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  1. Ginrei added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    Are you saying that because competition and fair play isn't perfect in BDO we should just accept whatever shit is thrown our way? Also, you and others trying to hide behind your perceived definition of exploit isn't working.
    The size of the advantage is also irrelevant. A small advantage or large advantage are still advantages and thus unfair. Some players and apparently Kakao  are trying to justify the merge because they think overall the advantages being gained by others isn't a big deal... in their eyes. I don't care about who gains what. I care that they gain anything at all, because that's unfair. Especially when this whole thing can be prevented.
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  2. Ginrei added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

     Reading arguments from some players defending the decision made by Kakao regarding the merge makes my eyes bleed. 
    Your assertion that because players are allowed to gain from the merge, that makes it intended and not an exploit, is ridiculous. The punishment or lack there of for an action is irrelevant when deciding what was intended by a person or group. Anyone saying that the way the server merge has been handled was intended is delusional. Did Kakao intend to give other regions foreknowledge of a merge when doing so to KR? Did Kakao intend that knowledge to be spread to their players in all regions via forums and word of mouth only? Did Kakao really intend to give players the option of maximizing their wealth by playing BDO the server merge game?
    Kakao has made it very clear they feel the number of people who will gain from the merge is small so it's no biggie. You speak of context @nightbloom but fail to use any at all. As a company Kakao is spinning this situation as best they can. Kakao is not going to come out and say they agree those who have exploited this eventuality are wrong and they don't care enough to make things right.  And if they truly feel merging the servers as they are doing is the most fair solution they're just a bad company in my eyes.
    The simple truth is some players have legitimately played on multiple servers and will gain from this merge while others have exploited this merge and will gain. Instead of doing the right thing and keeping the integrity of fair play intact they decide to allow some players to gain from this. Yes, what is right, is subjective but so is saying slavery is wrong. Obviously one is more severe than the other but the point remains. Unless you think competitive games and fair play don't belong together, in which case the whole industry is doomed. 
    The notion that gaining from this merge was fair because everyone had access is also ridiculous. Or has gaming become trying to play(exploit) the infrastructure of international MMO's instead of playing the games themselves? 
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  3. Ginrei added a post in a topic Wizard Full TET BOSS Set + TET Zarka and TET Kutum   

    Yay! More P2W debate.
    There is one very large problem with all the players saying the game isn't P2W. Making an argument based on players at the top while ignoring those at the bottom is biased in the extreme. It's irrelevant what players can potentially do. Good for everyone who grinds 24/7 or plays smartly and is indistinguishable from those paying to win. What's relevant is what a player actually does. 
    What about those who play 1 hour a day? What about those who waste silver on fun instead of gear score? What about everyone below those at the top in gear score? The simple truth is you can encounter a player who would normally be beneath you or comparable at any time. However, because that person has payed to win... they will have an advantage. Some times that advantage will still result in a win for you, other times it will result in a loss. Pretending that advantage or the number of cases is small doesn't change the fact they exist. 
    Black Desert is P2W. Anyone who says otherwise is hiding behind an excuse. Pretending the game isn't P2W doesn't actually make it so.
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  4. Ginrei added a post in a topic Edan - LAG...   

    Lots of good points made in this thread. Since we don't have enough specifics about Black Deserts infrastructure I prefer to make an assumption based on Daum/Kakao's history and other online games. Kakao is a company that seems more interested in sucking out ever last dollar rather than spending what is needed to provide the best possible experience for their customers. If there is something specific about BDO that prevents the smoothest and most responsive playing experience they're likely not going to say a word about it. Like many things in BDO, they will keep it quite. Since other games provide players a much better experience while playing online... I have to conclude the issue is on Kakao's end.
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  5. Ginrei added a post in a topic I Feel Cheated   

