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  1. t0ny added a post in a topic New Upgrade Button   

    They should have added a force to enhance after +15 not that useless button. Don't they get that we don't like that lucky slots system and we want a fair one where your effort and time matters.
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  2. t0ny added a post in a topic [New] Kamasylve Channels   

    No, it's a stupid suggestion that will never happen. Just ignore this user he is delusional!
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  3. t0ny added a post in a topic Free Guest Passes (12 Left)   

    I'm not sure. I will send you one and we'll see!
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  4. t0ny added a topic in General   

    Free Guest Passes (12 Left)
    Leave a comment below if you want a guest pass. I have a few to give away. If you can reach level 40, awesome!!!
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  5. t0ny added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    But it doesn't make sense in the first place since there is no way for someone to give you the item right away. You have to buy it which is rng. It's not like you can trade it.
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  6. t0ny added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    At first i though they really made it available to buy items with pearls because it's been a while since i played but no. These are just scammers!
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  7. t0ny added a post in a topic 550 muskan bundles and nothing?!   

    Welcome to Vegas!
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  8. t0ny added a post in a topic RNG Gods Have Shunned Me?   

    Yes, this is the lovely enhancement system the game has and if you don't like it now wait till you get your item to +15. Then there is PRI(+16), DUO(+17), TRI(+18), TET(+19) & PEN (+20) BUT when you fail going from DUO to TRI or above you will drop back 1 level. Isn't that great fun? Welcome to Vegas may i say!
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  9. t0ny added a post in a topic World bosses   

    You need even better. I have duo steel taritas set and I'm not ready for world bosses ether. I go down with 1 good hit from any boss. But I'm playing Witch/Wizard who have block on some of their attacks with their awakening so i learned how to use the right skill at the right time. For example Red Nose does an attack where he stands still and kinda like shoots something in a straight line in front of him a few time right after that he starts jumping dealing a lot of damage. Every boss has an attack pattern and once you learn it you will enjoy boss fights. Yeah the xp loss can be really annoying especially when you get not good drops from the boss once its dead.
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  10. t0ny added a post in a topic World bosses   

    You definitely need better gear before going for world bosses. Even field bosses are hard but if you learn their attacks they are really fun to fight. About the xp loss it's only 1% and the crystals is a bit rough but as i said if you learn the bosse's attacks you won't need to worry about dying and you will actually enjoy the fights because they are challenging.
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  11. t0ny added a post in a topic What Failstack should I attempt PEN at?   

    Well maybe the money you spend on this game mean nothing to you for obvious reasons but some people care about where they spend their money and when something it's not right they speak out. When i told my opinion about the enhancement system you said i was wrong and i asked you why I'm wrong. This is what you said "Your reasoning for crying is literally a sitcom punchline usually delivered by a ditzy character." Did you expect a hug or something after that. Learn to respect others because you get what you give.
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  12. t0ny added a post in a topic I really want to get back into BDO, but...   

    I love this game, it has an amazing combat system, beautiful graphics and the whole atmosphere is fantastic. But to me rolling the dice to progress doesn't seem fair. Because that's what it is, even with the proper fs and with backup gear you can still fail and not only stay with the same gear but drop lower than you were. Of course the game has to be harder as it goes but rng doesn't actually make it hard. It makes it pointless. Someone may risk it and try with wrong fs and succeed and someone with the correct fs may try and fail (which happened to me 5 times). The game doesn't reward your effort it rewards the lucky ones and i don't think that's fair. At least with force there was an alternative option where you can try if you don't want to risk it or don't feel lucky. Of course you would need a lot of stones to force and that's what would make the game hard since stones drop from life activities.
    Okay, keep playing the victim and making me the bad guy.
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  13. t0ny added a post in a topic What Failstack should I attempt PEN at?   

    You wish. Isn't it weird that i run into you on another topic about the enhancement system but this time you actually make fun of it . You are good at trolling i give you that one.
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  14. t0ny added a post in a topic What Failstack should I attempt PEN at?   

    I'm really confused on if you actually like or hate that system. I think you don't know ether.
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  15. t0ny added a post in a topic I really want to get back into BDO, but...   

    I wasn't talking to you in the first place, i told my opinion about what's wrong with the game. Two people agreed with me and you and that other guy who must be a lovely person in real life obviously didn't. That's your problem, I'm not here to gamble and as i said this is something that came later with the game so i couldn't know to avoid it. If you don't know whats fair and what's not that's your problem. I know exactly what is fair and what is not and that system isn't. You may be okay with it or maybe you just don't care but some people do and want to enjoy every part of the game. As i said many times when i try to achieve something i like to be rewarded not leave it up to random numbers to tell me if i should be rewarded.
    At the moment I'm waiting for someone to put the item i want on the marketplace so i can progress since all of my attempts were failures. I paid for this game and i have every right to complain when something is not fair with the hope they will do something about it. Obviously I'm not going to get my money back but this is just not fun. If i knew all along you have to gamble to progress i wouldn't have bought the game in the first place. A force to enhance past +15 would be a great alternative way for those that don't want to gamble. Those who like it will still be free to do it, here is a solution for everyone.
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