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  1. Jefferson added a post in a topic Overall worth of BIS gear   

    And then realize that literally no one even on KR has even half that kind of gear.
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  2. Jefferson added a post in a topic Would you agree with my enchant suggestion?   

    Okay first you missed my point. My point was that MMORPGs have stats you have to consider when talking about being competitive against other players. Its a reality in MMORPGs, especially this one. Keep in mind this game has only been out for almost a year in NA/EU and slightly over 2 in KR. PEN is still not a common thing and full TET is more common than it was but mostly only the top guilds see it frequently when they PvP. Also keep in mind they changed WoW arena to that with their recent expansion, it was not always like that. Was it a good change for them? Maybe, but then again you have to consider that it is also a tab target combat system which I personally detest and it also functions completely differently to a combat system like BDO has. Even if you compare BDO combat to that of Dark Souls even Dark Souls has stats attached to its gear which for sure makes a difference in their PvP but it also is not an MMORPG, its PvP functions differently still.
    Secondly I can understand the frustration you have with getting your equipment to just TRI, it can get that way we have all been there multiple times. Especially those shooting for TET know the pain of failing consistently and then losing more resources getting back to TRI. Also AFK money added on top of grinding money is substantial and also doesn't take a year, exaggerating the amount of time it takes to actually gear up won't help your position. As a newer player you have been given a lot of help, more than myself and others who have been playing since headstart got. It can be frustrating trying to catch up but you just have to understand that it will take time, but not nearly as much time as you might think. If you're smart about your upgrades, if you spend your time grinding and you use your lifeskilling to supplement your gearing resources then you will notice you have less of a difficult time with it. AFK fishing while you sleep, sending workers to collect logs for Timber Crates and then getting a guild summon out to Valencia for the distance bonuses (try to get Master 2 Trading as well, though yes short distance rolling is nerfed now sadly), grinding out for 30 minutes to an hour every day with your daily exp bonus, this will all help you in the long run. Again it won't take you a year, you just need to play the game and you'll get where you want to be. Shocking, I know.
    Third, you're basing these conclusions off of RBF. RBF is a horrible gauge for PvP, horrible. Anyone with any sense just ignores it when it comes to considering balance between classes purely because it is a joke of a "PvP mode" and honestly I've seen KR streams where they've gone into RBF, they really only touch it for the daily and that is it and you don't even see a lot of them even participating in it. Last stream I saw the total amount of people, both teams, in RBF on KR was equal to or maybe even less than just one team in RBF in NA servers. I could be wrong, someone feel free to correct me, but that is just what I saw and from that it seems like NA players very clearly care just a little too damn much about RBF and its honestly the silliest thing.
    The PvP has its issues, no doubt about it, desync being a prime one and framerate lag but thats all optimization issues. Balance wise yes there are classes that excel where many do not, there is a top 5 classes list or "top tier" classes list and many of the classes don't fall on it, but that is true with most games, even MOBAs. Pretty sure LoL has a meta champion list where those champions will typically be the bread and butter most played in ranked and most effective, the same deal with DOTA I imagine and with GW2 PvP. Also pretty sure WoW is the same way with their team comps, thats why mirror comps happened in 2s so frequently. Some things just work better than others. Also as for those veterans you're talking about, they may be gear carried actually I can guarantee you that many of them are gear carried, I know several of them (on NA mind you) and vs good players with equal to or juuuust slightly less gear than them yeah they get stomped on. So I can understand, for sure, but the thing is you're getting too impatient with your gearing and I think that is something you just need to remedy yourself. How long have you been playing this game now exactly? Or rather when did you return? Your post history goes back to March of last year but it seems like you quit and came back since you were able to access the Olvia channels for a month. If you've been stuck where you're at since they released +16 and above then I don't know what to tell you, that is a completely "your own fault" situation if that is the case.
    Edit: Oh and also I've told you, specifically, this a couple times now. A lot of the people with the best gear and the highest levels do still have jobs and lives and families that they attend to. It isn't all "nolifers" as you claim, unless you're just memeing at this point in which case its a bad meme and you're just making yourself look absolutely silly.
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  3. Jefferson added a post in a topic Would you agree with my enchant suggestion?   

