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  1. Jefferson added a post in a topic First "Real" PvP Experience (Wtb pro tips/feedback)   

    Thats why I talked about both. You can either run with 2x TRI/TET Red Coral Earrings with the Kutum or you can use Vangertz with Witch's/Whale Earrings. It depends on what is within your wheelhouse resources wise. The cheaper option is likely to go for the Vangertz with the Witch's/Whales as those earrings can compensate just a tiny bit for the loss in AP with Vangertz, sure it will have accuracy but that accuracy is nothing without AP. However at the end of the day, especially if my information on Kutum getting an accuracy boost eventually (just what I've heard) like it did on KR then Kutum may be more of a long term choice to shoot for ASAP over the Vangertz.
    With the way the meta is currently, where Evasion seems to make a big difference in fights in terms of survival, it can be a bit of a balancing act gear wise.
    I also personally like the idea of the Resist Ignore on Kutum (30% if you use 2x precision gems on your mainhand) alongside the accuracy from 2x Red Coral Earrings. Pretty much negates resistances, especially if people don't have them stacked up. And no one is stopping you from just having all three (Nouver, Kutum and Vangertz) on you.
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  2. Jefferson added a post in a topic First "Real" PvP Experience (Wtb pro tips/feedback)   

    Agreed. Painful. Ow.
    You don't know how to engage/initiate, you're barely swapping, you don't take advantage of any of your CCs and that Musa seemed completely disinterested in you, didn't feel at all threatened, didn't want to PvP or was just very, very bad.
    Yeah, gummy should help you.
    Also get rid of the Axion, that within itself hurts. Gear wise, get the Dande, get a Kutum. You don't have the DP to warrant Nouver right now, you'd be waaaay too squishy. That also depend son whwat other armor you have besides Bhegs. Muskans should be another priority for you.
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  3. Jefferson added a post in a topic 300 days played, gear so far.   

    Yeah. Because you can get that in less time than 300 days.
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  4. Jefferson added a post in a topic BiS for pvp Warrior   

    Until there is a change to the current "higher tier" meta, you're going to want 2x TRI/TET Red Coral Earrings for the accuracy. The rest should be straight AP focus with 2x Crescent Rings, Basilisk Belt (or Tree Spirit Belt), and Ogre Ring/Laytenn. Also it is up for preference when it comes to Nouver or Kutum, Vangertz is also considered still due to the accuracy scaling on it which we may see an increase in the Kutum's accuracy at some point. If you use a Vangertz you can maybe get away with not using Red Coral Earrings since they don't give as much AP as Tungrade or Whale/Witch's and the Vangertz -may- compensate for the accuracy itself.
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  5. Jefferson added a post in a topic How's my gear?   

    Your armor choices are...poor. You definitely want to invest in some Grunil or Heve (Heve may be better prior to getting Boss Armor since you won't break the set bonuses). So either buy them at +15 or PRI if you can manage it or just start them from scratch. 
    I'd recommend getting your armor and weapons to DUO/TRI before you do anything with accessories. That is your priority. You also for sure want to heavily grind sausans so you can build up a lot of silver. Worry about accessories later since yes they help, but you're going to get larger gains for less risk with your Armor and weapons as they are now rather than potentially lose the accessories you do have, especially if you have no backups or are having difficulty failstacking.
    Grinding out silver at sausans is going to make a big difference for your gear progression. If you can grab main rotation solo then do so, or you can try to get a group going for it to better hold it down. PRI marks are pretty cheap, and PRI witch's aren't all that bad in price either so you can likely just buy your accessory upgrades if you grind enough.
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  6. Jefferson added a post in a topic What to do with my Liverto +10   

    No you're fine. You want the Liverto over the Yuria.
    Get the Liverto to +15.
    Forget the Yuria, its trash.
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  7. Jefferson added a post in a topic Back in the game after 8 months, help me :D   

    Shoot for Liverto if you don't think you can grab a Kzarka off the night vendor/kzarka world boss/preorder off the marketplace. The accuracy gain from it over Yuria on top of the AP is worth it enough (Yuria accuracy scaling is absolute trash). Also any AP from the main weapon is only hidden AP for awakening, mostly the benefit is just the accuracy bonus and the crystals.
    Just make sure to get your greatsword to at least DUO/TRI unless you get a Dandelion before that since you'll want to put all your resources into that. Sausans grinding should net you enough money to do more than enough with your gear.
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  8. Jefferson added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    You running hybrid accessories or DP accessories?
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  9. Jefferson added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    Yes, TRI is about average gear which by no means makes 283 DP "quite low" but also you have yet to hit that sort of "milestone" with your AP that allows you to melt through block. Once you hit 220+ you should have a much easier time melting block. Warriors sitting at 300+ DP are in TET boss armor, my friend. That is including TET Kutum. Now that isn't accounting for possible hybrid accessories, but they typically sacrifice AP by using them.
    Also if they are using Nouver, for instance, even with full TET boss gear a warrior will only hit 283~ or so DP.
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  10. Jefferson added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    Honestly you might be better off with Nouver, the flat AP will help you melt blocks with no issue.
    Also 283 DP isn't exactly "quite low" on a Warrior, or anyone for that matter, especially if running an AP setup which is exactly what any intelligent person does on this game. Unless he is sitting on full TET boss armor 283 isn't "low" its full TRI boss armor with a TRI Kutum.
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  11. Jefferson added a post in a topic Queen's Kuno Awakening tl;dr (WIP)   

