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  1. Jefferson added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    Well its a set effect for one, and second yes it raining is entirely negligible. No one notices, if they did then Azwell would actually matter and people would actually bother using it but they don't...because the AP reduction from the rain is 100% unnoticeable. Also just from grinding and getting the weapon upgraded and everything else they would easily get enough money to afford better crystals for the Rosar, it has more longevity than an Azwell and more usefulness. Your argument about the "rain decreasing AP" doesn't hold up because if that ever mattered then we'd actually see information on that outside of your little "i'm a rebel" thing you got going.
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  2. Jefferson added a post in a topic Is the Dark Night A limited time Class?   

    Show me where it says that in any patch note and I'll be happy to agree with you.
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  3. Jefferson added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    Azwell doesn't pull ahead in dps though, it only looks like that. What hindered them getting out more DPS was mana consumption and stamina consumption, its also such a tiny sample size that they are not getting accurate ranges accounting for RNG. The video shows 1 test per weapon (MH and OH) combination, that doesn't give very productive results. Every test done with accuracy has sample sizes ranging in the hundreds and up into the thousands of hits, not to mention that video was made with the intention of showing how crap Yuria is compared to other weapons that became available.
    And yes, it is entirely negligible. Unless the rain decreases AP by like 20-30, which it doesn't, then it is doing absolutely nothing to clear speeds or our damage in general. Its not useful because its doing nothing because nothing is really happening to your AP when it rains. You don't notice it, ever. And I mean ever. Its such a nonissue that people forget that its even a mechanic in the game, thats how minuscule the reduction in AP is. Not to mention you don't take the Rosar for the ignore resist in PvE, you get it for the 2 gem slots, the more AP, the better accuracy and how cheap it is to upgrade. Do you even play with other people/a competent guild in this game?
    Not every weapon has the same accuracy scaling as others, also Human damage does pretty much nothing on those kinds of weapons. It doesn't scale the same as raw AP, raw AP will always be better. The only place you should ever get human damage is from a Knight's Rations and Human Hunt elixir and that is only after you pop your Fury elixir. We put the whole human damage thing to rest a while ago.
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  4. Jefferson added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    I wasn't questioning whether or not the effect existed, I was pointing out that it is so utterly negligible that it is not something you ever factor in or consider. Just why?
    As for the Krea vs Azwell accuracy...
    That video is old and from the RU servers.
    The Azwell + AP offhand was 19.5 hits over 32 seconds vs the Krea + AP offhand which was 21 hits over 34 seconds, 2 seconds difference and the Krea hit more and this was purely due to mana/stamina issues that they were running into. If anything they have pretty equal accuracy. The reason you take the Krea over the Azwell in that scenario is simple: 2 gem slots. What is this? Day 1 Mediah update on NA? Where have you been for the past 11 months?
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  5. Jefferson added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    You literally lost me at "long grinding sessions you'll be fighting in the rain."
    I'll let @Caddywhompus post above mine handle the explanation, they worded it perfectly fine.
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  6. Jefferson added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    Rosar/Krea, never Yuria.
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  7. Jefferson added a post in a topic Awakening?   

    What? They were as powerful as they were because it was a class that released after awakenings had already started to be released, we got our classes in a different order than KR did.
    As for Dark Knight buffs, no they won't be buffed specifically because we won't have their awakening right when we first get the class, thats not how it has worked. We'll get what KR currently has from all of their patches relating to the Dark Knight's pre-awakened skills and no none of this entails any sort of damage buff, nor even a temporary damage buff, prior to their awakening.
    Unless you can find anything in these patch notes that says anything remotely relating to their damage getting buffed prior to their awakening:
    December 22nd - https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5jofdf/kr_patch_note_for_22nd_december_by_chopper85/ (Patch the week after Dark Knight release)
    December 29th - https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5kv82v/kr_patch_note_for_29th_december_by_chopper85/
    January 5th - https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5m4048/kr_patch_note_for_5th_january_by_chopper85/
    January 12th - https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5nh5gg/kr_patch_note_for_12th_january_by_chopper85/
    January 19th - https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5ovccv/kr_patch_note_for_19th_january_by_chopper85/ (Patch the week prior to Dark Knight Awakening)
    And just to add, for a long while classes like the Warrior for instance had all the post-awakening nerfs from KR which kinda screwed them when it came to damage and grinding. So your logic doesn't track, at least not to what I know of it. If you can show me something that says otherwise then please do so.
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  8. Jefferson added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Error on Forums; Error code: EX1062
    For some reason every time I submit a post on any thread on the forums I keep getting this error code popping up however my post still goes in but it double posts it. Rather strange, would appreciate some help as to what those error code is.
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  9. Jefferson added a post in a topic Bye Bye Witch it was a great time - Welcome Ranger - Bye bye Ranger -> -.-   

