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  1. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Why this game encourge kill stealing ?   

    Make PvE grinding great again!
    Encouraging kill stealing is honestly the only thing to incentive PvP at the moment. Other than maybe griefing? 
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  2. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic When you're #1 in the server and can't handle one guy solo grinding   

    Muted OP video, played with Benny Hill music, giggles were had. 
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  3. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Just stopping by to report my progress so far. From three weeks ago when I started breeding with T2's caught from the wild, I now have  3 T6 males and 2 T6 females. Not even mad that I never got a T7 or the two seater skill yet. It's just going to take me forever to get through these T6's.  
    All 5 currently are the offspring of my first T6(K) male , whose last exchange resulted in a T6 female. He had a good life with a T6 (B) female partner and t5 (D) female partner that resulted in my current 5 T6's. 
    None of the current 5 are purebreeds, so fingers crossed, one of them will be the chosen one for my 2 seater RP horse.
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  4. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    I got her! Pretty bronze thing that she is. Alas, I have stables full of T6's now. She will rest her pretty head in one of my guard house stables until I get through all my higher tier ones. 
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  5. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic State of the game via PvtWiggle's Opinion   

    BDO is the best co-op open world fantasy RPG I've ever played. Though I feel most the time its single player, at least grinding mobs can be co-op.
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  6. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Stop saying this is a PvP game.   

    Yeah, I would agree with this assessment. 
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  7. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    I'll wait a full 24 hours before I put in a ticket for it. 
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  8. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    Are you telling us to just... hold our horses?
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  9. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    Hmm... used 3 hours ago, still no mail.
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  10. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    Yeah, I think a good number of people did. I wonder when it's supposed to be handed to people's accounts. 
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  11. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Does a positive BDO forum exist?   

    Also why I'm on the forums.  
    And my T6 horse is afk leveling to 30 too. 
    I wonder how many of us people at work stalk the forums while our horses afk level. I bet there's a sizable population of us. 
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  12. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Does a positive BDO forum exist?   

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  13. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic BDO in danger of becoming Archeage and losing a lot of business   

    As long as Thunderstruck Logs (BDO equivalent instant upgrade armor stones?) don't suddenly appear in the Cash Shop, then I should be OK. Or energy potions, that made it so I had to dump ridiculous money into the cash shop to stay competitive with the trade economy. 
    But I totally get where folks are coming from, people trying to stay at the head of the pack growth/ leveling wise probably feel very pressured into the cash shop "convenience" items. So while I, PvEr focused on lifeskills aren't as impacted as people like the OP, I understand why it may be driving some folks from the game.
    Daum would be wise to listen to these customers, instead of simply dismissing the critique with the "you don't like it so you are a whiner, gtfo" crowd. There are enough MMOs in the proverbial graveyard from companies not listening to feedback and this isn't one I'd like to see join them. I think the dye subscription idea is a creative way to address some of the cash shop concerns and would like to see something for the growth/ progression focused players. Maybe a rez scroll subscription or whatever it is they feel pressured to buy that costs a higher amount initially, but lasts an entire month, so eventually is some savings. Not like $15 either, because at that rate, may as well just call it an optional subscription MMO like SWTOR. 
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  14. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    46 or 47? Can't recall as it's not something I focus on. Most of it has been through lifeskills and only grinding to get CP. 
    I've been all over, connecting trade routes from Trent to Altinovah. I'm not claiming there's gankers everywhere at all. lol. In fact I'm saying the opposite, I'm saying I have played over 75 hours and have experienced almost NO PvP, yet there are people here claiming it's purely a PvP game. I find that funny. 
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  15. Scorpio_Shirica added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    The number of people claiming this is a "pvp" game in this thread are hilarious. I guess the 75+ hours I've played with only one dual in an arena as pvp are fictional. 

    "But you are playing it wrong."
    Oh please, you didn't spend my hundreds of dollars on this game. You can't tell me how to play it.
    Even saw some people liken this to a MOBA. The cognitive dissonance among forum warriors is impressive. 
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