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  1. Aylindel added a post in a topic There is no pleasing everyone here, it's time to pick a side, if you want to drive away all the TOP guilds continue transforming the game into a carebear-paradise.   

    yes do everyone a favor and go with your top guilds,  since noone gives a damn about them.
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  2. Aylindel added a post in a topic Time to let go.   

    i gave up already.
    I  have lost my interest in the game.  hardly ever log in anymore.    my boyfriend already uninstalled BD.   i hope that maybe  in 4 month or so the game will be better so will keep checking now and then.
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  3. Aylindel added a post in a topic How is BDO going for now?   

    wishful thinking?
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  4. Aylindel added a post in a topic I just got banned...   

    then stick to going outside and interact with people .   or join a gym   wich is alot more healthy for you
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  5. Aylindel added a post in a topic I just got banned...   

    if you need to resource to hacks , you should stick to single playing games, where you dont affect anyone with your actions .
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  6. Aylindel added a post in a topic Hackers in this game   

    that would be nice
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  7. Aylindel added a post in a topic Lost point of this game.   

    not true.
    i only going to give you an example    : SWG    .  a game where the best gear, armor, weapons,  outfits, was made , crafted by players.   you had to interact with others in a positive way.      despite been able to get nicely equiped relatively fast,  you always had things to do,  always were busy.  interaction with other players was vital.
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  8. Aylindel added a post in a topic they might as well should sell gear upgrades in pay shop   

    actually the solution is to make crafting actually meaninful instead of been a useless timesink.   the question is,  do you think daum is up to the labor of scrapping the absurd RNG system and turn the Wheel into something more functional and sandbox like?   i highly doubt  since  they dont have control over that.
    so even though we all agree that pay to win sucks,  it seems is the only viable alternative.  considering they love make quick bucks through out an overpriced pay shop, might as well should sell those gear upgrade though it .
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  9. Aylindel added a post in a topic they might as well should sell gear upgrades in pay shop   

    no,  in this game you can only make impact in the progression  is via hacks.
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  10. Aylindel added a post in a topic they might as well should sell gear upgrades in pay shop   

    did you forget to take your prozac medication again ?
    have you failed to read, i even clearly state that doing so,  would automatically level the game as pay to win?
    due to the horrible stage the game is at atm,  doing so could be viewed as a solution to some of those issues that sadly cause more harm than good long run.  to do me a favor sugarplum and take that repressed anger of yours and shove it Deep in some of your body orífices.
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  11. Aylindel added a post in a topic they might as well should sell gear upgrades in pay shop   

    indeed but dont you think if everyone was able to purchase their way through cash shop,   some people would still need to resource to cheating to be competitive ?  there will still be cheaters ofcourse but i think it would help minimize it to a certain extent
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  12. Aylindel added a post in a topic they might as well should sell gear upgrades in pay shop   

    why not?  afraid the whalers would get the upper hand?  afraid you wont get to be anymore that special snowflake your mom always told you, you were?
    even though pay to win catters mostly to whalers,  that would be way better than what we currently have now .
    oh not to mention, that hackers would be obsolete as well.
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  13. Aylindel added a topic in General   

    they might as well should sell gear upgrades in pay shop
    even though doing so, would make the game an instant pay to win.  it could be a way to solve the ruined economy issue since there is alot of money and nothing to buy with it.  
    It  would allow everyone to bypass the huge Wall created by our dear game bots and hackers.  and would minimize the tedious and boring yet overly frustrating enchanting system
    it would make pvp more fair since everyone could have a chance to be equally well geared.
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  14. Aylindel added a post in a topic RNG too brutal for game to ever be popular   

    every asian MMO seem to share a similar RNG,  they seem to love it, because every single MMO they reléase comes with a form of RNG no matter what.
    they should have tried at least to go with a different approach for the western version
    i personally feel that BD should have been more sand boxy  like SWG . 
     they should have made crafting the best option to equip your characters.   best grear should have been through crafting ,  best weapons, crafted and so on.   add a new craft skill based on enchantments so that can replace the RNG for good .  
     pve raiding is almost none existant,  dungeon grouping dont exist, social interaction almost none existant  the only way to upgrade your gear is through this stupid world boss who keep getting hacked left and right, and where melee clases are basically hopless of getting ever a liberto drop.  then to enchant your gear relies purely and only on luck.
    honestly i even prefer if they start selling every weapon, armor upgrade through pay shop, even though that would be total pay to win.
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  15. Aylindel added a post in a topic RNG too brutal for game to ever be popular   

    the thing is that they have turned the game into a chore and have kept  the fun factor and the positive reinforcement to the mínimum.    you hardly get rewarded in this game at all.
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