    Oh my. Who could have ever foreseen this surprising turn of events?
    Utterly shocking.
    Oh my. Who could have ever foreseen this surprising turn of events?
    Utterly shocking.
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  10. Jefferson added a post in a topic x2 Special Evasion 10% vs. x2 DR + 3, Weight Limit, etc   

    2x Special Evasion for sure. Special attacks are Down Attacks, Back Attacks, Air Attacks, etc. Could potentially save your life after a CC if a Down Attack just doesn't hit you.
    Also to add to that, always keep in mind that Damage Reduction isn't all that great. Hasn't been great since Awakenings released.
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  11. Jefferson added a post in a topic Awakening?   

    No, not at all. Their buffs were their awakenings.
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  12. Jefferson added a post in a topic Awakening?   

    No. Just going to have to put up with it until their awakening releases which hopefully won't take too long.
    It just isn't worth it to even bother asking for some "damage increase to non-awakened skills" since getting the awakening resolves it so why put in the effort of changing the code, which could potentially weigh the class significantly too far in one direction, when the issue is resolved when they get their awakening. Sure they don't seem to have the kind of damage awakening weapons have but clear speeds should be just fine with the amount of AP people will have if they prepared wisely.
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  13. Jefferson added a post in a topic Is the Dark Night A limited time Class?   

    Don't believe the rumor mill crap that most people say.
    "Red Nose Armor is going to get a buff in KR"
    "Bheg's Gloves got/are going to get their accuracy nerfed"

    All bullshit. If a friend of yours said this to you go back to them and tell them they are an idiot. Good on you to check on it rather than spread the derp. Which another thing to note, if you want to see things that KR is getting in their patches in the past several months which means things we will be getting in the coming months, just search for Chopper_85 on the Black Desert reddit. They translate and post all KR patch notes.
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  14. Jefferson added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    Yes I know, but honestly going with an Azwell would've probably been better than a Yuria. Thats how trash that weapon is.
    I would say so yeah, they get the job done, same as Yuria prior to you getting a Liverto/Kzarka. They will just perform better than a Yuria weapon for sure. Rosar actually gives 1 more AP than a Yuria does and Krea gives the same amount of AP a Yuria does. Literally no reason to even bother with Yuria anymore.
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  15. Jefferson added a post in a topic What is this class about?   

    It is similar to sorc in a way, but it actually has much better range on its damage skills than a Sorc does. Its for sure a very mobile class but it doesn't achieve mobility in the same way a Sorc does, it requires more chaining of abilites together whereas sorc is just iframe spam, I also wouldn't call it a tanky class because it isn't, it has a block but from what I can tell there is no CC resistance/immunity associated with it. It is very much a glass cannon class and it doesn't use barehanded attacks, its awakening weapon is like a gauntlet but it conjures illusionary weapons (the dual swords and the greatsword) and they have more of a mixture of ranged and melee attacks where their ranged attacks actually reach pretty far.
    You can find videos of the Dark Knight on youtube if you are curious about it, probably the best way to find out more about it.
    This video being one example:
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  16. Jefferson added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    It was maybe like 8-9 months ago, but that was only because we didn't know any better regarding how terrible the Yuria's accuracy scaling is, which is ultimately very important when grinding. Nowadays you are much better off with grabbing a Rosar or Krea as an early starting weapon. The accuracy scaling is better and you can benefit from a set bonus if you use both the mainhand and secondary weapons.
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  17. Jefferson added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    They are dropping as far as I'm aware. Also a little tip, don't get a yuria. It's a trash weapon. Get Rosar or Krea, they have much better accuracy scaling and if you want something cheap but still effective prior to a kzarka then Rosar or Krea are the way to go.
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  18. Jefferson added a post in a topic What armor & weapon & accessory is good for DK?   

    It seems to use attack speed, though I could be wrong.
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  19. Jefferson added a post in a topic Searching for a PVP Warrior Build...   

    Typically you should, it applies if the skill connects. Also take into account that the buff bar you see on your own screen has a cutoff point so if you're running a lot of buffs then you may not see your buffs from skill addons show up because they are very much after the cutoff point.
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  20. Jefferson added a post in a topic Searching for a PVP Warrior Build...   

