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  1. Mantiss added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    I really enjoy BDO for what it is, a great filler MMO which proved that people do crave more action orientated combat, incredible character design and a seamless world with little to no fast travel.
    All of these elements BDO does very well:
    1. Action Combat - This is an amazing feature allowing for more graceful movements, positioning and using the keyboard beyond just cycling through numbers 1-30 (keybinds).
    2. Character Design - BDO knocked this one out of the park with the best character customization not just for an MMO, but for most any game. They have continued to add this customization via cash shop out fits, dyes and random bits like piercings.
    3. Seamless world - Again BDO made this work. You have a world where distance matters. Where cities matter and where you are picking your "home" based on these elements.
    This is where my praise ends though as BDO does many things poorly and the developers seem to have lost sight of what they want this game to become.
    1. Action Combat - In pvp its just a mess of movement, blocking and trying to cc or grapple while praying desync doesn't kill you. Sure there are a lot of moves and elements but at the end of the day, especially after awakening you have a base rotation and its... meh.
    2. Character Design - While the customization of characters is impressive, everything else is rather shit. Want to have some awesome looking armor? Won't really happen outside of the cash shop/AH. Expecting a huge seemless world to have a plethora of unique armor looks, styles, accessories and weapons? Welp... you were wrong. Unless you're paying for it either in silver or real money its all rather bland and the options are limited.
    3. Seamless world - The rather wonky servers, pop-in graphics and funny errors like a horse half in the ground hurt this a lot. More importantly though is that BDO is without purpose of diversity. Once you hit that magic range of 56+ its very apparent that the limited farming/grinding spots are just uninspired. The desert is more of an annoyance then a challenge and many of the more remote areas are entirely untouched because it isnt worth the time or effort.
    4. Cash Shop - Fairly certain I've dumped a few hundred dollars into BDO, but the "pay for convenience" part of their spiel is a load of... You NEED pets to farm anywhere near effectively. You MUST have weight limit, cash shop clothing and weapon skins to maximize your experience and the list goes on. In the end this game is, "pay to effectively level past 56 without going insane and dealing with idiotic and false ceilings imposed by the publisher."
    I love BDo for what it is, but in the end new MMOs are coming. AOC might just make BDO a relic.
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  2. Mantiss added a post in a topic Elion's tears used in PvP situations   

    I did have a Mordred toon but no I mainly played on a "normal" server. The Frontiers, Relic Keep areas and other places were some of the TOP areas to farm and even level. Especially if you were in need of materials for crafting the best gear. Which again was key to winning consistently. 
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  3. Mantiss added a post in a topic Elion's tears used in PvP situations   

    I miss the old DaoC days, or even things like Shadowbane. Nobody cried and whined about being bullied, they simply fell into the categories of good or bad at the game.
    The problem with BDO is that you have to bow and break to karma bombers as there are no other factions. No matter what occurs whomever goes red first due to karma is the loser. 
    BDO is almost a filler right now for more serious PvP minded players. Who will instead gravitate towards the next DAoC or similar where you can pvp openly, take farm spots, areas and the like and be brutal but not suffer these terrible damning consequences like you do in BDO when going red.
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  4. Mantiss added a post in a topic Solo Leveling   

    Which is the catch22 and major complaint within BDO lately. Sure you "can" farm a few hundred other areas, but anything outside of Sausans and Pirates is considered poor exp per hour. There are a couple rare areas near/in the desert that are great depending on AP/DP but again... they are far away and gear dependent. 
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  5. Mantiss added a post in a topic Solo Leveling   

    Skeleton Burial area, the odd little goat men, the mine underneath helms, desert critters.... there are a lot of options for better players. Depends on your skill level and what kind of challenge you're after. Most need to derp hard at Sausans, while others go for the groups at Pirates. Those few and more adventurous types go further.
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  6. Mantiss added a post in a topic FIX FPS AND DESYNC   

    Even with their server here on the West Coast, we get a ton of desync here in California. Some think desync isnt something which can be solved, but it can in a lot of ways. Especially with how combat works in BDO. Hate to be that guy but penalizing the people with shit connections and crappy dial-up or wifi needs to happen. Make it so that if you're laggy you're being hit more often, cc'd more often, etc. Don't penalize the people building systems to max out BDO with 100up and 240down cable or better. 
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  7. Mantiss added a post in a topic The third most spoken language in the world, will Black Desert be in Spanish?   

    You put money where you can make money. If nobody on the BDO side has proven that translating it would be profitable then they won't translate it.
    Simple as that. It's not "fair" or well balanced in terms of so many people speak this or that.
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  8. Mantiss added a post in a topic Dk Level Tasks   

    Exactly. Logic. 
    Im back in California so Ill be hitting 56 tonight. Regardless on if any one person will or will not be 56 either last weekend or today. It is in fact the company's responsibility to ensure that they meet their own posted dates for things like events.
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  9. Mantiss added a post in a topic Dk Level Tasks   

    When you hit a hot button and the gas station employee almost goes postal. ^^^
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  10. Mantiss added a post in a topic Dk Level Tasks   

    You're obviously a bit, lets say slow, so I'll assist. 
    Nobody said that anything should be extended. The OP was confirming that the originally announced and posted dates were still on-going. It was a simple request with a simple answer. Some of you with comprehension issues are struggling, but I'm here to help!
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  11. Mantiss added a post in a topic Sorry for being "that guy", but....   

    Well sadly that not only makes sense but hits close to home right now. Especially since I am literally putting together a "high level" overview of my Strategic Sourcing department.
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  12. Mantiss added a post in a topic FIX FPS AND DESYNC   

    When that one Walmart greeter has the day off. ^
    When that same Walmart greeter doesn't believe that community managers report on problems brought up within the community. ^
    Then when that same Walmart greeter tries to compare something totally irrelevant to an otherwise sensical post. ^
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  13. Mantiss added a post in a topic Sorry for being "that guy", but....   

    You must be a government employee to make something which should be automated into a 4-step process. =)
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  14. Mantiss added a post in a topic Sorry for being "that guy", but....   

    The screen shots are funny. My 9yr old saw one and asked if my computer was working or if the settings had somehow been turned to lowest.
    So yeah, I'm over the pixel shots. Almost look like Trove loading screens. <3
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  15. Mantiss added a post in a topic Dk Level Tasks   

    Mine still shows as active, but the original dates of the event need to be adhered to. Not all of us even have a spare 6-8 hours last week due to things like travel. My DK is still level 37 because I had to travel to APAC and then SoCal.
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