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  1. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    To burst your bubble a little, a vast majority of the people in the top guilds as well as the most geared people in the game...all have jobs, friends, family, etc. And no that doesn't mean they ignore them, they just do things with their time in-game.
    Should never make these kinds of assumptions. Never. They are usually horribly untrue, but I understand they help you justify why you got melted when you were ganked that one time.
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  2. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    I completely understand the probability aspect of it, its there but there is no way to know to what extent it is being used or abused so making the assumption that it is being abused doesn't exactly help and simply perpetuates something that we have no idea is a problem or if it isn't a problem. Until we have any of that information its absolutely unnecessary to constantly go around making posts about it. What does that accomplish? Raise awareness? Raise awareness of what? That we don't actually know if it is being abused or if it isn't being abused?
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  3. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    As far as we know, any of the TETs going up on the marketplace might not even be from someone having used Artisan Memories, that isn't an assumption we can make because we don't have the information to back it up at all.
    RNG is the biggest consideration you have to account for in this game and I'd hardly call the Artisan's Memories abuse-able considering we completely lack the information to back up that sort of assumption. Could they be? Maybe. But again we have absolutely no information that supports that they are being used this way because we can't at all prove that any high end gear being listed was acquired from using them.
    I understand the idea but currently its not something I would say warrants such an exaggerated stance to bring up every five seconds on the forums. Until there is proof enough to support it then I'd say fire at will but as it stands its not provable unless you want to spam megaphones in-game to grill the entirety of the NA/EU servers as to who listed what and if they used Artisan's Memories or not which even then you have to account for the variables of people trolling you, people not even bothering to respond, as well as those who maybe just used like...two of them.
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  4. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    Honestly at this point Artisan's Memories are whatever. They are not a big deal, at least in my eyes. They have not at all affected my fun with the game and if they honestly made that much of an impact to make them a big time "pay 2 win" element then we'd be seeing much more ridiculousness but the reality is upgrades are locked behind an RNG wall or a silver wall both of which pretty much negate the whole "p2w" thing in my opinion.
    Could buy $1000 worth of Artisan's Memories, could still fail each and every attempt towards TET you make.
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  5. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    Right, sure, I know. There are such MMORPGs, BDO is not one of them which is entirely fine. Also the business model is fine, you literally just over-exaggerate it immensely. Not sure why, but I mostly chalk it up to you just having fallen behind in gear/level quite significantly due to possible lack of effort/time put in. 
    I've seen that sort of mindset a lot from people and honestly I get it but at the same time it isn't necessarily one fit for an MMORPG. Putting any sort of BiS gear on the cash shop would 100% make it a Pay2Win game simply because they wouldn't need to spend any amount of time or effort, even if it is RNG related, to getting that gear. It isn't even all that hard to do to begin with in the game itself and you can bypass the RNG by simply getting silver and buying the gear off the marketplace. That does, however, require grinding or potatoing with lifeskills enough to where you get the money to do that, on top of any gain you see from the attendance rewards which can sometimes be very helpful.
    If you're unable to put the time in for that then that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you want to PvP in the higher tiers (I.E sieges and node wars) then its crucial to put in that time and there is nothing wrong with that kind of mechanic being required in an MMORPG, but if you can't then thats just the reality you have to accept for yourself. Nothing wrong with it, but its very clear you may not have the interest or the time to do so.
    Playing at a competitive level varies between genre to genre. MOBAs function completely differently to FPS games just as MMORPGs function completely differently to both of those. There are simply just differing ways between the genres that one takes to play at the competitive level respective to that genre.
    Individuals trying to shoehorn some sort of esport idea or mechanic into MMORPGs is kind of what has lead to the genre fading in the western market. This is why people turn their attention to KR/CN/JP produced MMORPGs because they are the only ones actually trying to progress the genre. We had EQN, but that went belly up, Crowfall is coming as well as Chronicles of Elyria but ultimately the west doesn't have much. Also Star Citizen is a ways off, and its also more of a complete sandbox game than your typical MMORPG.
    Ultimately I think you may want to just reevaluate the kind of game you want to play, MMORPGs may be something you should consider just playing completely casually or shift from them completely. Ultimately its your choice, all that can be asked is that you be objective about it rather than suggest something to try and sway a developer to change its game based upon your specific tastes.
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  6. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    Its an MMORPG, not DOTA.
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  7. Jefferson added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    That is kind of entirely the point of their post. You've grown out of that so the MMORPG genre is just not something that can facilitate your tastes. There is a reason that there are varying video game genres out there and their popularity and the people that play them varies as well. I used to exclusively play FPS games, then I got very much into MMORPGs I still enjoy FPS games but I recognize that I'll never put the kind of time or effort I put into them that I used to.
    Tastes can shift over time, especially due to your availability and the evolution of video games themselves. MMORPGs may not be something you enjoy now and trying to turn them into something they aren't isn't going to fix anything for you nor is it going to help the genre, it also just incites a lot of conflict.
    The worst thing you can do is suggest or demand the implementation of a system that would wholeheartedly promote and facilitate Pay to Win simply to accommodate your specific tastes or to accommodate the amount of time you specifically want to invest into the game. I wouldn't tell CS:GO to go and add scaling and upgrade-able stats to their weapons along with adding an entirely open world for leveling and gear progression to facilitate my specific tastes, that also wouldn't be helpful to the game at all.
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  8. Jefferson added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    Using ult ss in your combo can also potentially just one combo them, it's also no slower than the gs ult, I'd argue that it's a bit faster even. Not to mention there is no protection in your gs ult either so that's a rather moot point. Keep in mind this is for mostly just 1v1s and small fights not things like node wars or sieges. It's a situational option.
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  9. Jefferson added a post in a topic Leveling at 51   