    Well as far as skill builds go ideally at level 59 you want to have something like this:
    For awakening skill addons you'll want Pain damage and PvP damage on Grave Digging, Attack speed +10% and Movement speed -10% on Solar Flare. For unawakened addons you don't really need to be too concerned about, only one I would suggest is getting Monster Attack +20 and Recover 10 HP on Ground Roar for grinding purposes, the rest are relatively negligible.
    As for gear you want to shoot for full boss gear, but prior to that you can run either full Grunil or full Heve. Accessories you can choose to go hybrid or full AP, though I would strongly advise for you to focus on getting Accuracy. You may want to run Vangertz over a Kutum or a Nouver purely for the accuracy benefits, AP doesn't go all that far if you're lacking the accuracy to hit your enemies. Red Coral Earrings as well, at least one of them along with an AP earring. Having a tree belt can also help with this.
    Gear/skill builds are all pretty universal. There isn't really anything specific to PvP or PvE like at all.
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  21. Jefferson added a post in a topic Searching for a PVP Warrior Build...   

    You mean skill builds or gear builds?
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  22. Jefferson added a post in a topic Which awakening should I go?   

    Blue. Also invest in something other than a Yuria. A Yuria is trash, you can do better.
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  23. Jefferson added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    You mean with 249 AP as a Sorc, not a Musa, Maehwa, Warrior, Tamer, Giant or Valk.
    A lot of people have already figured out that some classes do not get the same benefits from accuracy that others do. Witch/Wizard for instance don't need much of it, we have seen this, Sorc falls within the same category very clearly and many have seen this, it seems you have just come to this realization that others came to months ago. Nothing to do with "AP having hidden accuracy values" it seems to be dependent upon the actual class you play. A musa for instance will actually see a drastic difference in their damage if they start running more accuracy with 2x RCE than a Sorc would see.
    No this is not a complaint of "well this clearly makes sorc OP" no, it doesn't, it just means they are able to build differently than other classes that pretty much need the accuracy off of sources like RCE or tree spirit belt already on top of having bhegs and a kzarka to do their maximum amount of damage. We have seen witches/wizards with actually less AP than you have still land so much damage on people who even have stacked up evasion whereas we have seen, at least I've seen, a musa actually struggle to land hits on a 260 DP Warrior with only Muskans as their source of Evasion, even while the Warrior was CC'd, when they had 210+ AP but no RCE on top of their bhegs and kzarka.
    Its different for each class. So are people silly for telling a sorc to build accuracy? Yeah. Are they silly for telling a Warrior or Musa to do so? No.
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  24. Jefferson added a post in a topic Would you agree with my enchant suggestion?   

    RBF also pointless and arena duels are usually no pot 1v1s and don't represent the actual PvP in this game. You might find sieges and node wars pointless but they really aren't and outside of the lag issues, which may hopefully be remedied with actual optimization that PA is looking into, it gives a better showcase of PvP viability outside of the silly potless 1v1s in the arenas.
    Also the idea of "fairplay" has been completely skewed these days when everyone is pretty much handed everything in MMORPGs and other genres of game, its just how the NA/EU market has gone in these recent years. Why do you think the MMORPG market has declined in the west? What do we have MMORPG wise that was actually developed here? WoW? GW2? ESO? Wildstar? That is basically it as far as the mainstream/popular western MMORPGs. Outside of that its mostly MMORPGs ported over from Japan, China or South Korea. They've given us TERA, Blade and Soul, Archeage, Black Desert, Revelation Online (soon), Bless Online (soon), Lost Ark (soon) Lineage Eternal (soon). All of these very looked forward to and while some of them definitely fell off the bandwagon (AA, TERA, and potentially others I might not have listed) the KR/JP/CN MMORPG markets are where we are getting most of our newer MMORPGs, at least ones that actually succeed to varying degrees. Even FF XIV was developed in Japan but it was released globally, so very obviously that doesn't count as a western developed MMORPG.
    Now I know this is kind of going off in a different direction, my point is that the NA/EU gaming public has a very different view of MMORPGs than the KR/JP/CN gaming public does, very evident by the differences between the gaming markets. I have to keep bringing this back up but if this kind of game is not for you then it is not for you, it is very clearly developed differently to the direction that NA MMORPG developers have taken their games which has been to appeal to a bit more of a casual audience, it is something very evident in their content. Very evident. This also clearly doesn't appeal to you, which is fine but you have got to recognize that just because you see them going in some direction as being "better" doesn't mean that is what the developers think nor that they may think it is what will appeal to their target audience, which as we have seen is not your standard esports/moba/fps/fighter gamer. They wouldn't have released the game as it functions if that was their intention, they've also shown no sign of wanting to bring it in that direction even with the release of that arena and to that extent they may only just put different brackets depending on your gear score (i.e people with 490 gs would be paired with and against others with 490 gs) or it might average a groups gs together. I don't actually know its just a theory.
    Despite what your personal opinions of the game are it is still clearly popular and has only gained in popularity, its remained extremely popular in KR since its initial release.
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  25. Jefferson added a post in a topic Overall worth of BIS gear   

    Bong is a literal anomaly. The exception that proves the rule.
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