [Winners Announced]   

    2 days late but I want only a title
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  2. Dragonheart added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    I don't have this "We are family" title too...
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  3. Dragonheart added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

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  4. Dragonheart added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  5. Dragonheart added a post in a topic Cash Shop New Prices Vote   

    It seems to be more legit. +1
    I know that the Cash Shop is the only way that they can get some money to hold the servers and improve game content. But for eg. in Guild Wars 2 for a one full costume skin you will pay 700 gems. 800 gems cost 10 euro. So you get costume for less than 10 euro. Here in BDO you need to pay 2200 perls to get full costume or 3200 with weapon. You need to pay 30 euro to get 3000 DaumCash that give you 3200 perls. Even if you pay 20 euro for 2000 DaumCash you get only 2050 perls. So you can't buy a full set I know that they need money to hold the serves. But maybe thay can create more and more costume and make all cheaper. So more people will buy it and it will be not so painful for their wallet 
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  6. Dragonheart added a post in a topic Question about "end game" and "grinding"   

    Ah... I forgot to add that this is only in a core game "End Game". After they will release some expansions like Valencia you will have a good opportunity to become a rogue and get extra quest in Valencia city
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  7. Dragonheart added a post in a topic Question about "end game" and "grinding"   

    If you are in the Guild in "end game" you have:
    Group Guild quests (gathering, killing mobs, group bosses).Wars for holding the grounds (nods).All things writed belowIf you are not in the Guild in "end game" you have:
    Daily quest (after lvl 50)Daily BossesCraftingTrading (eg. Taming horses and selling them)Gearing (upgrading)Housing (You can create more comfortable house)Mob grinding 
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  8. Dragonheart added a post in a topic Conversation's, Amity and NPC Guide!   

    As you can see that Allan is interested with Nagas as his 3rd interest. I have farm Nagas for getting Knowledge about them and after I discover all without a single Knowledge about Nagas and still I haven't been able to talk with Allan about Nagas... 
    I have reached 1k Aminty for Allan and haven't spotted that some topics bacame less attractive for him.
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  9. Dragonheart added a post in a topic I would Subscribe to this MMO   

    Yes, and it's work as a Trial now. With free account you get only core game with many restrictions... You can't even talk on global chat and put items in market. Less number of character's slots etc. Now they don't sell just a CORE game. They sell GW2 as a pack Core + DLC.
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  10. Dragonheart added a post in a topic I would Subscribe to this MMO   

    Best option for now one is B2P game. People usually don't know what they will do for next month and if they buy a subscription they sometimes just waste a money.
    There is so many other games and if they will pay for a subscription it will be something like that they will be forced to play this game. (I don't say that if they will not pay monthly sub they will not play, they can just play sometimes other games without remorse).
    Guild Wars 2 is B2P game and it was successful 
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  11. Dragonheart added a post in a topic Conversation's, Amity and NPC Guide!   

    Nice guide, but I have some question and you didn't mention about one thing.
    This one thing is that each time you get more Amity points (from previous successful conversations) the amaunt of energy you need to spend to start a new conversation increased. At least that happened with NPC in Glish. I don't know if that this happens to all NPCs.
    My question is about topics that you can talk with NPCs. In Knowledge menu you can see that Lorenzo has only one topic that he is interested in but for example Allans (he is a Stable Keeper too) has got 3 topics that he is interested in. But for some unknown reasons you can talk with him only about first topic. Sometimes it becomes very difficult (I can even say it's impossible) to get 4-5 Sparking Interest Failure if you have only 1-2 Knowledge to discuss that has less than 100%. This situation happend to me when I talk with Allan. I have collected all the knowledge about Calpheon Territory (Stable Manager) (there are 7 people to meet) and I have 2 people that have less than 100% chance to Sparking Interest. So how can I fail 4-5 times in one round? Is there any possible to change the topic of our conversation or there is a another way to accomplish this or it's just a bug that require from me to do something that is impossible?  

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  12. Dragonheart added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: Lady_Yennefer
    Family Name: Drakorian
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/sCcrvs9.png

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  13. Dragonheart added a post in a topic Royal Legion (Alustin) - Polska Gildia MultiMMO, RL-XT Alliance   

    Mili ludzie, zacna atmosfera. Polecam i pozdrawiam
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