    Then you need to work on your gear. If things are really that bad then try your hand at Helms or Manes. Might be a little easier, your biggest obstacle is your gear so you need to get that upgraded asap.
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  10. Jefferson added a post in a topic Leveling at 51   

    Elrics and then onto Sausans. Should also for sure work on getting a lot more AP.
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  11. Jefferson added a post in a topic Naming 'rules' (New player)   

    Family name is basically like your Account ID. Every character will be associated under that one family name.
    You can't use spaces in your names but you can use _ between the names you input. Also no if a name is already taken it is taken, it doesn't matter if its under a different family name.
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  12. Jefferson added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    If any of them are spamming it, sure, however if you see a KR warrior hit someone with 100% ss then thats actually a legitimate work in to a combo, at least in 1v1s.
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  13. Jefferson added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    Thats called priorities.
    Pay for food so you can live or ----- and moan about not being able to buy something on a video game.
    Choices, choices, choices.
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  14. Jefferson added a post in a topic Axion shield?   

    Vangertz over Axion. Axion is trash.
    If you wanted more AP from an offhand you're better off with a Kutum since it still has some accuracy, also better off with a Nouver, you'll just have to pair those with TRI/TET Red Coral Earrings.
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  15. Jefferson added a post in a topic Mediah Liberation   

    Because you can do the same thing, Arke. Pls bby. y u suk? :^)
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  16. Jefferson added a post in a topic New PvP map   

    Guilds take multiple nodes each week because they don't pay out nearly as much as a territory, also having two tier 3 nodes allows access to certain things that are advantageous for building to take a territory on a Saturday.
    KR had released some form of faction type system at one point, uncertain if it was just something that happened early on, was just some event or if the system is even still in place. So we may see that at some point, would be nice.
    The suggestion is okay, but it takes far, far too much inspiration from RF Online, as you said yourself which means such a system may not even work in a game like BDO. Not to mention they are changing sieges/node wars mechanics on a rather regular basis so things may get to a point where guilds that own a territory don't need to skip over to a node war guild just go get PvP during the week.
    Also, and I should have prefaced this at the start, do you participate in Node Wars/Sieges at all?
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  17. Jefferson added a post in a topic Warrior Class Survey   


