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  1. YamiYasha added a post in a topic <THEM> The Eternal Mist - PvP - Node Wars - Whaling - Discord [EDAN]   

    I was in before back when the game launches, recently got back to the game with some friends and actually grinded up to 50-51 with them. I'd really like to rejoin and maybe bring them along. I tried to DM Rei on Discord, but she hasn't been online so posting here as well for one of you lovely doritos to see.

    Also, I go by Zeta now, so my new character (a ranger) is Zeta6 as a BlazBlue reference. Good stuff.
    Edit: You guys are taking too long to respond, so nevermind....
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  2. YamiYasha added a post in a topic Trent suit is a "slight" disadvantage? You guys must never read "Art of War", even modern warfare officers learn from it.   

    Knowing your enemy has nothing to do with names or identity, nor does knowing yourself for that matter. Knowing your enemy is about knowing what they'll do. You don't need a name to attach this to, because they're right in front of you. If they take you down, it doesn't matter who they were. You lost and they won. That is all.
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  3. YamiYasha added a post in a topic Black desert is boring?   

    Educated me on? Actually, nevermind, your tone is coming off as very condescending and rude, so don't even bother with little ol' me.
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  4. YamiYasha added a post in a topic Black desert is boring?   

    Fine, smartass, let me rephrase that. A game he doesn't care to play. Better?
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  5. YamiYasha added a post in a topic Black desert is boring?   

    So, why are you here again? There's no point in interacting with a community for a game you don't even play.
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  6. YamiYasha added a post in a topic Pay to win   

    I know, right? Such a ninja costume. Can't even see them in the screenshot. =P
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  7. YamiYasha added a post in a topic Black desert is boring?   

    Wow, this thread has managed to make feel sorry for someone due to the community being a bunch of immature brats about someone curious about the fun in this game. So, why don't we just tell him what there is to do before we scare him away with are horrible behavior?

    Now, ahem, to start with. The combat is very well done, but you may not have much fun with it at first since you're stuck with PVE for a while and the mob AI is retarded. So, you should gather hordes. I find this increases maximized fun, challenge, and EXP. Secondly, the game is full of non-combat things to do such as sea exploration and doing various life professions. Not to mention, it's a whole world to explore. Since this is a sandbox and not a themepark, some of the cooler things you have to go out of your way to learn about and the game won't tell you everything there is to know. At least, that's what I've gathered about the game. For example, by exploring the world you can find grind spots in the mountains at secluded areas. Not sure if the same thing happens at higher levels, but I found a large group of harpies in the mountains and grinding was much easier there than at the story designated spot to kill them.

    tl;dr This is a game where you make your own fun, it's not dangled in front of your face.
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  8. YamiYasha added a post in a topic How much will the new classes cost in the pearl shop when they're released?   

    Every other MMO gave its new classes for free, why wouldn't this one?
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  9. YamiYasha added a topic in General   

    A Serious Discussion About the Game's Issues
    Most of these kinds of threads have been nothing but one-sided arguments or people whining that it's not WoW, they are often negative and unproductive. I don't know if this will work, but I'd like a serious discussion about what can be improved about the game and hope that the developers will listen to us. Though, that last part is unlikely if we do nothing but whine like usual. First, I'd like to bring up some "issues" and give my stances/opinions on them.

    >"It's a single player MMO!"
    While I can see why you'd think this, and I agree there are many ways they could make the experience more social, it's not entirely true. You can do more than grind together, there's guild quests for a reason and you can sail the seas together. Eventually, they're will even be shared mounts. I'm not the best on this matter, but I'd love to see it become more social without completely changing the game.

    >"The energy system shouldn't exist"
    I actually have no issues with it, but I also agree. Energy systems in video games is bad. However, it doesn't get too in the way for me, so for now I'm just really neutral.

    >"The mobs are retarded."
    I completely agree. This makes PVE feel like a mindless chore and something very casual. There's not much they can do to improve this with how far in they are and how many enemies they'd have to change, but introducing some new mechanics to make them more intelligent would be nice. For example, maybe enemies would react to sounds from attacks or their allies so they would come after you. Also, while a much bigger change that would require new models, enemies predicting attacks and then dodging would be amazing.

    >"There's no end game!"
    Not really, there's tons of PVP and life activities to do. But at the same time, it needs improvement in true PVE content. I don't want anything instanced, but new dungeons would be nice. I also know that dungeons are coming slowly with updates, so I'll update this when I see more of that.

    >"This game is P2W."
    This is a controversial one and I'm not looking for an argument, but I disagree heavily. All the stats on the cosmetics are very minor from what I've seen, but probably shouldn't be there anyways. When you buy them, you're doings so to look good and not to win your next battle. The Ghillie Suit is the biggest target for this issue. Once again, very minor, but the suit doesn't have much reason to exist without the bonuses since the majority of people bought it to hide their name and be stealthy. There's also this idea that energy pots are bought with real money, but I'm pretty sure they are bought with loyalties, which you get for free anyways.

    >"The OWPVP is flawed."
    Yes and no. The karma system itself is good, and so is the flagging, combat zones, etc, The problem with the system is that it's too punishing for anyone participating. If you die, you're punished. If you kill, you're probably also punished. The system should be more rewarding with a leaderboard or something similar.
    That's all I can think of for now, and I'd love for everyone to discuss each issue individually. Of course, one is bound to be the "main topic" for a while until we find an agreed solution for each issue, where I'd then put under "community solutions" and we move onto the next topic. Also, once we finish up a topic, it might be good for one of us to make a summary of the conclusion and put it in the suggestions part of the forums.

    Personally, I'd like you hear what you guys think in how the game could be more social first. As this is a MMO, this is obviously a gigantic issue if people feel this way. And, please, no whiny comments. I want this to be as serious as possible.
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  10. YamiYasha added a post in a topic <PETITION> Make processing energy free !   

    I honestly couldn't care. The energy system is fine in my eyes since I can do other things in the game while waiting for it to recharge. At the same time, I'd be perfectly OK with it not existing.
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  11. YamiYasha added a post in a topic will I like black desert online if I like only like pve content without doing pvp in the game   

    Ah. Well, in that case, you're absolutely right. My point is just that there's definitely dungeons. But, yeah, they are all part of the open world, not instanced.
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  12. YamiYasha added a post in a topic will I like black desert online if I like only like pve content without doing pvp in the game   

    You might want to go to Serendia Shrine, I found a dungeon of sorts there. It was pretty big, too. Not sure if it has a boss, though, since I would die if I explored too deep into it.
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  13. YamiYasha added a post in a topic The BDO killer   

    I needed this thread. Sometimes I forget forums are good for shitposts and giggles, not just listening to whiners.
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  14. YamiYasha added a post in a topic The game is pretty incredible, but what is your biggest peeve with it? (Just list one)   

    I'm torn between saying two different peeves I have with the game.

    1. You have to grind like a madman to stay at the right levels for questing. While grinding tends to be an issue in MMOs, it's especially seen here.

    2. The quests themselves are boring, though this is an issue in most MMOs I've seen.
    These are the two biggest issues for me. Other than those, everything else I have to see is less complaints and more "this could've been done better".
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  15. YamiYasha added a post in a topic Remove flagging/karma and extend safe zone to newbie area   

    That post doesn't disprove anything I just said, it's more of an example of what you're trying to fix than anything.
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