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  1. Sidhe added a topic in General   

    Can someone point this newbie in the right direction?
    ^title (I expect to see some jokes too.)
    I'm a returning newbie player and never really did anything post 50 before; I mostly stayed in my 30's and sailed, fished, and bred horses. I've finally decided to try and level to check out PvP etc and I'm now lv 54 almost 55. During my return I just received these latent boss souls: Nouver, Kzarka, etc. Da fuq I do with these? I went to the NPC and nothing is here. Is it some quest? A level requirement perhaps? Could someone fill in the blanks for me and point me in the right direction please?  Thanks.
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  2. Sidhe added a post in a topic Two old questions   

    ah I see. Thanks for laying it all out for me.
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  3. Sidhe added a topic in General   

    Two old questions
    What exp buffs stack? All of them? 
    I've never been the biggest fan of grinding and now I'm even less so with my schedule being so occupied as of late; but I have a ton of value packs and access to that olvia channel and probably something else too. So I'm just curious what all stacks. I just want to get to 55 on a few characters that are at 50. Nothing too major.
    How long does 50-55 take? I'd probably only have 3-4 hours out of the week honestly. Can I get some realistic time tables? 
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  4. Sidhe added a post in a topic Does Kamasylvia come with easier leveling up to 60?   

    uh... What?
    He said leveling takes too long. He didn't say we're getting content too fast.
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  5. Sidhe added a post in a topic Every male conterpart is stronger than female in this game   

    .... Lol this guy said "Dweeb". 
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  6. Sidhe added a post in a topic so what happened to the winter snow?   

    I feel like every kind if weather should just be an automatic thing that happens randomly regardless of the season. Like how rain works. 
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  7. Sidhe added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    You have the wrong mentality completely. I doubt that person wants to "compete" they just want to level too. The fact that you're there isn't half as much an issue to them as it is to you. Honestly, the selfish notion of MINE MINE MINE is what's making this so difficult for you to grasp.
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  8. Sidhe added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    You're setting yourself up for failure. Your analogies don't apply, and even if it did there are so many holes in it. Real world income and video game grinding are two massively different things with different rules etc... but i'll humor you. It kind of exists in that form in the real world already. Taxes, Charities, Donations... blah blah. It's why people in the U.S. with higher income get taxed more money than people with less... but ANYWAY, you're telling me a group of 5 is bested by a single person... I guess you're not as strong as you thought. Find another way to do it. Killing the person obviously isn't the answer anymore, and whatever that one person is doing to you, you 5 could just as easily do to him. It's not like that 1 person is having a perfect grind session. They're getting diminished xp too. Find a new way to grind at the location, that one person has just as much right to be there as you do. You shouldn't be able to prevent them from leveling up.
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  9. Sidhe added a post in a topic There is no pleasing everyone here, it's time to pick a side, if you want to drive away all the TOP guilds continue transforming the game into a carebear-paradise.   

    Lol... "Top". That's part of the problem. The amount of self-entitlement in that first paragraph is just staggering; nothing is exclusively yours. I keep seeing this same argument and it's starting to become a bit funny... Do you really think you actually own these spots? It ain't yours lol. The "Top" guilds seem to think they're more important that other players. False. As. Fk. To be honest, by definition... It seems like a "Top" guild would be a minority within the game and thus changes that cater to them and them alone would cause the game to lose even MORE players, right? Instead of making silly threads about you potentially quitting, try and find a better solution. 
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  10. Sidhe added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Your problem is that you assume that you HAVE to kill someone. Stop being stupid. You have other options. You're not the only person who wants to grind or level. You're strong? Good job. Someone else wants to get strong too. Who are you to determine who can and can not become strong? No player should have that ability. Quit being a selfish nutbag and you won't have the issue of losing karma. A game company has to please large groups of players. Quit assuming that you're the only person who's important. You whine about change that only affects you, while completely ignoring what it's doing for the other group of players. Game devs have to consider how the change will effect everyone. Maybe this was their goal? To give everyone a chance to level and advance without the struggle of being setback by another player? There's a reason this change was made, and that reason is not to be a bully and make the game more frustrating from you. Take a different point of view, and realize that everyone is not like you. Not everyone wants to prove themselves in a contest of "who's the strongest". Some people might just want to level so they can enjoy content later down the road. Exclusively hogging a grinding location is bad game design and will inevitably diminish the longevity of the game for certain players. Those players are just as important as you are; not more important, but no less important either. Don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise. Node wars are where you can prove your strength, stake your claims, and have those bragging rights. Efficient grinding spots are not, and should not be that place.
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  11. Sidhe added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    I'm referring specifically to players frustrated with being killed (sometimes repeatedly) and losing XP. Apparently at higher levels that much xp loss is hours and hours of grinding? I'm not at such a level yet because I'm like you and indulge in everything the game has to offer; but I also know I don't have the time nor patience to regrind 10+ hours for a single percentage of xp if i'm killed by another player. Due to that amount of time It would take to get that xp back, such a loss really is a hindrance. I'd take being griefed and harassed over regrinding for that amount of time any day. I wish they would implement that Karma 2.0 maybe that would help.
    I think the same problem will still exist wouldn't it? It would just take longer for the griefer to get back to the grind spot, no?
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  12. Sidhe added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    I can understand that thought process, but more than anything I feel it's important that a company provide a chance for everyone to advance. While that chance is available for everyone, the other complaint I also see is people angry about not being able to grind because they're primarily solo and some group is hogging a spot or some group is more powerful than their group and they keep being killed. In my opinion no player should be able to hinder another player's ability to advance through a game. Most would call it a feature but it's not like the game itself is what's preventing that person from leveling up. Even at this point the logical solution in today's community "git gud scrub" blah blah... but still it's worth considering a company that makes an MMO has to try and please a LARGE group of players. The PvE or the PvP groups like to assume that their style of play is all that matters and that couldn't be more wrong. Such a thought process by a game dev would inevitably lead to a game's failure This patch is just their attempt to try and find a feasible solution. Rather than staying stagnant and reverting back to the old way which honestly wasn't fair to a certain group of players a change did (and still does) need to be made. Is this change the answer? I don't feel it is, because -like I stated before- I agree that being able to abuse the Karma system is pretty screwed up. Again -like I stated before- the best course of action by everyone would be to find a secondary solution instead of just saying "fk this bs man blah blah" and going back to the old way. You might be happy with that, but what about the people who aren't? Why would you consider your play style or opinion more valid than someone else? This could also be said for the other group, but the other group isn't the one complaining at the moment, and currently don't have the motivation or reason to ponder a new solution. 
    -Disclaimer: When I say "you" I mean the angry players. Not you specifically. I'd like to avoid an angry conversation and keep this civil.
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  13. Sidhe added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    To all the angry players:

    Let me start by saying idc about the change or how it was before. It's completely irrelevant to me; I find myself to be a neutral player of sorts. So after reading like 4 pages of rage... The general consensus is that PvP players are butthurt because the players they kill don't lose EXP and have nothing to lose? Mk, I understand but... What the heck possess you (the enraged players) to think that any grinding spot is exclusively yours? Now you can't forcibly hog a grinding spot... Well that's a dang shame. You hate PvE players for wanting partake in their PvE only gameplay, so you PK them so that you can partake in the same PvE they want to partake in... lol the irony. Anyway, now the carebear PvE players can grief you harder...? but isn't the same applicable? Can't you just do the same thing? Couldn't you also just... idk... NOT kill the person? I mean... Is sharing and partying not a feasible solution for some of you? Idk, I have no problems doing it. Truthfully at the end of the day you were hindering some players from advancing through the game; that's bad game design and quite honestly -imo- makes everyone who's angry about this change sound like a selfish prick. Instead of being angry about the change, how about trying to come up with a potential solution that could please both parties. So basically your options now are:
    -Kill the person, Lose Karma, Rage, Repeat?
    -Not kill the person, Keep Karma, Grind it up separetly, get lower XP
    -Party with the person, Keep Karma, Grind it up, get xp
    Well... Good luck. Idk what to tell you. It sucks that you can't fend off griefers anymore and I do think something needs to be done so that it can't be abused, but the previous system is unfair to people who just wanted to grind. It sucks being on the receiving end of some BS doesn't it? Try to find some other solution that can appease both parties, because newsflash! You, your guild, your small clique of friends aren't the only ones playing the game. It's not all about you.

    I did see one post suggesting decreased XP within specific Karma ranges. Is it a good solution? Meh. But at least that person TRIED to help instead of just whining. More players should be like him/her. I'll try to ponder on some solutions and post one when I have a more definitive idea.

    Stop being a baby and try to help come up with a new solution that can please both groups of players instead of just raging on the forum.
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  14. Sidhe added a post in a topic Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller   

    Yeah, $150. Not worth for bdo imo.
    I have one, but I don't use it for BDO. If you just want a controller just go with a cheap one. It's a good, quality, solid controller but I don't recommend a controller for a game like BDO anyway. I suppose you could make it work, but I feel you'd be limiting yourself at the more engaging activities. If you just want the controller just to have the controller like I did, then by all means go ahead and purchase it. It's a great piece of hardware Just don't buy it with the intent of solely using it for BDO, or any MMO that doesn't have controller friendly setups. I'm not sure how good or bad BDO's controller option is, but I've never bothered with it in the options. Good luck.
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  15. Sidhe added a post in a topic How does your PC run the game?   

