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  1. Doky added a topic in General   

    Heidel Tenkaichi Tournament
    On the server Croxus i organize every day a pvp tournament. Based on the Dragon Ball tournaments.
    Join the ultimate fight to prove others who is the best pvp player. 
    Watch all the editions of stage 1:
    The Heidel Tenkaichi tournament will begin at 23:00. Join the ultimate fight to prove others who is the best and win special meals. The contest will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube. Please wisper me to participate (Velia C1) -
    The winner will recive 1 of 6 possible presents:
    1- Serendia meal x5
    2- Balenos meal x5
    3- Knight Ration x5
    4- Fig pie x5
    5- Calpheon meal x5
    6- All of the others
    The present will be decided with a dice.
    Stage 1 winners: Tyressa, Carnite, Touika, Akeem.
    All the winners of the Stage 1 will fight in stage 2 for a bigger price.
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  2. Doky added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    30% bonus to the sales of the value pack are not working
    The 30% bonus to the sales of the marketplace of the value pack are not working for me... Please help. 
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  3. Doky added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    This poll actually doesnt really work. Becouse only the 30% of the population of the game looks the forum.
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  4. Doky added a post in a topic Seriously? Unbanned?   

    You dont answer me?. Thx
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  5. Doky added a post in a topic Seriously? Unbanned?   

    I hope your team do something with the hacker fast becouse this game is good and they are making it shitof it.
    There are a lot of hackers, i just been talking with Drops and he been telling me how the hack works and how he can create items like Penta ogre ring.
    My guild wants to quit the game becouse of this.
    Please tell me that you have something more to detect hackers than just reports. and please tell me that there is somebody at least once at week checking and eliminating those hacker accounts.
    Please answer. Thank you
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  6. Doky added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Strong Fence dissapeared.
    The strong fence i did rental months ago and that i had storaged in the storage of calpheon. Just dissapeared... And i didnt get mi contribution points back.. What can i do?
    The fence is nowhere to be found and i double cheked. Also i didnt get back my 10 points of contribution. 
    Help me please.
    WHOPS!!! Big fail!! I just found it in altinova storage... Sorry. Close the post
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  7. Doky added a post in a topic We have hackers and people did take adventage about it. What we need to do now is...   

    I made this post becouse i want to know what are the GM are going to do to solve all the problems that those hackers created. Like helping people get 4 Kzarka weapons and also stealing exp. Thx for the answers Luciferia if you can post the video.
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  8. Doky added a topic in General   

    We have hackers and people did take adventage about it. What we need to do now is...
    Hi everyone. We have hackers in black desert online. Some of them are hide, and some others are starting to show in public killing everyone using endless ultimate skill.
    A lot of people in the server Croxus has been reporting this all day. We have been able to identify 2 of the hackers.
    The hacker called *A* confess in the channel chat that he did kill all the people that was killing the boss Kzarka so  only one guy could get all the loots. He got 4 kzarka weapons.
    He also killed us using the ultimate skill of the witch without cd all time. He came after we killed a guy called *B* and told us that he was send to kill us all.
    This is not a post reporting this situation. This is a post about what are we going to do with the hackers and with the people that are taking adventaje of it too.
    All hackers should be baned and also those that did take adventaje. Please GM act fast becouse this is destroying your amazing game.
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  9. Doky added a post in a topic Update the game please. Media - Valencia   

    I'm not having any problems with the game. It doesnt feel like a beta. You should buy a new computer and get the ----- out of this forum. 
    I'm glad to hear that. Thanks for the answer. Like i said i love this game and i just want to be able to explore the east of heidel and the desert.
    Could you be a bit more specific? No  offical dates yet?
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  10. Doky added a post in a topic Update the game please. Media - Valencia   

    What bug? i didnt find any... And i'm lvl 35 and i did talk to all npc. 
    I just dont want to wait months to keep playing a game i like. Also no castle sieges?
    With all the money they did earn with the EU/US release they should show us that they are not going to expend all that money in drugs but in translate the updates as fast as they can. Show us that u are really working hard for us so we can keep telling our friends to join the game and buying more pearls.
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  11. Doky added a post in a topic Update the game please. Media - Valencia   

    If that is the case i think i'm going to play a lot less than i thought. I like to play slow and watch everything. But if they are going to keep us waiting for MONTHS for a update that has been released 10 months ago in the FREE korean servers. I'll just play what we have now and that's it. That SUCKS. I hope they dont take more than 3 months.
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  12. Doky added a post in a topic Update the game please. Media - Valencia   

    The game is full of things but the map now is not a big map. I hate that invisible wall in the east of heidel. its just stupid...
    I know the game came out the last week but i want to know if they are working to bring us the content fast or they are just doing nothing at the moment.
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  13. Doky added a topic in General   

    Update the game please. Media - Valencia
    When are you going to release at least the desert of black desert?  this is very dissapointing. Please be fast and give us a estimated date.
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  14. Doky added a post in a topic Spanish Tongue   

    Im from Spain. look at my internet connection.  My computer spects: i7 4790k, Nvidia GTX 970, 16GB ram.

    Think again.
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  15. Doky added a topic in Suggestions   

    Add cards like in Ragnarok Online.
    Hello everybody. I'm a big fan of this game. I also like Ragnarok online a lot and bdo have some things that make me think about RO.
    I want the developers to add some kind of item that give you some stats. Like cards in RO, with 0.5% of loot chance, this will make people grind and kill all kind of mobs to search for their specific card or item. Also add boss cards and slots in the items for this new items.
    That would be awesome!
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