    Health training should give WP for everyone, does on my Warrior and it does on my Musa.
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  12. Jefferson added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    Wizard has gotten a hell of a lot better since its awakening released, so much so that I honestly think they can more than easily handle your average Warrior. The heal off of Pulverize > Tempest can typically be very situational and usually only worthwhile on groups of players/mobs should you find an opening, but should you find that similar opening on players you're better off using Grave Digging/Slashing the Dead to put damage and CC on the group rather than heal off of them unless those skills are on CD.
    Also if you think Warrior is "too fast" or "faster than other classes" then you're very mistaken. First off the dash has a 2 second CD iframe, which means it is not spammable and it is also not nearly as fast as the musa/maehwa dash. Secondly every single class that has been awakened, which is all of them now, has had its mobility significantly increased with their new weapons. Some of them stayed relatively the same but others did get much better mobility than they had. Warrior got their dash, Valkyrie has some more longer distance mobility, Wizard/Witch now have double teleport and a lot more super armor tied to their attacks, Giant has always been pretty mobile but got more of it with their cannon movement, and the list goes on and on.
    If you're finding that you can't keep up with a warrior because it is "very fast paced" then I think you need to start upping your own game to try and keep up. Cast times or no, I've seen plenty of wizards/witches play plenty fast paced enough to be on par with other classes, especially now with their awakening.
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  13. Jefferson added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    Knowing what your exactly AP is would help, and what your accuracy is opposed to whatever Evasion he might have built up.
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  14. Jefferson added a post in a topic pvp problems: Grab engaging - the worst mechanic post-awakening   

    And this is why I hardly ever take your complaints seriously.
    Whatever reasoning is presented, no matter how plausible or possible, you just chalk it up to "trolling" just on the off chance you might actually be wrong in your reasoning or presented "solution" for the "problem".
    Its just salt inspired reasoning, its not reasonable, its not intelligent, its just an emotional response in the moment which very rarely results in rational or objective thought. They are just never willing to admit that fault so...*shrug* It's like people don't understand that its okay for your opinion to change based upon a different perspective or gaining a better understanding, or even calming down from whatever salt fueled rage they've gotten carried away with.
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  15. Jefferson added a post in a topic pvp problems: Grab engaging - the worst mechanic post-awakening   

    No I never said you sat there after you dodged, you sat there when he engaged. Your disengage was delayed. That is what I'm pointing out. You're exaggerating a situation where it was simply human error on your part due to delayed reaction or lack of awareness of the incoming engage.
    Just because I'm disputing whatever degree of skill you have, which I'm sure isn't low or mid-tier I'm not saying you're bad or terrible, doesn't mean I'm wrong. You're human, you make mistakes in the midst of these fights I'm sure and desync certainly doesn't help those situations ever. One mistake in a fight and then desync happens and its just RIP.
    I'm not saying desync isn't an issue, it is and I've said that already numerous times, but there are also circumstances, as I saw in that clip, where you had a delayed reaction or simply weren't fully aware of what was going on until the grab went out, that might actually be a more consistent possibility than you might be willing to admit or just acknowledge at all.
    I'm aware the desync is the issue, I'm saying they can't blame it solely on the grab mechanic itself nor should they try to shoehorn an idea that the entire mechanic itself needs to be reworked specifically around desync being present in the game. 
    The desync needs to be fixed, I think that is something we can all agree with. It isn't Super Armor, it isn't grabs, it isn't dashes, its literally the desync that is a large contributor to a large number of gameplay annoyances and irritations.
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  16. Jefferson added a post in a topic pvp problems: Grab engaging - the worst mechanic post-awakening   

