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  1. Jefferson added a post in a topic "new awakening" rumors from the taiwanese server   

    Again Xaqq, why are you still here?
    Away with you.
    All you want is some MOBA/FPS style game that isn't an MMORPG and to "show off" yet you've completely refused to showcase any of this "immense skill" that you claim to have over others.
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  2. Jefferson added a post in a topic Warriors are op   

    Duels in the arena sure, or maybe some already agreed upon 1v1. However that still does not change the fact that out in the world of this particular game potting is going to be a thing that will happen and discrediting it isn't going to do anyone any favors. I never encouraged someone to pot during an already agreed upon no pot duel, those happen and its fine, but at the same time you can't discredit people who 1v1 with pots (both sides) since that is a much more accurate representation of probably 90% of the PvP in this game, the other probable 10% being no pot 1v1s.
    I'm not going to say you're wrong, but I will say that you need to understand that it is a constant aspect of the PvP whether you agree with it or not. And for me personally, I find it much more crucial to learning your class to land CC and chase to kill someone so they are unable to pot back up to full health. That doesn't make it a necessarily bad game mechanic, it just means there is an aspect to PvP that you need to be able to adapt to which usually involves learning how to keep up pressure and chain your CCs properly.
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  3. Jefferson added a post in a topic Warriors are op   

    Right, which is the point. Its kind of silly to bring up potting in a fight when that is a part of the majority of the PvP you will encounter in the game and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Thats all I was trying to point out.
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  4. Jefferson added a post in a topic Fun grinding at sausans in overcrowded channel   

    Get with the times!

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  5. Jefferson added a post in a topic Warriors are op   

    Like it or not but pots are a part of the PvP in this game. The no pot 1v1 duels in the arena aren't representative of the PvP you'll more frequently encounter in this game. Its extremely silly.
    Sure they can showcase skill to a degree but would you rather find out how much damage you do against someone not using pots, which is something you'll basically never run into out in the world, or would you rather see how you handle someone who is using pots since you will encounter that in grind spots, node wars, sieges, random ganks, RBF, and the arena that we will eventually get?
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  6. Jefferson added a post in a topic Fun grinding at sausans in overcrowded channel   

    Here he is:

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  7. Jefferson added a post in a topic Fun grinding at sausans in overcrowded channel   

    You know all we see from you usually is complaining. You have access to something people level 59/60+ would -----ing kill for, don't whine about it. With that 200% exp boost you likely have more options than just Sausans and Elrics to grind at to 56/57 and then you can move on to Pirates/Bashims/Bandits to get to 59. How you're not moved on from Sausans for exp by now, since exp is what those channels are for, is honestly staggering.
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  8. Jefferson added a post in a topic Tier 3 weapon reform stone   

    Not everyone was that lucky. I went through...a lot lol
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  9. Jefferson added a post in a topic Fix Musa and do a AP/DP rebalance already.   

    Just buy them. If you don't mind putting in the work grinding then you can easily enough get the money to buy your accessory upgrades rather than absolutely torture yourself and make yourself hate the game by RNGing it.
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  10. Jefferson added a post in a topic Tier 3 weapon reform stone   

    Its not more worth. People went through hundreds trying to ulti their gear before the Ultimate Stones came out, I know I did. Trust me, not more worth and there are no calculations on the chance. All we know is they just mostly fail. If you're trying to do something with them to make a profit you're also wasting your time there. Many, many, many other things you could be doing with your workers to make probably 5x (just spitballing that) whatever you think that could make you.
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  11. Jefferson added a post in a topic Fix Musa and do a AP/DP rebalance already.   

    From what I came to understand about the Musa, and potentially by extension the Maehwa, is that you need to run more accuracy focused setups than most other classes. Well after Musa got their awakening I fought a guildie who is not at all a terrible player and who was actually more geared than me and he had a difficult time even hitting me while I was CC'd. His AP just didn't seem to be doing anything and at the time I had in the 265 range for DP and was not stacking evasion. Then once he grabbed up some TET red corals and a TRI tree spirit belt his damage just soared.
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  12. Jefferson added a post in a topic Tier 3 weapon reform stone   

    Don't use them. Use the Ultimate Weapon Reform Stones, they give you a 100% guarenteed yellow upgrade from green or blue. The grade 3 ones are way too RNG.
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  13. Jefferson added a post in a topic Warriors are op   

