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  1. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

  2. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    lmao I hope this becomes a thing.
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  3. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    Interesting... I did play CBT2, but that was with a code I got from a friend, allowing me to try the game before I decided to purchase it.
    I'll be interested to see if they say this nullifies my ability to get a refund, despite not actually purchasing the game until AFTER I had already launched the client/CBT.
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  4. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    This page does not state that the 48 hour early access is included. It does not pertain to the issue many of us are having and I would ask that you stop using it as an example, as a purchase made when the page looked like this does not imply early access. If your page looks like the one above rather than below, then you really have no argument, unfortunately, and this is coming from someone who has the same complaint.

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  5. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    After a few hours, my support ticket was answered with a generic, presumably pre-scripted response.
    No mind was paid to my concerns and there was absolutely zero clarification in regards to the information I provided.
    Instead it seems they were more than happy to issue me a refund. Normally I'd be happy with such a no-questions-asked refund procedure, but in this case I was actually looking quite forward to this game and would have much preferred some type of explanation or apology. Perhaps in the follow up response, but for now I'm off to bed.
    I suppose at this point I'll use my refund to pick up The Division and give BDO another look in a few months. Maybe then I'll decide to pick it up again, but at this point, I feel like this entire fiasco as caused me to somewhat lose my interest.

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  6. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    All in all, this entire ordeal has been handled poorly thus far. I don't expect any official response just yet, given that and issue such as this is likely going to require a carefully crafted statement from their PR team, but I also don't expect the issue to be resolved in a way that anyone affected will be happy with. At best there will be some type of "compensation" due to the poor purchase process, but even that is unlikely. Most of us will probably be given the chance to either get a refund or simply "deal with it".
    I believe it's best we just agree to disagree then, because as far as I'm concerned, reading the webpage and news sites should not be required in order to get special details and cut-off dates related to my purchase. If that's the case, then such pages should be linked and provided to me as "additional details" or some such at some point during my transaction. My main complaint isn't even that the dates were cut off before the "official" launch, as a company I feel they have a right to designate when they want to stop offering pre-order bonuses, I have no argument with their choice of dates, but given that I made my purchase on the 28th and I wasn't informed of this, I simply feel a bit cheated.
    Actually, though I didn't have a reason to SS the launcher, I believe this was readily available during CBT2.
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  7. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    If you're going to quote me, do so in full. My statement was "I did plenty of "research" on the product itself."
    The game itself is the product here, and on that front I am well informed. The issue here is as follows:
    If you buy a car, you research the car and learn what others have to say about it. You learn about the product and make a decision. All good and well. Today however, you see that the dealer is offering a deal that says you can get this vehicle two days early if you "Pre-Order" it. Given that the vehicle isn't set to officially release for another 4 days, you place your order under the understanding that the dealer when then have it available to you two days early. Nowhere during the purchase agreement is it mentioned that this offer expired 2 days ago, nor are you informed about this until 2 days after your purchase. Sure, you're still getting the product when it does become available, but not as it was offered to you during your transaction.
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  8. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    I did plenty of "research" on the product itself. My qualms are not with the game, I've already played it and have enjoyed it quite a bit. The product itself is fine.
    The issue is the details regarding the offer of the "Pre-Order" bonus. The game's official launch date is 03/03/2016. I was aware of this during my purchase.
    According to the purchase page at the time I placed my "Pre-Order", 02/28/2016, the Explorer's Package included 48 hours early access. At no point in time was I informed of, alerted about, warned of or redirected to additional information regarding this offer's expiration. To me, a "Pre-Order" is in order/purchase made before the product becomes available. As of 02/28/2016 my purchase was made and my product was ordered, as of today, I am not eligible to play because the game has not yet officially launched, yet I do not qualify as a "Pre-Order". This information should have been made clear to me before I paid more than I would have for the product under the belief that additional benefits would be included due to the "Pre-Order" offer.
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  9. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    Are you attempting to tell me that a business should not have to detail the specific date that an offer is expired BEFORE I make a purchase that is already outside that date?
    If the purchase page, when I made my purchase on the 28th, had stated that the "Pre-Order" bonus was no longer being offered, then I wouldn't have made the purchase that I did. This information, however, was not provided. It is the seller's responsibility to make the details of a product offer clear, not the buyer's to go rummaging about their website for any possible information they may of "left out".
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  10. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    Which you are not required to view during your purchase process. This is a page that is entirely outside the entire process in which the product is offered, the details of what you are purchasing are defined and your payment is made. This page is not even noted or referenced. I understand what you're saying, but it's irrelevant to the issue at hand.
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  11. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    I've stated this various times, but this information was not provided on the purchase page, or at any point during the purchase process, meaning it is entirely irrelevant.
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  12. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    And that's lovely, but this information was not provided on the purchase page while I was completing my transaction.
    I don't actively use Twitter and I have had no reason to use the official forums until this issue began, so I never would have encountered anything other than what the purchase page informed me of.
    In fact, I often intentionally avoid using official forums for games that I enjoy, as the community is usually quite poor they are typically fairly toxic, as you're helping to prove now.
    This was not the case when I made my purchase on the 28th of February. It did indeed still advertise itself as a "Pre-Order".
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  13. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    You're correct, it is. The issue is that it wasn't previously. This information should have been provided before my purchase was made and it wasn't.
    In case you haven't noticed, there's been quite a few changes to the purchase page and other pages since this began.
    That's great for those who are looking to make an informed decision from this point on, but not helpful at all to those of us who made a purchase based on incorrect information.
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  14. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    Appreciated, but quite unnecessary. I understand exactly why I can't access the game.
    The issue is that this information was not provided to me head of time, during my purchase.
    Instead, I had to find out after the fact.
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  15. 3rd_1mpact added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    Then the purchase page should have stated that. Had it said this, I still would have purchased the game, but I'd have saved myself the $20 and went with the basic package.
    Given that their page stated I would get 48 hours early access, I decided that was worth my extra $20 and got the Explorer's package.
    Had I been properly informed before my purchase, I would not have made the decision that I did. Unfortunately, this information was not provided during my purchase process.
    Hopefully that helps clarify why some of us feel a bit wronged by this whole thing.
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