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  1. Wizdom added a post in a topic Pics while we wait!   

    I've never really been a fan of Asian-themed avatars in games. I suppose I'll work around this by rolling a wizard & inserting every wrinkle I can find. 
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  2. Wizdom added a post in a topic I made young male Elf Wizard!   

    As a player who appreciates the aged look of my avatars, I can say good for you. But don't try to evaporate my wrinkles or there will be war. 
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  3. Wizdom added a post in a topic Y'all are whiny   

    Not that I don't agree but this thread = irony. Whining about whining. 
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  4. Wizdom added a post in a topic So right from start they mess up?   

    If this were a subscription game, I could understand wanting compensation for lost time. But a B2P game? Not so much. 
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  5. Wizdom added a post in a topic Launching a game 5 hours late looks really bad for a company.   

    I've yet to play ANY MMO that didn't have some issues on launch day. Just sayin.
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  6. Wizdom added a post in a topic Would this be acceptable if this wasn't an MMO?   

    Even if what you say is true all he has to do is create a separate account. And what's with the name calling? 
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  7. Wizdom added a post in a topic This is what you'll be missing.   

    Yeah I think the Russian version was better. I lol at 1:28 when the guy jumped out of the cannon. At least that's the way it looks in slo-mo. 
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  8. Wizdom added a post in a topic Why do you lose exp dying from pvp?   

    Getting ganked with no chance does not make one a carebear. It's players that enjoy ganking - you know the ones I'm talking about - they want all the advantage on their side & are afraid of a fair fight, that give honest pvp a bad name. At least there's the karma system.
    Reminds me of a stream I was watching the other night. A level 45 guy got ganked by a level 50 guild when he first got to catfish. He revived & attacked their carts. It was so funny. I don't know how it played out but I would have paid to see the look on their face when they found out their carts were destroyed.  Now that's a proper way to retaliate. 
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  9. Wizdom added a post in a topic Chat Attack! The Deterioration of In-Game Player Dialogue   

    Just think, it's only fanboys at this point. Wait until all the "slighted" people get into the game. Hahaha. 
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  10. Wizdom added a post in a topic Disappointment after disappointment...   

    It's launch day. A few hours delay is to be expected. If that's all that goes wrong (after the previous fiascoes), then they've done quite well. 
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  11. Wizdom added a post in a topic Refunds   

    Daum originally denied my refund through Paypal. Their reason was they wanted me to check the compensation package to see if that would change my mind.  After reading their message it doesn't appear to me like they won't refund, just that they wanted me to reconsider. I did however say no, I was not interested in the compensation package (it is rather lame), and I would like a refund, then escalated it to a claim. I'm still waiting at his point. My guess is they'll get to it within the next week, giving me ample time to reflect about playing while I wait. At this point I've lost all the "hype" for the game & have no problem waiting for the refund. If they refund, I'll probably buy the $30 package & check the game out. If not, I'll charge back & move on. In the meantime, I can watch the game on Twitch and be plenty entertained. 
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  12. Wizdom added a post in a topic Who Still Plays Skyrim?   

    If I see a nice new content mod come out I'll check it out. Best game all-time IMO.
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  13. Wizdom added a post in a topic Launching a game 5 hours late looks really bad for a company.   

    Given this is launch, this is totally within reason. IMO
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  14. Wizdom added a post in a topic Maintenance Extended By 2H   

    This actually makes 4 hours extension total. It was originally 1200 UTC. I suppose mo money mo problems. Best they get fixed before releasing the hounds. 
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  15. Wizdom added a post in a topic Win = Lose - BDO Logic   

    Personally I love the fact that gankers get theirs in the end. What makes you think you have more right to farm there than anyone else? Your snowflake color is white like the rest of us. 
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