    Here is the thing though, there are only like...maybe 5 people who actually have just one piece of PEN gear, there is no one running around with a full setup of PEN, not even on KR. As for accessories if you're having issues enchanting them...buy them. Seriously, you are just torturing yourself with RNGing them when you clearly don't enjoy it yet I do know some people that do enjoy it and funnel resources into it rather frequently. You can just passively get money from lifeskilling, get money from when you grind, get money from guild payouts (if you're even in a guild that does node wars/sieges which I kind of highly doubt at this point), and get money from attendance rewards since most of them give you things you can make money off of, like the accessory boxes.
    All your suggestion shows is that you're not looking at every angle to help make your gearing process more manageable for what you can specifically tolerate. Yes there are people who are lucky and have TET accessories and the like but people with like TET crescents, TET tungrades, TET basi and TET ogre/laytenns are very, very rare to come across. So again you have a very skewed idea of the kind of gear people actually run around with.
    As for your points on "equal playing field" and "being competitive" didn't I go over this in another one of your posts and you completely neglected on even attempting a retort?
    There it is for you and I'll say it again here and add on a few things; Each genre of video game tends to have its own way of going about being competitive when it comes to its PvP aspects, or even its PvE aspects. Being competitive in a MOBA is not the same as being competitive in an FPS or being competitive in a Fighting game, the same holds true for MMORPGs. Have some of them shifted that aspect? Yes. Does it mean that just because WoW did it, Blade and Soul did it and GW2 did it that its a universally desired or necessary mechanic for all MMORPGs? No. BDO is not that kind of game and this has been established and reiterated to you over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.
    You have claimed to have an issue with not being able to compete with the so called "top 5%" when in reality in games like LoL or DOTA or Overwatch or Street Fighter or even WoW arenas you are not actually competing against the "top 5%" in each respective game's competitive play. Do you have the potential to possibly get to that point? Yes, you do, the same as you do in BDO. Each game genre however has a different way of going about this and each have their own merits as is appropriate for that genre of game. Each game gives you the tools to reach that point, just as BDO does, but you just dislike the way it is done here in this MMORPG. Which honestly...that is fine...but you can't come around once or twice every week complaining about literally the same thing and then get your "argument" or "points" on it shut down by the simple idea of "Is it really the game or is it just you?"
    There is nothing wrong with a game just not being to your tastes and just not playing it but you can't fault the game for that, that doesn't make it a bad game that doesn't mean it is the worst thing in the world, but also that doesn't mean BDO isn't without its flaws and annoying aspects, every single game that has ever existed has those. Hell I don't play or like MOBAs because I don't enjoy the genre, I find the community repulsive and the gameplay to be limited. I find grinding in an MMORPG to be more enjoyable than slogging through solo que in LoL, which even if I won several matches in a row I would still shut the game off because I got bored with it after the first one. Just wasn't for me, I accepted that and moved on. Just like I don't play WoW anymore because the combat is boring, the content is casual as all hell and the PvP back even during TBC days was just mirror comp after mirror comp in 2s and it even started to get that way in 3s and 5s was just a zerg em down one by one scenario. I'm not even sure they use 5s for actual tournaments, I could be wrong though, I don't actually pay attention to it and I'm only basing it off of what I actually experience in the 2k-ish rankings back in the day. Which lets be honest, everyone and their half brother got to that point and get to that point much easier nowadays.
    But anyway, I think you might need to personally take a couple steps back and evaluate what you want out of BDO and if the game doesn't facilitate that then...maybe not the game for you. Which again, not a bad thing, they are not here to cater to an individual persons tastes, they are here to bring out content for their game to satisfy the audience that they were targeting and they have been doing that. The game is still immensely popular, especially in KR and it has been gaining new players and returning players recently, evident by the Olvia channels which I know you've complained about.
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  4. Jefferson added a post in a topic Terrible End Game Level System   

