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  1. Terrapin added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    This thread is total BS.   If one put up a similar poll on Archers, Tamers or Wizards/Witches, you'd get the exact same, if not more requests for nerfs of those classes. 
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  2. Terrapin added a post in a topic Air Attack vs Down Attack   

    How weird is that?  I mean, back attack is when you hit targets back.  Down attack is when you hit target when down.  You're telling me that Air Attack has nothing to do with Scorc performing an air attack against target, but against a target performing an air attack.     Not saying you're wrong; I don't know, but how absurd is that?
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  3. Terrapin added a post in a topic Jubre talisman Before ultimate   

    Interesting.  Yes, with Claws, but didn't know about the crit difference.
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  4. Terrapin added a post in a topic Jubre talisman Before ultimate   

    Unless you jump the guy, I doubt your opponent(s) will be letting you attack from the rear.    I see back attack as situational and occasional.  Down attack is frequent, even if it was lowered in pvp.    That's just my 2-cents, not based upon tests and results.  Just an opinion.
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  5. Terrapin added a topic in Sorceress   

    Air Attack vs Down Attack
    About to up my Jubre to +15 and trying to decide between Temptation and Destruction for when I regrade.  I just can't seem to decide which would yield me the biggest bang for the buck, so to speak.
    I use Dark Flame quite a bit, especially against multiple mobs and strong ones since it provides a defense/block buff and is quite strong.  On the other hand, with so many skills causing knockdown, obviously I'm tearing it up with down attacks when players, or mobs, are knocked down.
    Your feedback would really be appreciated.   My focus is PvP.
    Thank you.
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  6. Terrapin added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Staggered Maintenance April 27th - 28th   

    Can't speak for other channels yet, but on NA, Serendia 3, lag is horrible.  Pots don't even register use.   Whatever was done, job doesn't appear complete.
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  7. Terrapin added a post in a topic How does one connect Stoarge between towns?   

    Thank you 
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  8. Terrapin added a post in a topic How does one connect Stoarge between towns?   

    As I tried to explain, I did just that and all nodes were connected.  Didn't work.  Have you tried it?   Anyone?
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  9. Terrapin added a topic in PVE   

    How does one connect Stoarge between towns?
    I recall watching a youtube some months ago where the player was able to connect storage from one part of the world to another. 
    From what I recall it had to do with placing containers.  However, I just brought the container I rented in the capitol that I had in my residence there, to my residence in another part of the world and when I opened it, it was only the storage in that same town my residence is in.   All nodes between are connected.
    What am I doing wrong or is there actually no way to do this, though I'm positive I saw it done previously.
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  10. Terrapin added a post in a topic Epheria Port's node is not connected to a nearby node   

    However, when I click on Node Manager at Epheria, the Node Mgt. doesn't show.   Does it require enimity?  I have over 400 with him.
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  11. Terrapin added a post in a topic Release Client - Patch Question   

    Guess that makes sense.  What is it with gaming companies?  I mean, think about the end user reading the email and is it so hard to imagine those with CB2; first thing they will do after reading it, is open client and try to patch?    Thanks all.  
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  12. Terrapin added a topic in General   

    Release Client - Patch Question
    So today we all received an email where to obtain the release client and that those of us in CB2 could just patch our client.
    When I run CB2, there is no patch.
    Any insight?
    Thanks -Terrapin
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  13. Terrapin added a post in a topic <KoE> Kingdom of Eleador - Recruiting (NA/PvX)   

    Sorry Preston.   Didn't even have time past character creation this weekend; been busy.   I'll try to jump on later today.
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  14. Terrapin added a post in a topic <KoE> Kingdom of Eleador - Recruiting (NA/PvX)   

    Greetings Old Friends,
    This is ChinaCat wishing you all the best in this game and beyond.
    It's great to see the guild thrive.
    By the way, a few of you may enjoy this quick story.  So about 18-months ago, maybe less, I'm PvPing in Elder Scrolls Online and who do I see near me, on the same side fighting, but Xanthro.  I whisper him if he is the same as COA from Darktide and he says "the one and only".  When I tell him who I was we had a long laugh and played together for about a month before we both faded from the game.   What a trip and loads of fun remembering old times and hanging in the present.   When I was a newbie on Darktide, Xanthro was the first friend I made; leading to joining his guild and residing in Sawato, before I built a vacation spot in Stonehold ;p
    "Many worlds I've come,
      Since I first left home"
    -Hunter, Garcia
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  15. Terrapin added a post in a topic NA server location   

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