    I never said you were reckless because you play a melee class, I'm saying you're reckless because you over extend. I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to dodge grabs or that you are incapable of it, I'm saying that in a larger scale scenario, desync or not, a grab is likely going to happen to you (or some other form of CC). I saw your clip and yeah you did get desync'd into a grab, but you did see that Giant coming he was on your screen very visibly, at least I hope you saw him, and you were also initially standing "still" in the center of 2-3 others. The giant also did not "grab engage" he engaged with ground lifting and then swapped to grab, which again yes you desync'd into the grab.
    In that specific scenario you could have disengaged to put some distance between you and the giant earlier and still gotten damage off onto the others involved in the fray and then either disengaged from the giant entirely or started properly kiting him to avoid further grabs. So yes I would call that reckless because you sat there when a giant engaged on you and his initial CC from Ground Lifting didn't even land which gave you more than enough time beforehand to disengage and avoid that scenario entirely, but for some reason there was hesitation.
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  17. Jefferson added a post in a topic pvp problems: Grab engaging - the worst mechanic post-awakening   

    It's actually more realistic to fix the desync than it is to completely rework an entire game mechanic around a net code/server issue. Being so submerged in salt as you are constantly doesn't exactly allow for a clear perspective on these things.
    As I said before, the issue is the desync. Not grab engages, not grabs in general. They would more than certainly still happen to you even if the desync was fixed. Why? Probably because in rbf you probably yolo dive when you shouldn't. Or in node wars/sieges you over extend into the enemy. I would legitimately chalk it up to you just being way too reckless.
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  18. Jefferson added a post in a topic pvp problems: Grab engaging - the worst mechanic post-awakening   

    Except an equal argument can also be made on the opposite side; where people CONSISTENTLY desync OUT of grabs. And that can typically mess up an entire combo or leave the individual open to get screwed in the fight.
    I think the issue isn't the grab mechanic it is literally just the desync. Which I know you very clearly agree with.
    I imagine, honestly HOPE would be better, that you would finally SHUT UP if they got rid of desync.
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  19. Jefferson added a post in a topic Nouver tomorrow   

    Resistances are worthless. KR players haven't bothered stacking them for a long time for a good reason. Also Kutum will still be better for other classes, like Giant, which means even with the 10% resistances from Nouver that Giant is still going to grab you. Everyone else will also still CC you no matter what.
    Also don't forget you lose accuracy with Nouver. Big thing to consider for certain classes.
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  20. Jefferson added a post in a topic AP / DP required for efficient Pirate Farming.   

    You should be fine for grinding them solo on Mountain rotation, you won't have a terribly fast clear speed but you'll be fine. It's also just much, much better exp than Sausans for getting to 57 and beyond. You'll likely be at pirates with your gear score until 60 for leveling purposes. You'll want to stock up on some extra boats, and make sure you have Velia connected to Pirates or Epheria connected to Pirates (so you can take advantage of turning in coins to the Trade Manager).
    You'll still net some pretty decent money from pirates grinding, so don't worry about that.
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  21. Jefferson added a post in a topic Returning Warrior: Gear Upgrade Tips   

    Nouver is releasing with tomorrow's patch.
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  22. Jefferson added a post in a topic I just can't decide. Help me! >_<   

    Well that isn't necessarily true.
    Musa tends to fill more of an "Assassin" role, being able to dive in quickly and land a lot of damage then quickly retreat. In 1v1's it can be a little tricky to land CCs with all of the super armor and its worst matchup is anything with shield (Warrior/Valk). In 1v1s it very much comes down to timing and not getting baited into a CC. Also Musa needs to stack more accuracy based on what I've experienced, that is how they are going to hit extremely hard since you should assume your opponent is running at least some Evasion.
    Warrior is more of a brawler. It can be tanky in certain circumstances, unless someone is running 220+ AP then your block will typically just melt instantly and be useless. But it's biggest asset in a fight is the AoE damage that it can throw out that tacks on some devastating CCs combined with a grab. In 1v1s Warrior does tend to come out on top vs most classes due to the block, but as I stated before should someone be running enough AP that block doesn't mean much of anything and will need to be used more sparingly and not be completely relied on.
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  23. Jefferson added a post in a topic I just can't decide. Help me! >_<   

    Yes, triggered. When you see that sort of thing as a consistent misconception about the class it gets a little irritating. Wasn't meant to be nasty, just being blunt, and also abrasive.
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  24. Jefferson added a post in a topic I just can't decide. Help me! >_<   

    Please for the love of -----ing god do not be misleading. What I highlighted in your post; that is not true. Warriors have super armor on Grave Digging, Slashing the Dead and Reckless Blow. That's it. 3 skills, not most and not all. 
    Bugs the hell out of me when people say this shit.
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  25. Jefferson added a post in a topic Pay2Win = NO!   

    Wow, okay, yeah I needed that laugh.
    Full TRI Grunil armor in 3 weeks = Pay2Win. Okay buddy. You're funny.
    You keep trying to reach like that and you're going to pull something.
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