    Definitely never streamed.
    Unless you mean as an Esport game, with world championship tournaments and grand prizes. In which case no, it isn't. Game doesn't work like that. You need to understand that. Some MMORPGs have systems like that. BDO doesn't right now, it may never. Who knows. Let it go. Move on.
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  18. Jefferson added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    Become serious what? Esports? Is that where you, specifically, wish for the game to go? In an MMORPG gear is always a factor and yes this game is "just an MMORPG" not anything more than it was designed as. Not what you see it as but just what it is.
    Also I never said you needed to no life, I never said or implied or even remotely care if my gear on BDO does or does not matter outside of the game itself. We are talking about a game here, a fact you consistently bring up while trying to make whatever silly point you concoct in your brain at the time. 
    MMMORPGs also don't seem to be your thing based on your list of games you presented. Which is entirely fine, no one can fault you for liking the genre of games you prefer. I don't. But what I will do is call you out for being the partronizing delusional individual that you constantly present yourself as on these forums.
    We get it. You don't like gear in video games that even remotely give stat values. Clearly you need to move on and find another game and play the ones you already play. MMORPGs gauge skill and competitiveness differently than the games you like.
    Get. Over. It.
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  19. Jefferson added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    Right? Just blowing smoke as usual, and still doesn't actually know anything about the class he claims to be such a pro at.
    Did anyone else notice how much of the stupid left these forums when Xaqq stopped posting?
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  20. Jefferson added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    You still, still, continue to bring these silly "points" or "arguments" whenever you post that you "know what you are doing" or that you "are just better than everyone else" yet at every turn you do not show any degree of actual insight into the class itself on top of not being able to adapt to any changes but you would rather complain and make excuses or try to make people adhere to your qualifications of "PvP" in your potless arena 1v1s and trying to "match" gear because you're too lazy to improve yours even though you're playing an MMORPG, not a MOBA or FPS.
    Right now yeah Warrior can be a bit bland due to having very little filler aside from our main damage skills, honestly it wasn't all that different with sword and shield. What did we really use for our damage? SS? Thats it. Oh, maybe Scars but...not really. The combo was long, drawn out and not rewarding in the slightest. You would understand this if you had even remotely bothered to go outside of your little arena and participate in the PvP you run into far, far more often than arena 1v1s. 
    Also every class gets the shit end of the stick with being a target for "-----ing" at one point or another. Warrior isn't necessarily special in that regard, but people do point it out more with their complaints since it was first to get its awakening and as such irritated a lot of people prior to them ever getting their awakening. It created a bit of a stigma.
    Many people still enjoy Warrior and while it can be a little bland compared to the complexity of other classes and as such it kind of creates confusion in people who don't actually know what the class can do. People assume we have these obscene amounts of Super Armor when we don't, they assume our block is unbreakable when it isn't, they assume they can't counterplay when it is ultimately them being salty and not accepting the slightest inkling that, oh my, they may not be as good as they thought.
    Also in my eyes, based on the severe lack of dumb I've seen in the Warrior forums since we got our Awakening, I'd say the class is in a pretty good spot. Though to be fair...most of that dumb left with you. I preferred when you didn't post. This forum actually had some intelligent discussion when you were gone. Go away again.
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  21. Jefferson added a post in a topic BiS for pvp Warrior   

    Because no matter how much grapple resist you run, a Giant is still going to grab you because they are running with a Kutum plus Ignore resist gems. There is no reason to run resistances because they get completely negated due to how frequently abilities with CC hit on top of any amount of Resist Ignore someone runs.
    Also as Burhead said, go ahead and stack grapple resist so you'll now just get CC'd by something else. Yes we have super armor on -3- abilities, one of which only gives it when charging.
    Just don't both with stacking grapple resist, its a very, very, very situational stat probably only reserved for 1v1s and even then its silly because as I stated previously, a Giant is going to grab you anyway.
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  22. Jefferson added a post in a topic Skill % x hits damage only knowledge with a source please   

    There aren't really any sources for this information other than what we see ingame. People should understand that already especially since you can test it yourself.
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  23. Jefferson added a post in a topic BiS for pvp Warrior   

    With 2 tungrade I can see that sure maybe, but with the way it works currently it doesn't make that big of a difference. Even with 2 equipped. It just makes it so after you actually use you ulti you go back to 10% or 20% rage if you have 2. In a larger scale fight that doesn't exactly change much. You accumulate rage pretty fast already in sieges and node wars. If we had the necklace as well then I'd say yes, but as it stands right now I would personally take a RCE over a tungrade due to evasion currently being the big thing so the accuracy is going to help more.
    Though for sure the tungrade AP scaling starts higher than other earrings so that'll be something to consider in the future but it's just not worth it right now imo 
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  24. Jefferson added a post in a topic Returning to game after a long break   

    Yes they have for Sausans and Elric Shrine, likely a few others. Pirate Bandanas remain unchanged as far as I know.
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  25. Jefferson added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    Wizard without 100%:
    Wizard with 100%:

    Felt this was appropriate.
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