    So what I'm understanding is you apparently have 244 AP yet still have an issue, somehow, melting through a Warrior's block which is easily melted with 220+ AP so it should present little issue for you but now you shift your argument to Warrior's damaging you while you dash.
    I'm going to reiterate on my previous point I made, something of which I think you either didn't notice or you ignored my post; You need to learn to fight Warriors. I am going to chalk this up to player incompetence, or maybe lying about their gear score. Seeing as those who do have 220+ AP, especially in the 240+ range, have no issues melting through Warrior blocks with their damage as well as you for some reason being silly enough to dash through a Warrior's attacks rather than bait and react as you should when they are vulnerable, which is fairly often especially if you break their block.
    That would be like a Warrior dashing through any of a Wizard's/Witch's AoE damage, or a Giant's ulti/Devastation, or a valk's Wave of Light (vaccuum), or a Maehwa's Petal Drill, or a Musa's Foul Play, or another Warrior's Grave Digging, or a Sorcs ball/Violation, or a Tamer's pet CC, or a Ninja's Katana Shower or a Kuno's Spin Spree, or a Ranger's Wailing Wind.
    Acknowledge that you're not some sort of "God's gift to PvP" and work on how you take on fighting Warriors, especially if you're being silly enough to dash into their attacks, because absolutely anyone who is competent at PvP would look at that and tell you that you're being incompetent and that you literally got yourself killed.
    I think you need to get a grip more than anyone else here.
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  14. Jefferson added a post in a topic Warrior new back from very long break, Gearing help?   

    May want to shift your focus to Sausans. Much more money, especially if you get the node level to 10 also probably the best for getting to level 56.
    Gear wise you're fine with using Grunil, you will want to get it to Ulti (yellow grade) with Ultimate Armor Reform Stones. Get it all to +15 and then work on PRI/DUO/TRI. But for sure at 56 you want to get your greatsword higher as a priority as that will help your grinding significantly.
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  15. Jefferson added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    Why are you still here? Go away.
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  16. Jefferson added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    Every month you find something new to post on the forums to complain about.
    Large scale PvP is about accounting for the fact that a number of Witches/Wizards are very likely on the enemy side and you should react accordingly. If your guild/group isn't doing that then you're the ones at fault, not the class. Also don't bring up that this happened in RBF. RBF is not an indication of anything other than an absolute mess of a "PvP mode" that shouldn't be used as a scale or indication of anything. Its a glorified whack-a-mole.

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  17. Jefferson added a post in a topic Dicision help: Tet Ult vs Tri Dande   

    Dandelion. Always.
    Not even a debate. Its the best in slot weapon. If you can get the TRI dande now then do it, you won't have to worry about getting the Dande later.
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  18. Jefferson added a post in a topic Warriors are op   

    Warrior isn't even considered in the top 3 anymore on KR, not even the top 5 from what I've learned (Dark Knight may even be fitting into the top 5 though the jury is still out on that). It goes Wizard, Witch, Giant, Ranger, Sorc. Though Warrior kind of equals out with Sorc and Ranger, kind of interchangeable on the top 5 but it for sure has fallen since other awakenings released. It used to be top 3 for a good bit of time and as far as lower tier PvP goes (basically PvP involving those with less than 220+ AP) yes it is going to decimate. Warrior doesn't need a lot of AP to melt lower geared people even while having similar gear, this we know from experience especially since people below 220 AP do not have nearly enough to melt Warrior block unless a Warrior is stacking up DP like a madman. So at a lower level yeah it is easier to do well with but that doesn't mean it is an easy to master class. People could whine about the same with Wizard, Witch, Sorc, Giant, and Ranger aka the other classes that sit firmly in the top 5.
    The worst thing you can do is have as immense of an ego as you are showing you have. Someone beat you, yes maybe a certain class beats you more consistently than others, maybe that is an indication that you need to improve vs that class or your gear is suffering, or that Warrior was just simply better than you. Everyone runs into that, moaning and groaning about it isn't going to help your situation. You practicing, getting better gear or acknowledging that, oh my goodness, someone might be better than you in PvP is going to help your situation and your outlook for sure.
    Get over yourself and try and improve your skills. Thats it.
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  19. Jefferson added a post in a topic So the moon became a floating island with a city on it... Huh...   

    Its a sign.
    Go towards the light.
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  20. Jefferson added a post in a topic Warrior skills build + addons   

    Focus on getting greatsword skills.
    Should look something like this for your level:
    Your priority should be getting to 59 so you can max out Grave Digging and get Reckless Blow.
    As for addons get Pain Damage and Attack against Monsters +30 on Grave Digging. At 58 you should grab Attack Speed +10%(self) and Movement Speed -10%(target) on Solar Flare or Defense +10 for extra DP, which I suggest the movement speed reduction on the chance that you encounter PvP you will be using Solar Flare as one of your primary engagement skills. The critical hit rate isn't all that helpful, some people make the claim of "Oh, it can help my non-100% crit chance abilities crit" but thats a load of crap since the abilities you're hurting with are all 100% crit chance and its just a wasted addon slot if you throw crit in there, in my own opinion at least.
    Sword and shield you can put Attack against Monsters +20 and recover 10 HP per hit on Ground Roar (which you can choose to max this skill out in your skill window if you want). The rest you can basically do what you want with, the pre-awakened abilities don't get used very often especially not in PvE .
    Was very hard for me not to suggest PvP oriented addons since you are going to run into PvP while grinding, but you wanted PvE focused so this is PvE focused.
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  21. Jefferson added a post in a topic This game is p2w but only for 1-5% of population   

