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  1. Dragonfly added a post in a topic Authentication Server DDOS - NA   

    Watch, this is Trion trying to end Black Desert, since Black Desert probably got the attention of all Trion players. =P
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  2. Dragonfly added a post in a topic PM Diary 2.1 - Party System and Energy Changes   

    This sounds very promising! 
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  3. Dragonfly added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    You monster ...
    My nightmares have new inspiration ...
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  4. Dragonfly added a post in a topic Breast physics, why... (tone it down!)   

    Who doesn't like jiggly boobies? Jiggly steel and metal armors is a little odd, but I think it'd be harder to code it to not jiggle based on specific armor types. All in all, I find this to be the most minor of concerns for BDO I've seen.  
    *spins female character around quickly*
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  5. Dragonfly added a post in a topic Vigor/Energy System [DETAILED Breakdown]   

    Love the OP's post. Absolutely perfect and I agree with everything he said. 
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  6. Dragonfly added a post in a topic CBT1 Feedback from an Experienced Player   

    Amazing post. I feel the same way, but I lost interest in the CBT1 only a few days in (been playing KR for about 7 months), and have only touched fishing since I found out the leveling was "broken." So it's really nice to see someone who wanted to feel the CBT1 for all it had to offer and gave this much feedback. 
    I'm a relaxed player, and I want to play for the fun of the game. The current leveling system really disappoints me, but I'm glad it was briefly mentioned in the Notice of CBT1 that they're looking into it. I hope the level-30 PvP was merely for testing purposes to make it more available to players within the short time frame of a week, but if it stays accessible at level-30, I'm more than likely going to only focus on the horses and gardening if I decide to play at all with level-30 PvP.
    All in all, amazing post, and I'm glad to see so much feedback! I wholeheartedly agree with everything you mentioned, and I hope this can help refine the release of the game to be at its greatest potential!
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  7. Dragonfly added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    Actually, this is a pretty good guide, too: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/2093-save-your-character-appearance-for-later-use/
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  8. Dragonfly added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    I've heard the character files are compatible from the different countries' games! When you save the character's customization, you can take the file in Documents > My Games > Black Desert > Customization and find the file called "CustomizationData." By hanging onto this file, you can effectively save and replace the data of several characters! I keep a separate folder of renamed files ("CustomizationData <character name>"), so I can save all my progress. Then I replace the data in the folder (and delete the character's name from the filename), and it works! I'm so happy that this is possible!
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  9. Dragonfly added a post in a topic <No Remorse> EU NA PvX   

    To anyone curious about joining: This is an amazing guild with really helpful people. As Black Desert was one of my first MMO experiences, they really helped me get on my feet and learn the ropes quite quickly. Some members even led me through the game step-by-step with more difficult quests. 
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  10. Dragonfly added a post in a topic <No Remorse> NA EU PvX   

    To anyone curious about joining: This is an amazing guild with really helpful people. As Black Desert was one of my first MMO experiences, they really helped me get on my feet and learn the ropes quite quickly. Some members even led me through the game step-by-step with more difficult quests.
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  11. Dragonfly added a post in a topic PvE Hopes & Dreams   

    PvE will be an easy-to-achieve focus through Black Desert. PvP isn't available to players until a certain high level is reached, of which gives a quest that actually activates the PvP ability. PKers will have a harder time in the game, and they'll be obvious to other players because of their red player name and red-shaded character. So I'm really happy to hear of this.
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  12. Dragonfly added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    I know, right? That's the most handsome giant I've seen. <3
    I'm really loving this thread!
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  13. Dragonfly added a topic in PVE   

