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  1. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

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  2. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic Authentication Server DDOS - NA   

    Unfortunately, you give me the impression that you don't understand how they work either.
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  3. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic Ogre Spawn Map with Screenshots   

    0.008 + 0.012 Soiled
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  4. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic Ogre Spawn Map with Screenshots   

    Hey there! Do you mind if i use your data to document my map? I'll leave credit of course.
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  5. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

    Heads up guys and gals! We've moved our map to bdocore.com/map/ as people have reported that the previous domain name looked skeptical, being based on my username. So we've taken this into consideration and decided to change domain name!
    This is a seamless switchover, so there's nothing you need to do, all of your bookmarks/favorites will still work perfectly fine
    We're still looking for people to help us document this vast world, so if you'd like to help, shoot a PM on our forums. Thanks!
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  6. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance May 13th   

    They better fix the issue where you can't mount your horse, or get out weapons. Here's how to reproduce this;
    Click the button to display your underwear in someone elses house, disconnect inside, then rejoin and leave the building. Voila. You are now -----ed until you figure it out. Wasted 3 hours unable to do anything until I found out how it happened.
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  7. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

    To my knowledge everything is accurate. If you find something that isn't let me/us know and it'll be corrected
    We are also looking for more people to help document, I can't do all of the coding, and documenting at the same time! If anyone wants to help out, send me a PM on our forum, you'll need an account on there to live document on the map. If you have any suggestions, please also use our forum, it makes it easier for me!
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  8. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

    Hey guys, just a heads up, we've opened our doors to start documenting gathering resources!
    For more info, click here!
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  9. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

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  10. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic We are Family!   

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  11. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

    Me, and I also develop it, I thought that was obvious . Mao is in charge of keeping the fishing areas updated.
    Post here with submissions, it will be easier if everyone follows this format, I may change things round later, so keep an eye out.
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  12. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

    I've set up some community forums for easier navigation and organisation as it's starting to get cluttered. Opting for this method as it'll let me keep tabs on pending data, incorrect information and easier discussions!
    Check it out!
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  13. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

    Nobody's suggested anything to me.
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  14. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic BDO Community Map   

    Please ignore any missing images for the time being, I re-coded the gathering/production types, and now we've got a job ahead of us 
    All sorted, thanks for the hard work guys  
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  15. Phoenixf129 added a post in a topic BDFishers.com   

    Christ, I thought I had enough drama when I was in the Garry's Mod community. Obviously not. 
    That's obviously a shameless dig at the map I'm developing. Sorry, I've stayed completely neutral in this matter until now, but you've gone and offended me. We could have all got along and worked together on our common interests, but your ego and desire to control (from just this thread) has confirmed my judgement. You are destroying your own reputation.
    I've had enough of hearing you cause issues not just for yourself, but for others. You actively try to manipulate others and when you don't get your way you spit your dummy out. Grow up man, it's a game, not a business.
    Let's cut to the chase here, you claim to be innocent but you are far from it. I once extended my hand to you about the map we are actively developing, which you could have taken me up on at any time. Now I retract that offer, I don't want to work with people like you.
    For example, you joined my teamspeak. We spoke about a few of my projects (one being bdguilds.com- similar to bdfishers no?), spoke about the map, what I was going to be adding, the features I was working on at the time (the map was very immature). You can call me a liar, of course I have no proof, I don't expect to have to record my conversations with other users, however it will just further confirm my evaluation of you. You've attempted to build a community based on underhanded actions, insults and backhanding others. This is not going to bode well for you in the end, you need to change your attitude towards others. Don't worry about the DDoS, it's not just you being attacked, however you should definitely look at protecting yourself more, cloudflare is a good start, but someone who's determined will find a way. You make them more determined by acting superior, vicious cycle.
    I've spent the last 48 hours integrating all the features a fisher would ever want, and if there's something missing, you can bet that i'm working on it.
    I'm not here to open a kettle of clownfish, however you've overstepped your mark and you are clearly not equipped to run such a website. If you want to change my opinion of you, then take my advice, grow up.
    On another note, if anyone other than konggal wants to help out and contribute, instead of falling prey to this shit-fest, join my discord and we'll have a chat, just watch out for the music bot, it's loud.
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