    So then you flag on them/war dec their guild and get to the PvP. From what I can tell...thats kind of the point. Either to cooperate and group up or to have it turn into some Open World PvP to either deny someone elites/gatekeepers or steal someones elites/gatekeepers.
    Thats why upgrading your gear, which you don't need to do Gatekeepers/Elites to do, and getting levels should be the priority of those who want to PvP or actually participate in that content since you do need a certain amount of gear score to actually kill Gatekeepers effectively.
    Its very clear the whole thing is intentional and that it does very clearly prompt PvP to break out when rival groups run into each other for gatekeepers. However as far as "camping one spot for the item you want" that isn't exactly a thing in this game...especially considering you can buy the item you want and you don't need to sit on only one spot to do so, and this game is already confirmed as grindy for level/money purposes.
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  5. Jefferson added a post in a topic Terrible End Game Level System   

    Well first this is a game that more or less harkens back to older MMORPGs and with how this game works also promotes Open World PvP because the spawns are limited (for elites/gatekeepers). That isn't necessarily bad since they can actually be rather worthwhile to clear, they did that on purpose because Elites and Gatekeepers are actually group oriented content.
    The reason they raise the soft cap and make getting to certain levels easier is yes to get people caught up but that is primarily because if they didn't it would be 100% impossible without months and months and months of work, the same amount of work people who started playing during the 4 day headstart put in, to catch up which is only going to make newer players not want to pick up the game. These catch up mechanics are just necessary and not a bad thing to implement. Especially considering how beneficial it is to have alts, higher level alts, and when they are releasing new classes and when someone gets bored with another class. It allows people to reroll or to make new characters that interest them more without having to slog through what it was like to get 55 back in early Calpheon days. They have new content coming out and they want people to experience it so they are offering up ways to get caught up and then experience that new content they've released.
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  6. Jefferson added a post in a topic bdo can be way better with just a few small and easy to code changes   

    Actually it does have everything to do with facts and you're just ignoring them. You're not bringing anything productive to the conversation other than "cannons in node wars is roleplay" and "well in RBF" which we already established was a horrible gauge of PvP balance due to how it functions.
    From my perspective you're just perpetuating a personal issue you have which seems to stem from not acknowledging that you play very recklessly and you have also presented nothing to support your points other than anecdotal nonsense that we already, again, established was irrelevant (ha) due to what you tried to present as "fact" yet you clearly showed that you have no actual knowledge of node war PvP based on your many responses in this thread.
    The only reason I've ever resorted to insulting you is because you have given myself and many others no reason to think you're nothing more than a deranged narcissist with no actual knowledge about what he is talking about.
    ...Are you Trump?
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  7. Jefferson added a post in a topic bdo can be way better with just a few small and easy to code changes   

