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  1. Boltern added a post in a topic Battle Grounds, Titles, Unique items   

    I totally agree with you when it comes to getting a unique item for every professions when you reach a certain level. The item you get should represent that specific profession or PvP and that would make it more unique. People may consider to level up a profession that they never touched before. Sounds good to me!
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  2. Boltern added a topic in Suggestions   

    Battle Grounds, Titles, Unique items
    Some days I dont have that much time to spend in Black Desert but still want to log in and have some fun. 
    I feel that everything I want to do takes time in this game. Let's bring up an example, Overwatch is a first person shooter game where your team fights against another team and a match takes about 30 minutes. Im not saying that Black Desert should change to a first person shooter, it's just the idea of being able to log in those days when you dont have much time and have some fun. 
    So my thoughts regarding this mather. What I would like to see is more Battle Grounds. I feel that red battlefield is lacking something and been thinking about it for quite sometime and my solution to this would be to add different kinds of modes, for example 1. capture the flag, 2. take over bases and then 3. team vs team(most kills wins). 
    And to make this even better I would add a PvP rank system to give you even more passion and exitment. Where you example start with rank 0 and can reach up to rank 10. Every rank will give you a different "PvP title" and when someone kills you depending on what rank you have they will gain a different amount of PvP points. The PvP points is like experience which you need for leveling up your PvP rank. When you reach for example PvP rank 6 or above you will be able to buy some unique items, let's say a cape wich only will be obtainable when you reach that specific rank/ranks. Shouldnt give you any stats or benefits, just a unique item that will make your character even more special. 
    I would also like to bring up gear scaling. I think that PvP should be all about skills and not about gear, atleast when it comes to the Battle Grounds. So every player should scale up to the same gear score when they join the BG.
    I brought up this with my mates and it seems that most of them agree with my opinion so now I would like to hear other players thoughts!
    (Please note that this is my thoughts and its okay if you dont agree).
    Best regards,
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  3. Boltern added a topic in Suggestions   

    New PvP features
    I like the way the PvP system works but there is some things that can be implanted to make it ever better. 

    The ideas comes from a previous game I've played named Tibia. It's actually one of the first mmorpg ever created so I dont blame you if you never heard of it but they had the best PvP system I've ever tried in any mmorpg. They didnt have exactly the things I wrote below but I took some parts and tried to merge it together with Black Desert's PvP system without changing it too much. 
    1. For example in World PvP,
    The only thing that happens when you kill someone is that your losing karma wich is great, but there should be some sort of punishment that gives you a cooldown on toggling off PvP. I think it's lame that you can just toggle it off right after and pretend like nothing happened. Maybe there should be a cooldown on 10-15 minutes before you can toggle it off. It wont only make you think before you flag on someone but also a chance for the other person to get their revenge without losing any karma. And that is fair if you engaged on that player first,
    BUT if that player tried to kill you first but didnt manage too, you will be able to kill that player without losing any karma like it is right now. And also when you are PvP flagged you should not be able to run into a city without being attacked by the guards, then players wont be able hide in cities because that would ruin the exitment.
    2. I have also a suggestion when it comes to Group PvP, 
    When you kill someone that is in a party, that guy will be able to kill you but also the players in his party if they are in the same area without losing karma. That will make people think before they act.
    3. Too easy to hide, 
    It is really easy to hide in this game especially with the Ghillie suit, so what I would like to see in this game is a spell book that you can buy. You can use this spellbook to find a specific person. So what happens when you use it is that you will get a text saying for example "<PLAYER> is north east of your location", then you can try to track that player down for a kill or just saying hi.
    This spell should cost alot of energy to use.
    I know that an NPC will come in a soon furture regarding the Bounty Hunting system wich will allow players to put a bounty on someones head but also revealing the spot of that player you want to track down. But it might take sometime til you reach that area and then the player that you wanted to track down could have changed location. So that's why the spell book would be handy!

    Press Bounty System below if you want to read more about it.
    Bounty System

    4. If you die with negative karma,
    If you die with negative karma you should have a low chance in dropping a gem that you have in your gear, trade items or maybe even dropping money that the other players can loot. It doesnt have to be all of the suggested items, but atleast something more to make the game even more spicy!
    But what I would like to see if this was implanted is that you can have higher max karma and maybe even slightly easier to get karma back after you have reached a certain karma(for example 0 karma).
    I would like to hear other peoples toughts about this so feel free to leave a comment below!
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  4. Boltern added a post in a topic Bonus EXP Weekend!   

    This is my opinion of the compensation event:
    Some people are not able to play during this weekend and there is already a gap between players. If you guys continue putting in this events there will be even bigger gaps between the players that can play 24/7 and the once that cannot do that in the further. Why would I think that the events will continue to appear in the game? It's pretty easy to guess as BDO i Korea have them alot of times every year. So please give us exp scrolls in the further so we can use them whenever we want.
    With this solution everyone should be pleased.
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  5. Boltern added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  6. Boltern added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

    Here is my music video:

    One night in Heidel
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  7. Boltern added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    3) A screenshot of yourself on a wagon:

    1) A screenshot of yourself on a mount:

    2) A screenshot of yourself on a boat:

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  8. Boltern added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Sezia
    Family Name: Thorgard
    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/F6k7yAf

    Incase you guys forgot me in CBT1 
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  9. Boltern added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character name: Seyla
    Family name: Boltasar


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  10. Boltern added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character name: Seyla
    Family name: Boltasar

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  11. Boltern added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    I agree with what Randombrick wrote:
    "- It's good to know we have at least one serious guild in EU."

    Count me in!
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