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  1. Hollenhund added a post in a topic The 6 days review by a new player   

    How i prevent my self from reinstalling BDO again.
    Remembering that wod had more content
    "I started off trying most of the different classes to about level 15-20 and decided in the end that I liked the feel of the Musa the most, currently sitting at level 50 and so I will not be talking about awakening or PvP as I don't have enough experience on those topics. I will say that I definitely am mostly a PvE player but I will try and discover more about PvP as it seems to be the higher focus of this game and it seems to have cool elements to it."
    PvP is poorly balanced garbage which favor's what class you are playing/what level you are/how much better gear you have. As for pve, unless you believe that killing the same mobs for weeks or months on end for pitaful amounts of exprience or for a chance for some rng piece of gear to drop, then pve content does not exist. No dungeons or raids exist in this game.
    "So you go kill some insects, goblins and wolves etc. and I'm thinking "Wow the feel of this game is just amazing, combat is really fun" and this feeling still holds true but my major issue with the combat is the lack of difficulty, monsters have never really posed a threat, including bosses etc..."
    Nothing will really change from what you exprieneced at level one, it will just be mindless grinding untell you hit the soft cap, and then wait untell another expasion and grind mobs for weeks/months on end untell you hit the level cap so you can wait untell another expasion so you can grind against unchallenging mobs to level cap. 
    In order to have a greater under standing of peoples opinion of P2W, look at revelation online. That game allows players to get all BiS of gear in less than 1 minute, while if you do not pay you will be forced to wait months. For some retarded reason people do not conisder this to be P2W, despite the fact that it clearly is. Now BDO is not as bad as revelation in terms of P2W, but it does have P2W aspects and people defend such pratices just like the revelation fan boys do. Most people will say "BUT HOW ARE THE GAME DEVS GOING TO SUPPORT THEIR GAME WITHOUT MAKING US PAY FOR CERTAIN THINGS HUH?" but they also enjoy ignoring the fact that all of the bad ass looking armor ,slut garments,  bad ass looking horse armor, and housing custimaztion "Only the flooring and wall options are locked by a paywall but BDO purposly locked most of the cool looking custiomaztion furinature behind a payall" are locked a paywall. 
    I could keep going but this post is long enough. I personally thought this game was very in depth but that was only because i was overwhelmed at first, once i got used to this game after 20-30 hours i realized at how dull and bland it really is. This game is a ocean wide but a inch deep.
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  2. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Is this game still p2w?   

    Lol, just because i compare a different system to this game does not mean i play it that game. ronniejw, its amazing at how much denial you are in. I mean i have hope that this system will completey change, but then you see idiots such as you defending and then you realize that it will never change. Just got to love how your whoring your self out to daum. This is rome 2 total war level of fan boyism.
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  3. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Admit that the game needs a level hard cap   

    "Its not the worse so its ok"  Cant beat that logic. I mean getting -----ed in the ass against my will by a 12 incher is bad but at least its not 20 inches.
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  4. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Is this game still p2w?   

    People enjoy lieing to their self's to convince them selfs that this game is not p2w. It is, saying that buying pearl items and selling it on the AH is not is denial. At least wow limits the amount of tokens you can purchase. Then you got to take in account that all of the best housing custominzation options are locked behind the pearl store and not only that you can only get wall and floor textures by buyng them in the pearl shop. For me, adding the costumes and pets to the market fixed a massive problem i had with BDO, all of the bad ass armor was locked behind a paywall and pets also. But they are still yet to add in housing items so the problem is still their, not even including the horse custominaztion.
    This game is based around having all of the cool shit locked behind a paywall. Compare this to a game like GW2, its pathetic. The asian market may enjoy getting -----ed in the ass by bullshit pratices but this shit should not be in the west.
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  5. Hollenhund added a post in a topic You want my Money? Get rid of PaymentWall!!!   