    Well I mean I would better understand your position if I knew your gear because trust me that matters. if you're not running Muskans then that is a big part of your issue. Crap gear is going to contribute a lot to a Warrior just bodying you, that is why they excel in the lower echelons of gear when it comes to PvP, I've said that many times before. Higher gear echelons? Their block melts and if they don't run accuracy they are going to miss consistently. However like I said, actually playing a Warrior vs the better geared players and not the ones still sitting in grunil you notice that you're not hitting and that those accuracy modifiers on those skills don't do much at all even against just Muskans for evasion on a player. The skills say 25% and some such, but it does not at all feel like that when you're actually PvPing which is a complete contrast to Witch/Wizard, I will admit. The offset to the Witch/Wizard accuracy bonuses though is that they are mostly stationary which leaves them very open to attack if their own attacks are physically dodged/blocked with skills.
    Pretty sure I've seen many Tamers able to completely disengage from a fight with their dashing chains/cancels, you might be doing something wrong. Also disengaging from a fight is still playing the game. Is a tactical retreat considered not warfare? Generally the same concept. You're withdrawing from the fight, while still being engaged with the enemy, to acquire a better position or to regain some of your fighting strength to make a better offensive push afterwards.
    Your response to disengaging from a fight, which honestly may be a bad term to use when conversing with you about this topic, just affirms to me that you are severely reckless in PvP and that is what primarily gets you annihilated.
    Also if you think defending your cannons so that they can put damage out on enemy structures (recovery centers, hwatchas, flame towers, supply depots) doesn't make a difference...oh boy you are not actually participating or paying attention in node wars/sieges. That basically completely negates any point you try to make about "balance" in PvP considering you don't seem to actually be aware of PvP outside of RBF.
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  8. Jefferson added a post in a topic Terrible End Game Level System   

    Just to clarify for you...
    Getting to 55 took days and weeks of grinding at Calpheon Shrine back at the start of the game. Getting 56 also took days back when Mediah first came out even if you grinded at Sausans. Now you can hit 51 or 52 in like 4-5 hours and 56 in less than a day. 57 takes significantly less time to get to now, same with 58 and 59. The soft cap consistently moves upwards as new content gets released which means 60 to 65 will progressively get easier as they increase exp rates and release more content that expands the world map.
    Granted the new Kamasilve area we will be getting soontm will basically require you to have 210-220+ AP to be able to grind effectively there, even in a group, that isn't all that bad. People will get there with their gear eventually even if you play casual and potato (just buy your gear). The leveling system is fine, you just have to understand that the soft cap shifts progressively as we get more content in the game. The reason it stagnates and slows down significantly at 60 to 61 and to 62 is because the softcap right now is about 60/61, from what we know the actual hard cap for levels is 100, maybe even higher, we won't know until the game gets to that stage much, much later on in its life.
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  9. Jefferson added a post in a topic Solved the problem   

    They are probably just blowing smoke or by "GM" they mean guild master.
    However they legitimately can't do anything. Them "recording" you because you're grinding in a spot where they have a guild mission means nothing. You're not going to get punished for that especially considering they are likely just 100% lying that they have a Game Master available to them to appease their insanity.
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  10. Jefferson added a post in a topic bdo can be way better with just a few small and easy to code changes   

    Oddly enough those accuracy modifiers on Warrior skills are actually extremely negligible. Yes they look high, like they should be letting us hit very, very frequently. However the reality is that they are either don't work or that 25% increase is only like increasing from a base of 1. Accuracy is an extremely important stat to stack as a Warrior since you don't feel those accuracy modifiers at all when using your attacks. You notice Warriors deal a lot more damage when they are running Accuracy centered builds, its pretty much required for them to have at least 1 Red Coral Earring + Bhegs + Kzarka to compensate for any amount of evasion they encounter. If a Warrior overstacks Accuracy (2x RCE, Tree belt, Bhegs, Kzarka, Vangertz, etc) with 210~ or so AP they chunk people about as much as a 240+ AP sorc chunks people, at least from my knowledge/experience.
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  11. Jefferson added a post in a topic Do warriors need ASPD or Cast SPD?   

    You need the attack speed. Its necessary for cancels and the execution of your skills in general. Its noticeable, and you for sure don't need to stack silly resistances into your gear. You're going to get CC'd no matter what your resistances are, its just a fact of life in this game. Some is fine on the off chance that it actually does something to the x5+ hits from many CC skills but you don't stack it, its useless to stack.
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  12. Jefferson added a post in a topic bdo can be way better with just a few small and easy to code changes   