    Stated this in response to similar posts about this.
    There are many, many, many, many, many people in the top guilds who are in the top "5%" when it comes to gear that all have jobs, friends, family, lives, etc. Keep that in mind.
    Also keep in mind that this game is not some competitive esport game like a MOBA or FPS. It is an MMORPG first and foremost meaning it has a completely different method of being competitive. The same holds true for any MOBA or FPS. There are methods of being competitive in those other genres that completely contrast the other. It is getting very, very tiring to have to see the same silly people complain about the game "not being competitive" when they simply just aren't accepting that this is an MMORPG not a MOBA, not an FPS and as such being competitive is done a completely different way.
    Get. Over. It.
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  22. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    All of what you are saying is completely subjective to one individual person's tastes. You see these things one way others see them another. You're welcome to have suggestions and ideas, but what you should always remember is that if the game doesn't fit your particular tastes then it likely isn't for you. There is no reason to try and force yourself to play it for whatever reasons you make for yourself as to why you want to play.
    BDO simply doesn't have any semblance of a competitive circuit or mechanic, it functions as an MMORPG as they have for years and pushed a lot of graphical and depth boundaries that we haven't seen in a long time, if ever, and made an amazing combat system to boot that I feel other MMORPGs could potentially learn from and adopt in some ways in the future. Fact of the matter is that BDO, as an MMORPG, is not a game that supports competitive esports. Could it? Maybe. Will it? We don't know. However your suggestion as to how to achieve that would not bring about that change, it would legitimately only make things worse and add in a severe Pay 2 Win element.
    Blade and Soul built its system around the idea of those arenas, that was a part of the game likely from its initial inception and was very likely intended to get involved in esports. BDO wasn't built around that. It was built around having a persistent open world with a very in-depth and broad crafting system "life skills" along with combat that made fighting very fun and a PvP system that focuses on fighting large scale battles to conquer nodes and territories.
    If you want to play BDO competitively you're going to have to accept the realities of how you get to that point. If that isn't for you then this isn't the type of game for you. Again, nothing wrong with that but you can't keep trying to change a game completely just based on your own personal tastes and desires. Thats why I don't play WoW, thats why I don't play TERA, thats why I don't play many, many games even within this same genre. I don't go onto their forums and try to suggest drastic changes to a cash shop or try to explain why they should implement some mechanic that is completely not viable within the game itself and how it functions.
    This is something designed by other people to appeal to a certain audience, it has attracted quite the following all on its own just from what it is, its very popular in KR mind you and is rather popular here in the west still. What you are suggesting would not at all help the game, and the only reason I know that is based upon what we currently know about how they have approached adding things to the cash shop. They didn't, and as far as we know still don't, want to add Valk's Cry/Valk's Advice to the cash shop in our version of the game (these items can give you up to 100 failstacks) because they felt they would be very Pay to Win. There is no reason to believe that they would see adding BiS items to the cash shop as helpful to our version of the game just based on that.
    Again, I understand what you are saying but you have to start understanding that no matter how hard you want to believe it or how hard you want it to be, BDO may not be the kind of game for you if you simply want it to be some MOBA/FPS kind of esport game you seem to be looking for.
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  23. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    Because I play with them daily, and have played with them since launch (since 4 day headstart). There is such a thing as talking to people on teamspeak, and Discord and other outlets. I also never said they were streamers, some have streamed a bit but that isn't their job. Also don't discount streaming, its a form of entertainment and there is a measure of work involved to making videos and maintaining ones relevancy in the streaming/youtube community. Just because you don't understand it doesn't invalidate it as a job. Video editing is work, as well.
    Like I said, all you're doing is making assumptions and they are completely wrong assumptions. Also as I mentioned before, I understand why but that doesn't make you right, especially since you are very clearly lacking any relevant information pertaining to the subject. All you have is your outside perspective.
    If you play more casually, as has been expressed in this thread already, then there is a measure of personal responsibility you need to take for yourself to understand the reality of that. You're going to get outgeared by people that play more hardcore than you, that doesn't make them horrible people that neglect their families or their lives, they just approach the game differently than you. Not a bad thing, but its just not your thing. No harm in that.
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  24. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    Oh, then that's not too bad. Sure failing it several times is a ----- but thats a lot better than the actual TET roulette. People who warned me against that are the ones who did that and they, as I stated before, do not share your mindset. Though there was for sure no shortage of salt, but they moved beyond it now.
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  25. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    I know many that have done the TET roulette, they actually advise against the roulette (which I assume by the TET roulette you mean trying to TET several pieces of your gear and possibly fail several all in sequence) and suggest to just go for one piece at a time. Less soul-crushing. They don't have this mindset that you have.
    Amended my post prior to yours to better reflect what I was talking about. Read it again.
    They don't neglect them, so like I said you shouldn't make those kinds of assumptions.
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