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  6. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Admit that the game needs a level hard cap   

    No point in agreuing, the idiots that defend this horrid system are the same people that will say revelation is not pay to win despite the fact that you can progress your character in less than a hour what it would take months without the cash store. Apparently your a UBER ELITE HARD CORE PLAYER by grinding thousands upon thousands of the same mobs for days or months on end. I mean with the amount of skill that these uber elite hard core players have they will surely be able to clear nighthold mythic in a day.
    Its nice that they can release entire expasions and fail to design this game around a western market. This game will slowly die out just like with most eastern mmo's untel the most fan hard core of the fan boys are all that is left. 
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  7. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Going negative karma (red) is like your worst nightmare   

    ----- this game, im finished. First the game punishes you for grouping up with others with a reduction of 40-50 XP WHICH IS -----ING massive and before any idiot says "its quicker" I SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO GROUP UP WITH OTHERS IN CONTENT THAT GIVES NO CHALLENGE what so ever, i should not be punished for doing content that i am required to do to level 56 " LOL, GET IT, I SAID GRINDING MOBS MINDLESSY FOR HOURS ON END IS CONTENT". BUT IF I DONT -----ing group with others then these ----- heads come out of no where, kill all of the mobs i was grinding with no -----s given.
    Then theirs the -----ing rng based upgrade that -----ING PUNISHES you for failing a -----ing enchant, thanks game, i really wanted to buy 8 pieces of the same equipment that cost 250k-300k every single -----ing time i am forced to spam black stones of which also cost 250k-300k per piece. And just to make matters worse i cannot -----ing complete a quest without some pathetic loser killing me for killing A SINGLE -----ING MOB OR A -----ING TOWER, and yet i am in the wrong for doing so. -----ing swear, only asian based games can make such unique and  high quality game's and utterly ----- it up in the process. Doesent take a -----ing genius to figure out that pve servers are prob a feature you should add into your game. Just saying, it only took nearly every single mmo IN THE WORLD to figure out that having none pvp servers/zones that your not forced to take part in is a pretty good idea.
    This is the first time a MMO has made me hate every thing about it. Rather -----ing play WoD all over again than spend another second in this mess of a game, At least Revelation online will have dungeons and raiding in it, hopfuly it will do better than blade and soul and this trash.. Gave it a second chance but it clear that they have not listened to feed back and clearly do not give a shit. i mean its nice that you gave me a quest that gives me 30% xp during level 55 that takes hours to complete, BUT I THINK YOU CAN DO A LITTLE BETTER THAN THAT CAN YOU?
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  8. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Do you try to 1% or filthy casual?   

    ----- it, ive reached my limit, im not going to spend another single god damn second mindlesly grinding mobs for days on end. Cant wait for the mindless fan boy sheep's to defend this pathetic exuse of a game.
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  9. Hollenhund added a topic in PVE   

    Upgrading armor, more cost effective
    Tryed asking in server chat but the responses were all trolls so i came here. Here's my problem: i have at least lost 10m gold trying to upgrade my yuria sword to 15 and my grun chest to 15, both of which are 13 and 14. Its getting to the put of frustation that i am being punished so serverly for failing enchants in a rng based system, being forced to pay 260k-300k per piece of gear to upgrade my durabiliy back up. Is their a more cost effective away of upgrading my pieces or am i forced to endure this rng bullshit?
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  10. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Do you try to 1% or filthy casual?   

    Heres a graph that explains the leveling process from a post back at the launch.

    To be honest i could not care about pvp, i thought all of the game's content will be at level 56 and i could explore other expasions and not worry about high level mobs, believing that players grinding for 60 are just fat neck beards"trigger warning" that spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week grinding level 56 mobs none stop, but it was not untel today that this belief was proven wrong.
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  11. Hollenhund added a post in a topic For honor vs bdo pvp   

    Wow is balanced? lol give me a break, blizzard cant balance pvp worth a shit. Legion's balance is garbage.
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  12. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Do you try to 1% or filthy casual?   