    Horses Revamped: Assets to Players
    EDIT: So I just discovered the wonderful use of the horse skill "Wish" button. This changes a lot of my concepts, and I'm already thinking of so many ways to greatly simplify my big garble of ideas ... 
    As Frimber initially noted on page 2 of "PvE Hopes & Dreams", horse quests would be amazing to make your horse an asset as opposed to merely a speed boost. As I expanded on page 4, I rambled on about what I thought horses could be improved upon. Here, I have organized this concept (and copy-pasted a lot of what I said):
    As horses are in BDO, they are quite impressive. On their own, I feel they have surpassed the practicality of every other horse game I've played (yeah, you know; those girl-oriented, cheesy horse games, among others). What I would have expected out of a game with horses in it would be that the horses are nothing more than a single function, such as faster travel or bag space, etc. I was highly impressed to see the horse system was almost a game on its own; what is even more impressive to me is that this horse system is only a part of a much bigger game-world. As an avid horse-lover, I spend most of my noncombat time taming, breeding, and leveling horses, and when I find my perfect horse, I will keep going just because I enjoy it. While I know that BDO's horse system was not specifically designed to cater to horse-lovers, I feel it really has satisfied that field, too. 
    If my voice can be heard and my ideas at least considered with this topic (even if only for my poorly conceived ideas to be factually proven to be dysfunctional), I would totally take that chance. So that is the intention with this post. 
    What I love about the current horses in BDO:
    Entire character skillset dedicated to TamingAble to tame wild horses from Tiers 1-5 (I've caught up to T4)Able to revive horses from deathBreeding and exchanging for new horsesSelling, buying, and breeding market The fact that horses have skills and can level like a sub-characterSkill-gain chances that make horses unique from each otherAbility and practicality of each, individual skillSeamless combination of many skills Essential mode of transportation Beast of burdenHorse whistle to call horseAccurate motion and anatomyAesthetic colors and differences (including fantasy colors)What I'm not so fond of and would tweak if I could:
    Not much more than mode of transportationBeast of very little burdensNo self-defenseHorse doesn't have an option to follow characterNo aesthetic horse customization (aside from changing whole horse appearance to other existing horses)Mares only have 1 breeding countBreeding market is almost as expensive as buying a horsePurchasing horse skill change ticket is RNG (as of last time I tried) 
    And now for the big content.
    Training Quests: Three categories of horse skillsets achieved by three questlines -- speed, carry weight, and combat -- to help define your horse's abilities that expand upon the existing horse skills. With a new, level-1 horse of any Tier, beginning these quests would narrow the skills the horse is able to achieve, and combined with new skills, would better define different horse uses. Each category would be its own sequential set of quests, involving a potential training ground, like a fenced-in corral or plain. Horses that never see these quests would be the current horses and act as the middle-ground for the three categories.
    Quests in general would be really, really fun to do, as Frimber initially stated. I have no ideas to throw in for lore or story aspects of these quests, aside from giving an NPC a ride from place to place instead of leading them. I'd be all over horse mission-quests if implemented. 
    EDIT: Thanks to the use of the horse skill Wish button, I'm wondering if it might be more possible to have a few button choices when the horse born/captured instead of training quests. What I mean by this is clicking a "Racehorse/Speed" option, a "Carry Weight" option (unless Mules are implemented, see below), or a "Combat" option. No matter how it works in function, I would love to see these three options for horses somehow in the game.
    Speed: Every horse in the game has the potential to be ungodly fast. Limiting this to a type of horse would spice up and define the use of horses. These speedy horses would be both the prime mode of transportation and racehorses.Skills: Sprint, Instant Acceleration, Drift, Quick Falter, Start Acceleration, Quick Boarding, and High Jump would fall under this skillset, plus possibly increased cornering.Racehorses: The speed training quests would help define the potential for intentionally creating the prime racehorses.Carry Weight: In general, I just think that horses need the donkey's bag space as a minimum, and the donkey's would then be increased. Horses have been used historically as beasts of burden, although donkeys are sturdier. However, I'm on the fence of whether there could be carry-weight questlines for horses or just implement Mules (see below).Skills: Skills would alter a horse's speed to be slower, and increase it's carry weight and defense.OR Mules: Breeding a horse with a donkey could produce a mule that gains little to no skills, but has more carry capacity than both its parents combined. Donkeys would still be gender-neutral, but have only 1 breeding count. Once bred with any tier, level, or sex of horse, it always produces a mule. Mules would not be able to be bred (much like real life), be gender-neutral like in-game donkeys, be