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  1. Alexmac added a post in a topic 100% on wizard not being used?   


    bug fixed with this patch  
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  2. Alexmac added a post in a topic 100% on wizard not being used?   

    i ve tested everything, has to be something with my personal files or more ppl would have this issue. Time to reinstall the game..
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  3. Alexmac added a post in a topic 100% on wizard not being used?   

    i did relog, even did repair on client...still buged
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  4. Alexmac added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening Black Spirit Rage skills don't work with quick slot keys but the equivalent skills work for Witch?   


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  5. Alexmac added a topic in General   

    100% on wizard not being used?
    Guys, notised my dmg was shit, was getting depressed and then saw that my 100% was not being used lol. Tested all skills, heres a clip with the normal S+F on wizard.
    Also tested hotbinding it, was the same, reload ui also didint help.
    Any wizard having this issue? what am i missing here?
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  6. Alexmac added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    my FPS was fine before wednesday patch, even in most of the node wars and sieges. Now i have lag and graphic lag again even when i have 100 fps ,,,
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  7. Alexmac added a topic in General   

    Weekend Exp Event?
    sleeping?  please launch the exp event
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  8. Alexmac added a post in a topic PEN Roulette   

    yeah i know it was low fs to start PEN, but i felt like going for it. Anyway was not the first, 16 PEN fails so far...and before this did several with 120 + fs.
    Now i m following my own guide lol, will do backups and use my high 160 fs to get PEN, maybe even with crones i ll see
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  9. Alexmac added a post in a topic PEN Roulette   

    ahah , got some nice enchants along the way such has TET crescent
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  10. Alexmac added a topic in General   

    PEN Roulette
    Well was bored and went for it with low fs lol, was a though ride....  
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  11. Alexmac added a post in a topic Alexmac Enhancement Guide   

    PEN roulette and the path after that  it hurts
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  12. Alexmac added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    will never be a "WOW" and i hope it stays that way! I prefer a smaller community that loves pvp. For me BDO should be even more hardcore, without jail and with a new Karma system where cleaning karma should be easier and we should not get karma from griefers (they are working on that actually), with proper pvp ranks and guild ranks, with guild alliances and guild chat, with proper castles (like Lineage 2)...and probably a few other changes
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  13. Alexmac added a post in a topic [Event] Book of Combat Exp and How i miss it   

    i do agree on having this item at the Loyalty shop, expensive but it should be there. On the cash shop please no!
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  14. Alexmac added a post in a topic Removing event rewards is retarded   

    instead of permanent 100% exp or even the exp weekends, i think we should get a weekly extra exp scroll, maybe 24 hours one, and use it whenever we like. Not everyone is able to play on weekends
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