    This system is utter garbage. I mean i am willing to put in the time to get to 56, but 57? You could ----- off if you'd think that i would even spend a single second to reach it. And then you come to the realization that not only will the mindless, tedious, and utterly boring grind continues to 60 after reaching level 56, it will only keep going up AND up AND UP after every expasion. This is silk road's online level of terrible of grinding level's, i mean it could take 4-6 month's or a year to reach max level but at least you could use a bot legally. 
    From my obervation, this will never change, the endless grinding  is just a thing to cover up the lack of end game content. At least you got raiding and dungeons in vanilia wow after spending months of leveling , which does not take in the amount of content avaible to players while leveling, but in this game, what is their to offer? Ganking players? Playing a poorly balanced pvp system that favours those who have made this game their job? Or doing scrolls that give you gear so you can do more endless grinding?
    Truth be told i was going to reach level 56 and stop grinding and play casual. Exploring the world and messing around with the node sytem, but then i realized that they increased the cap to 60, and this has utterly destroyed my motivation to play this game. If you compare this game to legion, in where i have not really gotten into mythic pluses yet, only done 3 heroic bosses into night hold, and after the best exprience i have ever had in a mmo "Doing the kara dungeon" they are already releasing a new dungeon  and another raid "which looks amazing". While wow is pouring out new content, to the point to where players are telling them to slow down, this game has nothing to offer than, you got it, MORE GRIDING!
    Really want this game to do well. hell, its the only mmo that has gotten close to giving me the  feels i had when playing wow, the burning crusade back in 2007. Saddening to see it go down this route.
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  13. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Karma system revamp? (civil discussion please)   

    Heres a idea, create a pve server, it only took blizzard a amazing 1 expasion's" the first one" to figure this out. 
    Another way you could do it would be silk road online's system. Offer 2 ways of optional pvp, you would buy a item which had serveral colors and you would equip it to enable pvp at all times, anyone else using your own color would be flagged as friendly. The secound system was having a  job system , traders, hunters, and thiefs. Traders would take items from one location and move it to another for profit, hunters hunted thiefs and guarded traders, and thiefs attacked trader's for their items and sold it on the black market. Their was also a third feature in where you were flagged as being a massive douche bag and players could farm you and lose your levels"It would only get this bad if you were constantly killing people", which should be the fate of anyone who ganks.
    Truth be told the job system would work perfectly with this game.
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  14. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Do you want a Level 50 PvP Enable Quest?   

    These are the same losers that camp hellfire in wow for 4-10 hours straight, world pvp in any game has never been pvp, just ----- bags ganking players who want to progress through the game. All the system does is give players the options to determine what a another player can do with his time and how he can play the game his self. Stopped playing a world of warcraft private server "kronos" for this very reason despite the fact that i invested 2 days of play time into a character, its frustating, annoying, and anger inducing. on another private server "loderan first release" I was steam rolling through the levels untell i got to STV, literaly spent 2-3 days trying to level through the zone when it should had taken 4-10 hours. 
    Silk road has a great system with world pvp, you had hunters, thiefs and traders. Hunters  protected the traders as they went across zones devilering goods, thief's stole goods from the traders while traders traded, had to sign up for these proffision and wear special equiment to begin such activites. Then you had guild vs guild wars and the option to equip items that would enable pvp at any moment or place without any pentalties for pvping. Then you had the Murdering system in where you were flagged as a ----- bag after killing some one outside of these other systems and all players could attack you without pentalties. If you murdered to much, it would take more deaths to remove these status and as a punishment for dieing you lost xp. Would love to see somthing like this in black desert since its the perfect mmo for such a system. all of it was optional and not required for a player and you were not punished for not doing it, you could just as easily progress through the game without using the proffisions.
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  15. Hollenhund added a post in a topic Extremely slow download speed on update.   

    My download speed spikes up towards 10-30mbs on steam, only getting 1.5mbs, but for some odd reason it was at .50 and it is creeping up slowly, basicaly it went from .050 then to 1mb then to 1.5mbs now its apporaching towards 2mbs, kind of wierd, dont know what is causing it.
    Just hit the 2mb/s mark and its still increasing at a snails pace.
    Download speed stopped at 2.20mb/s and it will not progress any further.
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