    Thats why you can't base your judgment off of RBF because RBF is a shitfest of a "PvP gamemode", you get a better read of classes in actual coordinated node wars and yes witches/wizards and basically anything in the top 5 (Wizard, Witch, Giant, Ranger, Sorc in that order) are very strong because of their kits, that doesn't rule out the possible necessity of other classes nor does it mean they are "OP" they just fit better into the meta of node wars/sieges. Also might get a better idea in the arena we will be getting since from my knowledge its a 5v5 type arena which means better coordination and not just some silly point grab whack a mole crap that RBF has.
    Ninja/Kuno for instance can help with cannon placement and defense because of their jumps and close quarters lockdown, Tamer and Blader/Plum are probably the more mobile classes we have, Tamer may not have the spammable super armor that Blader/Plum have but that freakin dash spam crap they have is for sure an amazing mobility mechanic that allows them to cover large distances very quickly. This makes them ideal for scouting if off horseback and also for hitting backlines. Valkyrie has amazing peel capability because of their vacuum CC from Wave of Light which from my experience you can't exactly super armor out of (correct me if I'm wrong cuz I've tried and it just "nopes" me) nor do I think you can block it since (again correct me if I'm wrong). Each of the classes in the lower tiers still has use in larger scale but their roles can be a bit more niche than others for sure. I think what people have to understand about their own classes is that they are typically suited for different roles than they may want to participate in.
    As an example I'll use the Ninja/Kuno circumstance in node wars. If you put them on cannon placement/defense they are still going to see action and they are still vital to maintaining offense on an enemy base because your side needs those cannons up to provide long range pressure. The longer the cannons stay up, especially if they are landing their shots, the better your side is going to do offensively in a node war. They may not be front line fighters or explicitly excel in a zerg but do the class names Ninja and Kunoichi really scream "I should be in the middle of this mass of people and killing them all"?
    Also to address another of your posts, you said that there is no counterplay to grabs other than "leaving the fight" (disengaging) or outranging them. You just listed the counterplay. A disengage isn't a bad thing, if you need to back off to avoid getting demolished by a grab chain then do so, that isn't a terrible thing. I would do the same vs a Tamer if they were throwing out their AoE CC and wait to initiate at a more opportune moment. Same thing if a Wizard/Witch casts Protected Area, I am going to disengage and play passive while that ticks down. Same thing if a Blader/Plum is dash spamming, I am going to disengage and wait for an opportunity to engage them where I can land a CC or slow them. There is counterplay all over the place you apparently just don't want to acknowledge that disengaging momentarily is actually a part of that, which brings me back to a much older post of mine I made in response to you saying that you are probably just being reckless to a silly degree.
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  13. Jefferson added a post in a topic bdo can be way better with just a few small and easy to code changes   

    Irrelevants main issue is that they are basing all of their "balancing" suggestions off of RBF PvP which is the absolute worst method of gauging PvP and balance. RBF is just literally a glorified whack a mole that holds no real legitimacy in PvP just based on how it is played and how it functions to begin with. You can ignore Irrelevant just based off of that.
    Also anyone complaining so heavily about blocks very clearly has less than 220+ AP which trust me that's when blocks just melt no matter how much DP you have. Rather than complain about a mechanic why not learn a way to counter it because oh man shocker, those exist and people use them.
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  14. Jefferson added a post in a topic Trying to Git gud, need help.   

