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  1. Nuiloa added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    You could throw out the "hoe", Silver   (It hides in the Guild Quest Part of the text) 
    and bump!
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  2. Nuiloa added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    Awesome bunch of people, fun, easy going, passionate but no drama either - take being grown up to a whole new level
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  3. Nuiloa added a post in a topic Wir sind eine Familie!   

    Strandausflug mit der Familie
    und danke für's Event und Formular =^.^=
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  4. Nuiloa added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    Weeekend   Good Hunting, whatever you are hunting!
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  5. Nuiloa added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    Hey! I'd keep on liking but reached the daily limit...
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  6. Nuiloa added a post in a topic Event: MS Painting Ostereier   


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  7. Nuiloa added a post in a topic Event: Beweg Dich! 3. bis 22. März   


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  8. Nuiloa added a post in a topic when are you moving all the explorer packages to "pre-order"?   

    It's really tiresome... And it's the same over and over but none of the arguing helps with solving the issue.
    I don't even get why there are so many guys just trolling and harrassing -
    do you think that the way the company acts on "problems" just hits the ones you judge as deserving?

    Refund? Will not get me what i thought that i had paid for but considering the following i don't have many choices.
    It's similar with EULA - no matter what's in there... if you want to play you gotta accept. 

    >> And yes, anybody who is unable to play the game (and therefore unable to waive the right to get refund)
    >> can get a refund. And if not via Daum you can still try to go via paypal/cc cause temporal customer protection.

    The problem i am having with this is buying a package - same name/same price - with LESS content.

    I read about the 26th - in the woohooo 2 weeks old "don't miss the date" info... and i had contact with support
    stating that i was unable to pre-order cause paypal payment was not functional on the 22nd, after CB2
    when i got time to bother with it for hours... 
    Support apologized that the Conqueror package was no more available -
    yes, the 100 € pack was gone - no more possible to pre-order that but the others were still there... 
    clicked the little shields to get info about content but nothing happened 
    so i thought they just took out the expensive pack with the shiney specials - no more able to pre-order it -
    that's how i understood their "end of pre-order phase"!
    so i was happy to buy an explorer package - without any issues using paypal as payment method btw. 

    I was no more happy when i got the info about no access on clicking PLAY in the launcher on the 1st though -
    and that is because i felt tricked and cheated...  this is where my circle closes.
    I'd love to play but i don't see how this kind of behaviour builds trust into this company - cause it does not.
    Ofc they do sell their game to earn money - thats the reason for scamming too usually -
    i gladly pay for the game, it sure as hell takes alot of work and time and passion do create something like this.
    The people who bleed for it are not the ones who decide how to act on problems like this though
    just as i do not decide what happens with the money i pay the company.

    And to all the trolls and goblins: I can read for way longer than the average mmo-lover. 
    Also i got manners and have respect and compassion for other people - until they proof they do not deserve to be bothered with.
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  9. Nuiloa added a post in a topic Paket des Entdeckers - Vorverkauf- und Normal-Version   

    Ich fürchte dafür ist es seit vorgestern zu spät, in der cb2 hieß es schon es dauert 15 stunden bis Max-Level.
    Von den Stories kriegst so aber null mit.
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  10. Nuiloa added a post in a topic misleading and deceptive headstart   

    ...i "waited" cause the payment method i picked (paypal) was not working when i tried to preorder
    and that was right after cb2, days before the pre-order-phase had ended.
    It was working perfectly fine after the end of the "phase", wasnt able to access a content info for the same name and same price package though.
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  11. Nuiloa added a post in a topic Paket des Entdeckers - Vorverkauf- und Normal-Version   

    Also heißt das nun doch wegen Fehlkommunikation sind die pre-order-nach-Ende-der-pre-order-Phase Explorer Packages (vor Content-Info-Änderung) "gleich"
    oder heißt das "alles läuft wie geplant, wir sind noch ne Menge Pakete zum gleichen Preis für weniger Inhalt losgeworden?"
    Ich frage das weil ich nen "refund" davon abhängig mache - nicht wegen der dem Headstart, sondern wegen der Art und Weise. 
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