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  1. Crim587 added a post in a topic IS CHASE SKILL BROKEN??!?!   

    KR actually has a 3sec CD. Still sucks but I would gladly take a second off our version. 
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  2. Crim587 added a post in a topic PSA: Don't learn "Chase II"   

    On KR servers it does, after testing on NA servers it doesn't increase distance traveled, so I assume bugged skill, seems like a duplicated Chase I that breaks kick canceling.
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  3. Crim587 added a post in a topic List of Musa nerfs   

    Was testing Chase II today. Chase II doesn't state the distance increase like it does on KR, so I was testing it and noticed that actually taking Chase II doesn't increase my distance. Was using a fence outside of Calpheon to measure the distance traveled.
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  4. Crim587 added a post in a topic PSA: Don't learn "Chase II"   

    improves distance, was left out of the tooltip.
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  5. Crim587 added a post in a topic Eta on NERF for Blader/Musa's dash ???   

    Yea already nerfed. Hurt the i-frames but was needed. Also killed F canceling Chase on Musa. Haven't tried it on NA, but in KR, Maehwa can still F cancel Chase, could possibly be nerfed when Maehwa's awakening is released. 
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  6. Crim587 added a post in a topic Musa Awakening Video   

    Was debating between the 2 myself, now that we won't see Maewha's until next month, guess I too have to level both up there. Can't wait. 
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  7. Crim587 added a post in a topic Maewha or Musa - Why?   

    Musa gets Naginata for slow powerful wide sweeping attacks and Maehwa geta spear for fast frontal cone thrusting attacks. 
    Musa's aoe is usable while on CD for reduced damage and has a powerful 100% skill.
    Maehwa's red moon cannot be used while on CD, provides frontal block but can be killed from behind during it. 100% doesn't seem as strong.
    Recent video from KR (don't have link ATM, at work.) KR player says Blader is better, mentions something about air attacks, unsure myself. In the video it was Blader vs Plum, they won/lost about equal fights. From a couple months playing on kr myself they seem roughly equal. All comes down to gear, skill knowledge, and who you fight. Take what I say with a grain of salt. My exp on kr is 52 plum and a few offers 55. 
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  8. Crim587 added a post in a topic Female Valkyrie Costumes and Underwear   

    Cloak is able to be hidden. 
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  9. Crim587 added a post in a topic Crashing none-stop (just recent)   

    Server issues atm, constant intense lag and disconnects. Hopefully fixed soon or an at least an update on it from a CM. 
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  10. Crim587 added a post in a topic <Gravity> [EDAN] Recruiting 55+! | KR Veterans | Node/Territory War Focused   

    Wish I had the time to rejoin. Miss being with you guys in KR. GL all and see you around in game! 
    -Crim2.0 (as you liked to call me.)
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  11. Crim587 added a post in a topic My opinion on Tamer   

    You can use the pet while using the awakening weapon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5xdCqZKJCY
    The game is also supposed to be getting a complete rebalance after all awakenings have been released so maybe the pet wont be useless then... or so I hope. 
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  12. Crim587 added a post in a topic Pearl shop outfits will be in the shop forever or?   

    Ghillie won't be removed, still in kr. Other outfits will be rotated however we have different outfit rotation it seems. ATM on kr there is something along the lines of 6+ costumes to choose from. 4 or so have been in for a long time while some others get rotated what seems between 1-2 months. I haven't played KR in a while but that's how it was while I played.
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  13. Crim587 added a post in a topic Yuria / Levito Bow Question   

    You find certain houses in the world that can be built into workshops. Keplan is where Yuria Weapon buildings are if I remember correctly. You use materials and a worker to craft that bow to give a chance to make it blue/yellow. In kr you can use more expensive materials to guarantee yellow quality.
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  14. Crim587 added a post in a topic Conq. item claims refunded, except for the title..   

    I've only received the Title and Furniture so far, everything else has yet to be delivered and it's starting to seem like you will either get them randomly between now and March 3rd. News post " Head Start Issue & Resolutions II " has some info on the items and failed claiming process. 
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  15. Crim587 added a post in a topic Conq. item claims refunded, except for the title..   

    Early Bird is the title for Conq. Don't know about fishing titles myself. Didn't play in the CBT's or keep up with what events were going on in NA, sorry. 
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