    My suggestion is to just play the class; get involved in some duels in the arena (use pots because you need to prep for the real world not potless uselessness), look up videos to figure out combos, watch other Warriors play/ask them for advice in-game so they can physically show you what to do. Can only translate so much via the forums.
    All we can advise is to keep in mind that your common initiators are usually:
    Solar Flare > Overwhelm/Grab > STD/Grave Digging/Reckless (STD = Slashing the Dead, fitting eh?)
    STD > Grab/Overwhelm > Grave Digging/Reckless
    You have to figure out the rest by doing.
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  15. Jefferson added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    Nope. Not at all. The only thing that bothers me about you is you think this game should shift its focus to some esports circuit because all you want to do is show off and brag when you have yet to show anything at all of this so called "great skill" you have. So your claims, including the one you make in your very post, have zero basis and you're just blowing an immense amount of smoke as always. It seems any time anyone challenges your idea with a logical contrast to your so called "arguments" you disappear for a while then reappear with more of it.
    You have a very skewed perspective of the game and you refuse to see why that is a problem, especially given your motivations behind it.
    I'll just leave that there as an example of why you just need to move on from the game since I don't want to type it all out again, or at the very least change your perspective of it, considering how you view it right now, which is apparently as some way of "showing off" or "gaining fame" or whatever you might specifically want to call it. This isn't a MOBA, this isn't an FPS, this isn't a Fighting game. Its an MMORPG.
    Also for you, this isn't a fighitng game, its an MMORPG and there are other tools at your disposal to get around blocks. At the higher AP ranges (220+) block becomes rather negligible unless you stack DP to insane degrees and even then if a Warrior does that they won't have the damage output they need to actually drop someone and DP scaling drops significantly anyway when up against the 220+ AP ranges anyway. Warrior excels immensely vs people with less than 220 AP, sure, thats why we see so much complaining since 220+ AP isn't what most individuals here on these forums have on their characters so they don't see Warrior block melt and those that do are clearly not capitalizing on when they do melt it. Many Warriors would rather have an iframe to spam like a Sorc has than our block, seriously.
    Don't ever take Xaqq on his word, he has never followed through with showing what he says is actually true no matter how many times they have been asked and even when they played on what I imagine was EU no one else had anything to say to back his claims up.
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  16. Jefferson added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 15th 2017   

    I feel like I need a spray bottle with water, or ideally something highly caustic, whenever you come around to just spritz you with.
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  17. Jefferson added a post in a topic Rerolled to warrior, need gear advice   

    Why did you change your avatar? Now I don't know who the ----- you are.
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  18. Jefferson added a post in a topic PSA: broken OP Warrior Bug   


    So which is it this week? Warrior or Valk?
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  19. Jefferson added a post in a topic question about log-in rewards   

    Family bound items are account bound. They can be transferred to any character on that account.
    You can put items in your storage at Velia for instance and collect them with another character.
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  20. Jefferson added a post in a topic How P2W / OP / WTF / [fav acronym] are Artisans Memories   

    An MMORPG has a completely different method of "hardcore" gaming, just as it is different in MOBAs and FPS games and Fighters or RTS games. You approach each differently and each of them has a unique way of maintaining a competitive edge. You're looking at an MMORPG like it is a MOBA or FPS or Fighting game when they are completely different genres of game from one another.
    Hardcore in an MMORPG is a different beast entirely to being hardcore in a MOBA. You go about each differently, if you've played a MOBA I'm sure you can attest to this. Not everyone who plays a MOBA is in the competitive brackets, and I would argue that those in the very top tier brackets are the ones being truly, truly hardcore and competitive which based on their popularity may actually be the "top 5%" and that especially reigns true for those who actually participate in the tournaments that are held for such games. Do you see 100% of the population in the Diamond, Master or Challenger ranks in League of Legends? No. 100% of the population is just given the -opportunity- to get there by putting in the effort for it, which I imagine entails a lot of ranked matches, being able to figure out the best builds to use during games with which champions, which champions to use on the team itself to get the best cohesion, having proper communication and knowing shorthand, knowing how to counterplay or counter build other builds for certain champions, etc. The same thing holds true for this game, just not in the exact same way, but the general idea still remains. 100% of the population is not at the very tip top which means no, they are not at the very tip of the competitive players in the game. Just as you have to work to getting there in a MOBA like League, or DOTA, you have to do so as appropriate within the genre with an MMORPG as well.
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  21. Jefferson added a post in a topic PVP PSA: Warrior Has Lingering Superarmor on Q-Guard   

