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  1. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic We need a coastal storm!   

    Lmao. That would be hilarious.
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  2. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic Auto-looping Inside of Cities   

  3. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic Auto-looping Inside of Cities   


    And regardless of what today's patch brings, I doubt it will resolve the rendering and FPS issues within cities where wagon auto loops are epidemic.

    *edit* re patch (is on 4/27-28) http://tinyurl.com/hlb8y6t
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  4. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic Disconnected while switching characters   

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  5. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic Stealing trade Carts   

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  6. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic Auto-looping Inside of Cities   

    I kinda like seeing other players' names and funny things they do, etc. I can't think of any MMOs I've played that didn't have FPS drops in high pop cities.

    Now if there was an option to hide those freaking wagons, that'd be SWEET!
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  7. JezzaBelle added a topic in Suggestions   

    Auto-looping Inside of Cities
    PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.  (And yes, I've seen another thread re this, but I can't find it to add my $.02 silver to it.)

    FFS, the cities are laggy as hell, and it's wagonmageddon. It's bad enough that the servers are laggy (there are TONS of recent threads on this), we shouldn't have to be on foot and get run over by 4,293 wagons going back and forth, and back, and forth, and back and forth.

    Can't see NPCs. Can't see where I'm going. Run into walls. It takes me longer to use storage, sell and repair than it does to go do stuff outside of the cities now.

    There's plenty of safe places to level up. Can we please restrict auto-pathing in the cities? It's really REALLY bad.
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  8. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic When returning to character selection, connection to server lost   

    I hope we get an answer on this soon. It's a pain in the ass.
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  9. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    Bump. I hope we get some kind of acknowledgement soon!
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  10. JezzaBelle added a topic in Suggestions   

    Online/Away/Offline Status and Mail to Friends (re general communication)
    Could we possibly have a status system that we can use, to set our statuses to "away" or even "offline?" I've heard from friends via social media that they whispered me in-game and I missed it.

    It would be nice for friends not to think they are being ignored, and they would know that they aren't, via an "away" status. And if we do get that capability, it would be nice to have an "offline" status for when we want some time to ourselves.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to send mails to each other via the right click on name, to send a message to be picked up by the other person when they are back "online."

    We could use a little social streamlining.

    How about some communication love. <3
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  11. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic Your Dye System is HORRIBLE   

    I mentioned this on one or two other threads (maybe more, I've slept since then).

    I will not spend a single penny to PVRNG the "surprise" dyes. I don't even like 99% of the hideous free ones I got from buying the game.

    I will never pay a subscription for dye. Dye rental in a game? No thanks. What kind of stupid crap is that.

    A couple things need to happen before I will even consider buying dye.

    1. It has to be a permanent purchase (not a one-time use). I buy it, I own it. Just like the costumes, furniture, etc.
    2. It has to be re-usable across all characters after purchase.
    3. I have to be able to preview it prior to purchase.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE this game. But BDO really needs to chill on the dye system and see what other western games offer. Maybe a little research on incomes per capita and demographics might help in understanding EU/NA players, our purchases, and the amount of money we will invest in a game that we enjoy.

    It's really this fking simple. Playing a game is pretty much a hobby, such as making remote controlled model airplanes/cars, or knitting/ceramics, or whatever the case may be. Who in their right damn mind would make an RNG purchase items/components for these hobbies? NO ONE. But the difference between hobby items/components and the BDO dye system is that I know what the fk I'm purchasing.

    Let's face it, even gaming e-zines are talking about this. It's time to re-think the system.
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  12. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic Suggestion for non RNG dyes.   

    It's one thing to buy dye boxes. It's another thing to buy dye boxes and THEN have to depend on RNG on top of that.
    Hell, I wouldn't even mind buying the dyes from the cash shop...   if I could buy the freaking colors I wanted.

    Let us choose the colors we want to buy. And make them permanent.

    If we KNOW what we are getting ahead of time, and they're account wide, more people will buy them. That's just common sense.

    Let us even craft the basic dyes or buy them from an NPC.  SOMETHING.

    I freaking love this game, but the dye system is terribad. 
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  13. JezzaBelle added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Adjust Focus feature bugged?
    Maybe not for everyone, but since the expansion, it hasn't worked for me.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    And no, I haven't bound any keys to ctrl or arrow up/down and accidentally overwritten it.
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  14. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic House Item - Fish Tank   

    LOVE that idea.
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  15. JezzaBelle added a post in a topic House Item - Fish Tank   

    If we're shooting for realistic, exotic and sal-----er fish don't thrive in aquariums without filtration.
    LMFAO it edited salt H20. hahahaha
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