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  1. Endurance added a post in a topic How is this guy getting 90 frames per second?   

    LOOOOOOOOOL! crazy! This is my FPS on AMD FX 8350 with MSI GTX 1070, none of it overclocked atm


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  2. Endurance added a post in a topic If i won't play the game for 30+ days...   

    are they really doing a EXP curve revamp soon?
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  3. Endurance added a post in a topic Maehwa   

    not my video btw
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  4. Endurance added a post in a topic Maehwa   

    no wasnt trolling you.. I dont play a musa, and musa and maehwa have totally different skills.. also i havent tested any of this in pvp
    this guy right here plays a musa
    My maewha is not very high lvled yet close to 57, but i can grind in some parts of valencia for 1 ~ 2 hours without using a single HP pot, all attacks regen HP/WP
    This guy in the video was using WP pots
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  5. Endurance added a post in a topic Who are you in game?   

    Daaaaam! how do you make your character walk around like that without showing the ingame UI? I want to make videos like this as well
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  6. Endurance added a post in a topic 200% for 1 month and I spent time doing quests..   

    dam thats not fair.. when i came back to the game in november, the only thing i noticed was that i got a free 30 day value pack in my gift claim thing on the website, never knew i had access to a 200% exp server for a month, and extra attendance awards
    they really do need to make a tooltip for that..
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  7. Endurance added a post in a topic White Horn Warrior Bow vs Rosar   

    oh thats right.. one gives accuracy and the other gives evasion
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  8. Endurance added a post in a topic Maehwa   

    You are not playing your job class right if your running out of WP and require pots
    1. chaining skill combos without pressing the hot keys barely drains any WP at all
    2. you get back HP/WP hitting the target (you get back a larger amount hitting the target with a blade, skill awakening bonus for HP/WP drain, etc)
    3. that skill with the 15s cooldown that i screenshot above
    4. accessories give you an additional +30 ~ +70 to WP, but instead, most people still wear mark of shadow and witch earrings for idk what reason
    5. if you're constantly dashing forwards and backwards of course you will run out of WP
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  9. Endurance added a post in a topic Maehwa   

  10. Endurance added a post in a topic Need to Know Silver Farming Location for My Gear   

    with those stats i did helms all the way to 56, now im in valencia somewhere and the exp is slow.. also if you missed the december attendance calender u missed out on about 250m ~ 500m silver worth of goodies, as well as a penguin pet
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  11. Endurance added a post in a topic ranger crappy back attack mechanics.   

    No back attack but your downed attack can pretty much one shot anything on the ground..
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  12. Endurance added a post in a topic White Horn Warrior Bow vs Rosar   

    Your question was already answered lil boi

    And like i said earlier, the 34 AP bow is way better than the one that gives evasion, if you wanted evasion DP then get the newer boss weapons like kutum or whatever the other one was called..

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  13. Endurance added a post in a topic White Horn Warrior Bow vs Rosar   

    34 AP is way better.
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  14. Endurance added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    Had a lvl 57 zerker tried to jump me outside the giath cave last week, basically smashed me on the floor twice doing about 50 dmg each time, thats when i powared up and .. pretty much after that he kept whisperin me about that 1% he lost
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  15. Endurance added a post in a topic [Guild] Nineshark’s Fin 1 billion or 100 millions ?   

    LOL shit if i picked that up with an empty inventory i'd be like 130% overweight
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