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  1. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic How to move character in the selection screen?   

    You can't move DK, you can move everybody else though.
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  2. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    I can't move my DK up at all.  Stuck at the very bottom.
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  3. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic Black Desert in Steam!!!   

    Black Desert will only go to Steam if the population gets really low, like when ArcheAge did.  Steam is how you boost population drastically for a time and maybe get a stable influx of newer players from that.  Basically if BD needed to change it's business direction from B2P to F2P or something like that.
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  4. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic How much have you spent on bdo and how gud are you?   


    Tri Kzarka & Kutum
    Full Tri Grunil
    Tri Bhegs(I missed a lot of free boss armors from the attendance reward)
    Tri Blue Awakening.
    4 T3 and one T4 pets.

    Have enough memory fragments for another tri boss armor I imagine..just have to be lucky and win the bid or night vendor roll.  So far has not happened.

    Game is definitely not P2W, I would be much further ahead then most people here if it was.  All the alts I switch to have cash shop costumes as well; just one or so.  I have also been playing since release(Also played the KR BDO prior to the megaserver) so my progress is a bit behind where I should be.  Believe I should be in Tet+
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  5. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic Name already in use   

    A lot of names would be taken at this point in time.  Most may not be characters that are actively used either.  I suggest trying for very unique names and not commonly known names at all from anime, video games, regular names and etc. 
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  6. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic Is DK going to be just as good as Wiz/Ber/Rng   

    It's a sorceror.  Now if it's better or worse than the actual Sorceror remains to be seen.
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  7. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic Dark Knight coming?   

    Who do you think can confirm or deny any of this?  Looking up said information for yourself isn't hard to do.  Took me 15 seconds.
    "Starting today, players can select and customize the Dark Knight using the Character Creator, allowing them to decide on the appearance of their new character before she is officially added to Black Desert Online next week.
    Note: Pre-Registration will only allow players to create the Dark Knight class and design a desired appearance. Once the Character Creation is done, players can NOT access / log in with the Dark Knight character until 1st. of March. "

    - http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/132312-patch-notes-february-22nd-2017/&page=1
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  8. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 22th   

    Boy if it takes longer then a week or two of staring at the precreated DK, I'm sure some people will have an issue with that.
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  9. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic Anniversary Sales?   

    Black Desert sale or to hopefully be one of the few to get the new Zelda & Switch.  Decisions, decisions !
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  10. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic Attendance reward unclaimable.   

    The question then becomes, why not extend the event to the 22nd?  That way you help people who missed some days and the people who forgot to claim..which should be even more unheard of then the first one.
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  11. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic Why do people say BDO is P2W?   

    Adding that subjectivity to the equation is the problem.  We are suppose to eliminate that when defining terms.  You pay and you win.  Look at what you win then look at what's important to the game.  If your answer is some gold, then it's likely not large enough.  For a proper way to win, that gold needs to converted to a TET+ weapon or armor; presumably boss as well.  It then also needs not to go to anybody else and only benefits the person spending cash.  It then also needs to push you far enough that people who play months can't catch up to you without additional months.  Not one thing in our cash shop accomplishes this due to the fact of RNG bids, RNG enchanting, etc.  We may have some items that offer a possibility of more chances or better ways to make money(Artisan memory; 33% in cost reductions, horse taming; better tiers/skills) but certainly nothing gamebreaking that pushes the spender months ahead of everybody else.

    Anything less is convenience and that is how companies fly under this specific set of radar.  They know the boundary all too well and fly as close to it as possible.
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  12. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic Why do people say BDO is P2W?   

    For anybody who says this game is P2W, has clearly never played an actual P2W game.  The advantages you get here aren't really worth the investment you put in.  Most of the stuff in this game is convenience; meaning you spend less time and we aren't talking years for a proper scope.  It's more like weeks when you factor in playing the game as well.  

    An actual P2W game, you drop thousands and you get the in-game equivalent of that in terms of gear/attempts; months worth of time.  In BD, you get weeks only.  Big difference.  I have never dropped hundreds(I really like costumes and pets heh) and felt like I was months ahead of another player.  That still stands, you can be ahead of players who drop hundreds/thousands every month if you have enough time to play more then they do.  In an actual P2W, that doesn't stand.  You pay to bypass those players, that isn't happening here.
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  13. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic Pearl boxes sellable on MP instead of pearl items   

    The demand for pearl boxes will be far too great unless of course they were even more expensive then the costumes currently are.  Not many people would sell anything outside of pearl boxes either.  Better be saving your tens of millions for pearl boxes if this ever gets implemented.  We could be looking at 3k pearls= 25-35m, 6k pearls= 50-60m, 10k pearls= 75-85m.  I'm accounting for the bonus pearls as well, nor do I see a reason to exclude 6k pearls or 10k pearls.  

    Nobody would sell anything besides pearl boxes at that rate, not too mention most people won't be able to get a pearl box as well(If you think getting a costume is tricky now, wait till you imagine this process heh)
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  14. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic Dark knight Awakening(Trailer)   

    Gameplay looks too similar to an unawakened sorc for her awakening.  I already played that.
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  15. JerryBoyle added a post in a topic DID the server location change?   

    The server locations are on the west coast, should be smooth for everybody there.  Mine are between 100 and 200; east coast of Canada.  Some channels may be different then others, but if you login to the same one everyday you'll be able to see if it changed or not.  Mine didn't.
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