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  1. Jefferson added a post in a topic Every Weekend 100%+ EXP?   

    Actually they made a post a while ago on twitter that 100% exp weekends will be around for the foreseeable future. KR still has them every weekend and they are well ahead of us in terms of events. They just give the event a new name every so often. Unbunch those panties.
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  2. Jefferson added a post in a topic Where is OP?   

    You have to chain multiple dash skills together for your mobility, Warrior does something similar. As for the "OP" stuff, that does come later, as with basically any other class. Your level matters, along with the amount of skill points that you have. Having your full awakening weapon kit available to you makes a difference in dealing damage and executing combos.
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  3. Jefferson added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    You really are impossible to reason with once you get your mind set on something. Sipped way too much of the sorc forum koolaid in the past; "our class is useless without the dark flame spam! Rage rage rage" probably the funniest period in the game for me. I would probably take you more seriously if you weren't this way about pretty much any other class other than sorc.
    Probably best to just let you go on your rants but ultimately ignore you.
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  4. Jefferson added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    Those dashes you're talking about on the dark knight have cool downs. There is your drawback. 
    Also yes I am aware of the stamina consumption on sorc iframes and yes that means they are limited but that also doesn't mean they aren't spammable, which they are, and many a sorc just use that to either completely avoid damage or get away. This mechanic is fine, whatever, but what is silly is to go and complain about iframe dashes on a class where yes they have very limited resource consumption but they are also locked behind cool downs.
    To even pull that off you need to time your dashes appropriately and pay attention so that you don't accidentally dodge roll. The abilities are not useable off of cool down so accidentally dodge rolling is a thing that can happen and will likely result in the dark knights death.
    Oh and @Chun-Chun musa and maehwa use stamina with their dashes now, they have for a while.
    "there's that thing called stamina, only sorc uses it" - what stupid people that don't actually know how any other class plays say.
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  5. Jefferson added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    Its not even a spammable iframe like sorc iframes. Yeah, way too powerful. My gosh.
    I really hope this isn't some scenario where someone is just salty that their class got beaten by the new class so they immediately go to "Clearly too powerful".
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  6. Jefferson added a post in a topic how do you even come up with something as ridiculous as grab engaging?   

    This again? You really need to stop.

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  7. Jefferson added a post in a topic Dark Knight Damage   

    Yuria has absolutely atrocious accuracy scaling meaning you're not hitting anything.
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  8. Jefferson added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    A PK is a PK. Now if someone dies because they were trying to take a spot from someone else and kept coming back again and again and again and again and again that is karmabombing and vice versa.
    What I have personally run into the most, though, is I will be on a spot and a person(s) will cut into the rotation I've been on for an hour or more and I will give them 2 warnings. Just a simple "Spot taken" cuz thats all I care to get out while I'm grinding. If they ignore both warnings that is when I flag and kill. If they whine to me in a whisper that is when I will give a slightly more detailed "I've been here for over an hour" or whatever actual length of time I've been there, and if they continue to come back and try to take the spot and I keep killing them that is again karmabombing. Usually I don't want to group on rotations like at sausans cuz its either cutting into exp gain at lower levels, especially with how fast it can get cleared just solo now, or I'm there for the money and special deals is kinda meh to me if someone is taking turn ins I could be stacking more and more of if someone else's pets weren't there.
    PvP to take a spot isn't the issue, you get killed on a spot, you come back maybe once or twice to see if you can take it back okay fine. But it is the repeated attempts and failures or intentionally trying to die or mess up someone's rotation to provoke a flag up is the problem. Why would you look at PKing as "being a bully" or them being a "PKing bully" when PvP is just a part of the game, you get killed off the spot, especially if it happens easily well that sucks but when you're going out and grinding you're taking that risk just as everyone else does.
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  9. Jefferson added a post in a topic is the outfit from the pearl store worth it?   

    Who are you? Go away.
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  10. Jefferson added a post in a topic Is the Dark Night A limited time Class?   

    What nerf? That is what I'm asking about. What information did we have about bhegs before the time around awakenings releasing that implied that they had more than the amount of accuracy Fluffy estimated that they had in their testing? That is what I was trying to get out of you.
    What information, if any, did we have that suggested that Bhegs had more than that 10 accuracy Fluffy estimated in their testing 5 months ago?
    I'll even ask it again. When, if ever, did available information suggest that Bhegs had more than an estimated 10 accuracy?
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  11. Jefferson added a post in a topic Is the Dark Night A limited time Class?   

    No you're right it isn't speculation, but I have been saying that they are doing testing and getting a better understanding and better estimates but we still don't know the exacts. Also yes you can draw conclusions but my point still stands that these testers themselves said that they are estimates and not exact. I'm agreeing with you, I'm just not looking at it as law because of those circumstances.
    However this whole discussion isn't what was initially being discussed. I questioned you if that "10 accuracy" from Bhegs had ever been proven to be higher at any point in time prior to the testing that was done that brought up that number. Did someone ever estimate it to be 15 at one point with actual, equal, testing being done to back that up? My point was to never discredit testing being done. What my point was is that as far as we know, and based on your response, the accuracy bonus from bhegs was always 10 so where did this assumed nerf come from?
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  12. Jefferson added a post in a topic Is the Dark Night A limited time Class?   

    No we don't. Unless PA has actually told us how much 1 accuracy affects hit rates then it is still conjecture, still a hypothesis. I'm completely aware of the testing that has been done but until that is confirmed or denied by PA itself then its just theory. Fluffy even said in the document itself.

    So I get it, there has been testing done and everything and there are very large sample sizes that have been used but the person you're quoting as having done the testing said in that very document that they are estimates and to get more exact and correct numbers that the sample size needs to be increased dramatically. Literally right there.
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  13. Jefferson added a post in a topic Is the Dark Night A limited time Class?   

    I'm not ignoring the testing, but all you told me was that they tested it and it apparently gives "10 accuracy".
    How much did it apparently have before this testing? How does one get "10 accuracy" from doing this testing when we don't actually know how much accuracy might actually confer a 100% hit chance? We don't even know the hit chance on 1 accuracy. Testing can give us ballpark estimates, it can help us understand effectiveness but it won't give us the actual pinpoint statistics.
    All that they have is conjecture and I'm not refuting the testing being done, it helps us get an idea of how much these items may or may not help, but to say that they can figure out the flat accuracy that the item gives when it doesn't say it, when we didn't know what it was previously (if there even was some "stealth nerf"), and when we don't actually know the hit chance values on even 1 point of accuracy just makes it look very silly when someone goes "it has 10 accuracy". All they have is a hypothesis and until there is more information given, as in specifics, then they can't actually figure out the truth of it.
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  14. Jefferson added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    The differences between those two weapons, mainhand weapons, not offhand weapons and not Kutum or Nouver. The entire point of my argument was in relation to those specific items, I never brought up anything outside of Krea, Rosar or Azwell, and the brief mention of Yuria because it was referenced in the video.
    Simply, just because I am defending my point in this circumstance it does not translate to every other circumstance. This isn't an argument against any Nouver vs Kutum differences, this is purely pertaining to Krea/Rosar vs Azwell.
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  15. Jefferson added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    That is showing Kutum/Nouver, that isn't what is being talked about...what does that even prove? Did you just try to straw man? Really? I mean at least be less obvious about it. Wow.
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