the same speed as donkeys, but have a carry capacity that rivals the in-game characters. Mules might also be able to wear horse armor or have a default high defense.Combat: This is my favorite of my proposed ideas, so I have a lot to say about it. The horse needs to be highly mobile with extremely easy turning and movement to help benefit mounted combat. In essence, the horse needs to be able to move over terrain like a four-wheeler and be quick in its own space, pivoting like a ball bearing. Low carry weight (current bag space) and only the default speeds of the horse types would be accessible to these horses.Skills: Lateral Movement, Hind Kick, N-Paws (forward stomp), Rush, Continuous Jump, Emergency Stop, Quick-Boarding, and the 2-person boarding would fall under this category. Additional skills could be a side-jump, a diagonal step, a fast backward-trot, easy turning, short evade dashes, and a damage-inducing, self-defense set of skills. Mounted Combat: This is done well, but I think the Rangers and Wizards/Witches benefit the most from it. It still feels pretty little clunky, as to be expected from mounted combat on the back of animal, but smoothness is something I'd like to see improved on this. I'd be eager to see any future developments.Middle-Ground Horses: Horses that are not used in the three training questlines would be the current in-game horses, still be able to achieve all the existing and proposed skills, plus have the only access to the skills that are not a part of the three questlines. Examples would be Caution and Equine Roar (Roar of the Words) which are, unfortunately, not as valued by players.
    I was also wondering if all skills should be put into two (speed/combat) or three (speed/combat/bag space) categories, depending on if Mules replace "bag space". This would still allow Middle-ground horses to have the possibility of all available skills.
    Self-Defense: Every horse should have a basic self-defense without the use of a skill, so I can do something nearby without keeping one eye on my horse and one eye on my tasks. Minimum of knocking back attackers repeatedly so the player can get there in time to save the horse.
    Following: Horse following would be absolutely amazing, especially for guild quests that require a lot of running around and gathering a certain thing. Getting on my horse and getting off all the time cuts into time I could be gathering, but I want my horse always nearby, too. And in that case, if I run into a zone with my horse following where the enemies attack my horse, the horse might start rearing, neighing, or prancing side-to-side to warn me of the zone. I realize the horse whistle kind of allows your horse to follow you, but I would really enjoy auto-following. I made this its own category, because I'm not sure if it should be default behavior, a new skill, or new Pearl-shop item. 
    Swimming: In real-life, horses are amazing swimmers, so I was a little baffled when I found out that horses die in water. While I understand the limitations of the game shouldn't allow a horse to swim to an island, they should at the very least swim really slowly. Then it's an annoyance when the horse hits water rather than a huge cut into your silver and the decrease of the horse's value. However, I am really glad that you do have the ability to revive your horses and that it does cost so much. I just think that when a horse hits water, it swims a lot slower than you do, so all you want to do is turn the horse around and get back on land. Heck, maybe swimming could be a proficient skill, even.
    Mare Breeding Count: Everyone who's handled horses in-game know that Mares are highly valued for breeding. Increasing this breeding count would make that even moreso, plus increasing the availability of new horses for new professions and uses. I think if my ideas are implemented to some degree, Mares and Stallions should have the same breeding count as to ensure new horses that a player can utilize the way they want. 
    Aesthetic Customizing: This is more for my own enjoyment than anything, but I was hoping for a horse customization. Knowing that there are set types of each Tier, I wondered how this would work. But after seeing the pet customization ticket, I have more hopes for this. I have not yet tested out this pet customization, but I've seen a German Shepard and Red Fox as pets, so I imagine it's quite intricate. 
    Horse Skill Change: I once purchased the ticket to change my horse's skill, but after seeing it was RNG, I was highly disappointed. I'm not sure if this has been changed with recent updates, but purchasing an item with money/pearls should be a guaranteed success, as I feel should be the case for all games. I'm fond of the RNG-type systems in BDO; they're done very well. I just don't wish to "gamble" for in-game content. 
    My only concern for my ideas would be the potential that they would greatly overshadow the other life skills, throwing the game's systems and focus off-balance.
    I understand that my concepts are only my concepts. I just hope to be a voice that helps the developers to continue to make the game as amazing and intricate as it is.
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  14. Dragonfly added a post in a topic PvE Hopes & Dreams   

    I really like this idea, and it's not one I've heard before. I can definitely see this, if implemented, becoming really helpful to protect from more than bandits, like PvP between cities.
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