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  1. Nove added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Did i get rick rolled with my stats whille leveling?
    ok so im questioning the stat destrubution atm, i refuse to believe its this bad, as a level 55 Musa im sitting on 1087 HP and 350 WP, i have not gotten ANY HP OR WP for 5 levels, is this supposed to happen?, not to mention before this recent patch i had 1187 HP... Help?, anyone?

    Did i get some kind of bullshit hidden stat that i might not even need?, do i need to reroll another Musa and hope for more WP and HP?
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  2. Nove added a post in a topic Musa changes in todays patch   

    i hit 55 before the nerfs, i hit it during the first few weeks of the class being released, im still farming to help guildies level, spamming RS is BAD, and it will always be BAD compared to people who actually know how to use a rotation in pve, i pretty much 1 shot with gale and whatever i dont kill with gale ill finish with Lunar and Nemesis and then end it with RS, ive never needed more
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  3. Nove added a post in a topic Musa changes in todays patch   

    Rising Storm and Ultimate Gale mind you, ive had plenty succes while leveling to 55 just using Gale into Lunar and killing the majority of the mobs if not all of them, RIsing storm is way too weak both before and after patch to be spammed in PvE unless ofc you feel like drowning yourself on WP pots, i find it funny that you call other people out for not having mastered the class on a forum thread where non of this shit even matters, and espessialy after stating that spamming RS is the absolute best way to go as a Blader, even though theres plenty of ways to go about PvE
    in terms of PvP we are not too bad now, i do find the Dragon Bite change quite annoying but at the same time they made it alot simpler to hit ( rip my favorite combo though ) 
    Rising Storm Blaze still does as much dmg as before so i dont really see this as a nerf, 8 sec is not that much considering the current PvP Meta is all about running until your shit is on CD or spam the same two spells over and over ( I.E Sorcs and Archers with Shotgun and DF )
    Your infatuation with RS is making me wanna leave the forums and never come back lol
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  4. Nove added a post in a topic Rising Storm BLAZE now useless?   

    i havent noticed any differance in how hard my Blaze hits....You have to use your head and realise that Blaze has a seperate Cool Down...Thus making the Cool down thing not hurt it
    Ill have to agree that Bladers are finnaly in a good place now
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  5. Nove added a post in a topic Slice and Tiger Blade   

    Yes it does infact affect the basic attacks of it, but i wouldnt level it if you want the best out of Tiger blade then you want to level Carver for a free KD and high burst dmg

    S+Left Click - Right Click - Shift+W+Right Click, you get the same attack bonus with the Carver Typhoon
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  6. Nove added a post in a topic Slice increases skill damage?   

    i agree 100%, but if you have a generel idea of the class id get it
    you get increased armor while using it and amazing utility, theres a way to do S+Left click into Right Click then W+ Left click for a quick and easy burst, this actually does alot mroe dmg then people thing, also if you feel like its hard to land your combos  you can use 100% black spirit power to double the attack speed of TB which is already crazy by default.

    And Yes, you can carve in TB which KDs
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  7. Nove added a post in a topic Slice increases skill damage?   

    are you a troll or something?, if you know how to properly use tigerblade in pvp its dmg is quite frankly stupid high and the mobility and control you gain from it is amazing...

    plebs everywhere lol
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  8. Nove added a post in a topic Sorc/Ranger + PvP Balanced Patch notes (We can only hope for)   

    lol, CC immunity would completely bum ----- so many classes, thats a horrible idea, better idea would be to add Trinkets...I.E something to break CC every 2 min or so, would make pvp abit more skill based.

    Also low key, insta dream of doom isnt that bad lol
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  9. Nove added a post in a topic Still being ~2-3~ Shot by sorc   

    Theres nothing to research, sorc is the best scaling class when it comes to AP, a sorc with 140 AP can actually nearly 4 shot someone with 200+ DP 
    148 DP, gets two shot by Dark Flame and BC by a buddy of mine with just above 100 AP on sorc, no matter how much you guys twist and turn it you cant deny that in terms of scaling your class is way above every other class in terms of AP
    Theres a reason they are still top Tier in Korea, they SOMEWHAT lost abit of prowess in 1v1 but they gained an imense amount of utility and raid/small scale pvp usage with their awakening.
    Sorc is not considered balanced by the koreans, and we will have to wait until our awakening as NA Musas, thats about all i can say.... Thats about 2 months of gearing and trying to become the best of the shittiest class lol
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  10. Nove added a post in a topic Do you feel scammed by Daum (promotion pearl package) after playing Blader/Plum in it's nerfed NA/EU state?   

    rofl, did noone seriously expect this to happen?, i mean sure the class is shit atm but it wont continue to be, it will get buffs sooner or later, esp with its awakening....Just think about how -----ing OP you will be if you actually manage to get somewhat decent results with the class now....You will be a monster once the issues are fixed...
    Nobody got scammed, people got over hyped about a class that wasnt even out yet.
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  11. Nove added a post in a topic Divider Skill   

    Divider is not a bad skill in PvE by any means but in PvP theres simply just no proper use for it, and even with it healing you in pve theres so many better and more effeciant skills to use, its not as good as everyone here seems to think 
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  12. Nove added a post in a topic Most Beautiful Maehwa /Plum April 2016   


    Kinda rushed him a little bit but overall im happy with the results, thought the thread needed more Mysas heheh.
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  13. Nove added a post in a topic DAUM You really need to add an option for non-PvP people   

    gonna have to agree with Arioch, you bought the game knowing what it intailed...Why did you even buy the F-ing game then?
    Even in korea which most PvErs seem to all boast and praise theres a shit ton of PvPrs killing people left and right on the roads and on farming spots, start playing smart, i dont understand how some people can get killed this much lol, i farm in hot spots almost all day every day and if i see a 5 man group come close to me i just move abit further down the farming spot and there is almost never an issue, if they tell me to leave ill just go to another spot in said zone and farm, easy as that.
    Rather you like it or not the game was made with Pking being a feature that they clearly wanted to stay in the game for good, you guys making 10-20 of these posts on a daily basis need to get the rod out of your a-s and smarten up or something and stop being so damn sensitive about pvp...Ive never seen more retarded terms about gaming in generel then i have on this forum
    PvM....Seriously?, PvE is PvE, just stop plz
    Pkrs is not the same as PvPrs..... Plz how?, either way its still pvp and PvPrs still does this.

    Oh, this one is my favorite
    nonconsensual pvp..... Litterely trying to hold back my laughter here, its not like you are getting -----ing r-ped or something....You guys are actually reminding me of modern day feminism....

    - Ferral
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  14. Nove added a post in a topic Make Hidden/Tertiary Statistics Visible on Character Sheet. (Accuracy, Evasion etc)   

    Yes, please, or atleast give us proper information as to what every stat actually does for you.
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  15. Nove added a post in a topic Simple, Fair, Easy to implement solution to openworld PvP issues.   

    Holy shit, someone comming with an idea to fix the karma system and help the PvErs farm more safely managed to come up with a well though out idea....

    Good -----ing job, this isnt bad at all, it still needs afew adjustments imo but overall this would make a pretty damn good karma system
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