    Giants are already tanky as it stands and Wizards have abilities that reduce damage on them a bit. If Super Armor gave any kind of damage reduction while it was active then Grave Digging while getting hit would hurt a hell of a lot less than it does.
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  22. Jefferson added a post in a topic How P2W / OP / WTF / [fav acronym] are Artisans Memories   

    This game isn't WoW. WoW actually built itself around catering to the more casual player which has helped it in sales and longevity "technically". Notice how interest in the game goes up when a new xpac is announced and releases and then a month later half the playerbase just peaces out of the game again because it is literally the same exact shit that made them stop playing.
    Keep in mind I'm not saying that this game can't support casual players, it does, but they have got to 100% understand their position and also understand that if they want to shift into the higher gear score PvP they need to work hard for it, just as the people who have that gear and levels now put forth time and effort to get there. There is a gap between the casual players and the more hardcore players and for some reason people who are casual in this game want to be given short easy roads to being at the exact same gear/level as those who take a more hardcore approach to this game and other games.
    You have to be willing to put in the time and effort to get to where these hardcore players are at, especially considering all the catch up tools they have now with the exp events, the accessory login boxes, the new, returning and loyal player events as well as the black stone events on top of the Olvia channels. New and returning players have access to so many things now that many who have been playing this game since the 4 day headstart did not have access to at all. This isn't me complaining about that, I'm honestly glad that they added such mechanics into the game, but players like you who ----- and moan and whine constantly need to appreciate the helping hand you've been given and actually use it rather than find excuses as to why you're slacking off or procrastinating. If you're RNG is being bad, trust me, we have all, and I mean all been there.
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  23. Jefferson added a post in a topic How P2W / OP / WTF / [fav acronym] are Artisans Memories   

    Told you this before young one, even the top 5% in gear and levels still have jobs, lives, families, etc that they attend to. Please stop being delusional, its bad for your mental health.
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  24. Jefferson added a post in a topic "new awakening" rumors from the taiwanese server   

    What epeen did I imply I cared about now? Certainly not mine.
    I'm not the one who is caring about my "epeen" here when you make comments like this on these forums:
    Oh boy, I'm for sure the one that cares about my own epeen. And golly gee, you definitely don't care what others think or say. Definitely not. Never gave off that vibe ever.
    I've said it before and I will say it again, you, yes specifically you, very clearly want this game to go the whole esports route and you want to be able to "show off" on some stream or participate in some tournament for money with the skill you consistently brag about having (which by the way no one here or on the Warrior forums or in the game itself has ever seen or heard of you outside of your silly posts on these forums and even then its only like 3-4 people who actually acknowledge your existence enough to tell you to go away). If esports is your goal then this isn't the game for you since you said it yourself you don't find it fun, so there is logically no point for you to continue playing it. There is nothing wrong with the game being the way it is, there is nothing wrong with it being an MMORPG first and not some esports MOBA/FPS/Fighter game; you just need to ultimately accept that this is not the place for what you want and move on. I've said this to you many times already, each and every time you seem to completely check out of the forums and then I see you appear again with some new silly post/thread. The MMORPG genre is very, very clearly not for you.
    Get over it.
    By the way, you've even said you want them to turn BDO into an esports game entirely basically just to fit your own tastes.
    So again...
    Get over it.
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  25. Jefferson added a post in a topic rerolling valk tipps and dips?   

    Weren't you the one that tried to say boss gear is bad and that you'd get more damage with a TRI green awakening weapon and that its better than a dandelion just simply because its cheaper?
    Embarrassing. Sorry, you don't actually know anything especially considering you thought Valk looked OP when you had a complete and total misunderstanding of the class.
    Also, top 5 classes in the game right now are Wizard, Witch, Giant, Ranger, Sorc (in that order). If you're playing a Witch and are doing terribly in PvE then maybe you shouldn't be running the crap green gear you think is so much better than boss gear "cuz cheaper".
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