    You may not have called BDO dumb, but you called the devs dumb. Backpedaling saying it's the idea is clearly not true. Try and spin it however you want but you're whining and name calling over cosmetic choices made by the devs. Players want no gender locked classes too but the devs have to draw the line for everything and this was one of them.
    You're correct, there's nothing wrong with asking for something at all. The responses you're referring to usually stem from how a player asks. Asking nicely for a feature is fantastic. -----ing, name calling, whining, or crying about how they should have or deserve to have features is not imo. It comes across as entitled.
    MMO developers are not gods with unlimited resources and time to create a product. The number of choices players have for cosmetics has been growing for years. Sure BDO may be short in some areas like the total number of options, but overall BDO's a step forward in the quality of a creator. An 8 bit game could give players more options because the effort to create them is small. However, a true high quality game take more resources which are finite no matter how 'easy' others claim.
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  6. Ginrei added a post in a topic Inactive Family/Character Names need to be made available!   

    I paid to have my family name. I don't imagine they can take that away from me no matter how long i've been inactive.
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  7. Ginrei added a post in a topic I Feel Cheated   

    I'd agree ventilation in a car is important. However, I wouldn't agree certain missing cosmetic options within character design is equally important. Your analogy is closer to saying that a car (BDO) is dumb because it doesn't come in X colors or materials. The car functions perfectly well as is. So no, the Ferrari is not dumb because i can't buy one in sea foam green with a snake skin interior.
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  8. Ginrei added a post in a topic At how many stack does your boss piece hit TET?   

    I hit TET Muskan shoes finally at 100 on the nose. I decided to choose the 100+ option instead of 90-100 because i can. 
    EDIT: I have zero intentions of ever attempting PEN anything. I'd prefer to spend my game time and energy elsewhere.
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  9. Ginrei added a post in a topic LOOK DARK ELF!   

    Here's your lizard race and...

    I raise you a rat race.  I'd also love an undead race where i get to play a Lich, Banshee, or Wraith.

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  10. Ginrei added a post in a topic BDO's Publisher's Q3 results are out   

    The funny thing is, the number of box sales or revenue Black Desert makes has no connection to whether the game is good or not, whether I'd play it or not. These threads and players like @Plunge only seem to care about pretending for others or convincing themselves that BDO is a good game. The data provided by the OP doesn't offer anything meaningful. So what if many people are playing or spending money on a fundamentally unfair and P2W (P4A, convenience, or whatever f-cking term you use) game.
    Black Desert is dead or dying for many players who care about competitive fair play. If you just want to fish, breed, P2W, or grind for example the game is good. And guess what, I needed zero numbers about the games revenue to draw that conclusion.
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  11. Ginrei added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    Exactly^. I can only conclude Kakao is taking the easy way out for themselves and trying to spin their decision as fair.
    The numbers being tossed around regarding both the amount of players and wealth gained are not relevant imo. Kakao is trying to justify their decision by saying it isn't an exploit which is ridiculous. The fact Kakao are saying not many players stand to gain is strange. If those who took advantage of this merge didn't do anything wrong the number of them doing it doesn't matter.
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  12. Ginrei added a post in a topic New World - Megathread   

    Trust us, not many players took advantage. We don't care about fair play. So we're letting them get away with it by pretending they didn't exploit. It takes too much effort to do the right thing.
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  13. Ginrei added a post in a topic Petition to split accounts for Server Merge   

    That response only shows Kakao doesn't give a damn about right or wrong. It shows Kakao thinks the advantages gained by the exploiters aren't worth dealing with. They are letting those players get away with it. It only proves @Thinker has no idea what's going on.
    Please, post more and show everyone what you're made of.
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  14. Ginrei added a post in a topic Petition to split accounts for Server Merge   

    Life isn't fair, but games are typically based on fair play. All reputable games definitely are. How many games can you name that are not? I'll put that list up against those that are any day and the victory will be crushing. Your acceptance of this trend to ignore fair play in video games reflects the current community extremely well.
    Do you read and write English? Because you make zero sense.
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  15. Ginrei added a post in a topic Petition to split accounts for Server Merge   

    Actually, it's not. Is this kind of argument the best you can do? I'm not going to explain why you're wrong and keep doing all the work for you. Please make a less shit argument next time instead of acting like the child in your post.
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