    Ended up building a PC, so I don't use the laptop I posted about earlier anymore.
    i7-6700k @4.0 ghz, 2 GTX 980ti, 16gb ram
    3440x1440 res, max settings, high-end mode on.
    60 outside and in towns. 30-50 during very hectic and crowded guild wars. It'd probably be higher, but I forgot to consider the monitor refresh rate when I was buying my setup. The one i'm using is only 60hz. Silly me.
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  16. Sidhe added a post in a topic 5 Tips for easier leveling   

    I like the music
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  17. Sidhe added a post in a topic This game doesn't have real PVE or real PVP   

    op doesn't understand what falls within the definition of PvP and PvE.
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  18. Sidhe added a post in a topic pve players trying to ruin black desert for everyone>>pvp players need to speak up b4 they kill the game>>   

    Flaming? I'm not flaming, it's just stating what I see. Unfortunately you only underlined those parts of that post and actually ignored the point though, right? The primary point was, one can't live without the other. this game is PvPvE, and suck it up. At the end of the day I get along fine with both parties. So.... I think im doing it right.
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  19. Sidhe added a post in a topic pve players trying to ruin black desert for everyone>>pvp players need to speak up b4 they kill the game>>   

    I'm only speaking the truth lol. Don't wanna be called an idiot? don't act like an idiot. Don't wanna be called a thirsty troll? Don't act like a thirsty troll.
    Tell me this, who is more likely to fall under the majority of those common player traits? A die-hard pvp greifer, or a fluffy carebear that doesn't want anything to do with PvP? I personally feel it's the PvP die-hards- the mouthy ones at least, but it's debatable. Just... go back and read this entire thread. Then go read every PvP>PvE thread. Then go read every PvE>PvP thread. Then make your decision. 
    Besides, I never said I wasn't an asshole. I hate the people who make these threads. Also notice that I didn't make any suggestions to change the game. I'm fine with how it is.
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  20. Sidhe added a post in a topic pve players trying to ruin black desert for everyone>>pvp players need to speak up b4 they kill the game>>   

    The ignorance and stupidity of the disillusioned die hard PvP players such as op is simply astounding. You fools realize you PvE just as much as anyone else does right? You simply chose to partake in the PvP too. Let's remove all the PvE so you can't complain! Not just the PvE players, but the PvE as a whole. Have fun with your game!
    I wonder how much of the marketplace items are placed by PvE players....
    No one is ruining your game, those people just want to be able to enjoy a feature without douche-bags preventing them from doing it. This is part of the reason why flagging and karma exists to keep you thirsty trolls in check. The only reason the top guilds are PvP guilds is because a guild's primary functionality is PvP; that's just how it was designed. There was supposed to be more to it, but it didn't make it in. This doesn't mean this is a PvP game, it just means there was thought put into keeping you idiots happy; but also trying to keep PvE players happy too. The goal of BDO as stated by devs was to create a PvPvE game. You can't have that without the PvE players you hate, so suck it up and shut up. 
    You're  both here to stay. change is bound to happen. Assholery is not conducive to an evolving and enjoyable gaming environment. learn to love each other.
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  21. Sidhe added a post in a topic Mediah Region Unlocked.... umm for who/what levels?   

    N-no. You just got caught up in the hype and speculation.
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  22. Sidhe added a post in a topic Why is our version of the game so old?   

    So... what you're saying is that nothing actually has to be worked on? It's already magically completed just sitting on the PC waiting for it to be patched into our client and that employees of companies only real job is to squash bugs? If even that much? No dude, there is an actual process that goes into moving a game from one region to the next. You can google the very basics of that. Let's not forget that they are actually trying to cater to a different region by adding and removing things that we would or wouldn't like. They've shown many examples of that already.
    That TV show bit is inaccurate too. I can't speak for UK/EU since I don't live there, but in the US there's only about 5-6 episodes created in advance including the pilot episode for new shows. Most seasons here have about 22 episodes. A lot of work goes into making TV shows too, more than we're probably aware of. Sure we could watch those initial episodes in bulk, but then after that what do you get? A long waiting period until the next episode is ready and aired. 
    It isn't always about Hype. There isn't some magical elf that just delivers the game on a usb drive prime, ripe, and ready to be patched into the game. Someone actually has to work on it. It sounds like all you want is an English patch with acceptable ping. Lol, CBT1 and CBT2 had more cash shop content? CBT1 didn't even have a cash shop, and CBT2 had the same stuff as launch; and even if it doesn't, then it's something that's so negligible that no one cares about it.  Or are you saying there was content that was removed from the full game that was in CBT1 and CBT2? Elaborate, because that sounds like a load of bull. To be honest I can't tell what you mean since those sentences are arranged awkwardly.
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  23. Sidhe added a post in a topic Why is our version of the game so old?   

    Time constraints? Planning? Development for like what, 5-7 languages? With voiceovers!? There's a lot of localization that goes into our version of the game that doesn't happen for other versions. Updating multiple regions at once is probably a ton of work. I doubt we'd all be playing right now if they were making our client match the most updated one. We'd probably all still be sitting here twiddling our thumbs in anticipation. Lol imagine if a nasty bug went out on all 4 regions simultaneously.... That shit would suck.
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  24. Sidhe added a post in a topic Still no compensation...   

    Smh, someone always whining when things don't happen on their schedule. If it was something that could be resolved as swiftly as you'd like, then that is what would happen. Have patience people; you're not the only ones who were affected by bugs when the game released. Make sure you read up on all the updates in the announcement section before you begin to leak tears of rage. I'm sure you'll get your meager compensation soon.
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  25. Sidhe added a post in a topic It Took Me 5 Minutes To Hate This Game   

    OP is an idiot.
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