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  1. Becareful added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    this is what happens when they copy and paste incorrectly. 
    can you guys please make use of the ctrl + z and the right click / undo method please ffs..
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  2. Becareful added a post in a topic Disable crystal breakage   

    complete crystalbind 8hrs please
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  3. Becareful added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Apr. 5 - 2017 *Update - 4/13*   

    **EDIT: nevermind I found what the problem was lol..
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  4. Becareful added a post in a topic Items are gone...   

    and this my friends is why gifting used to be disabled...
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  5. Becareful added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   

    they think disabling trading will stop RMT.. oh how naive of them..
    it still happens all the time, everyday.. Accounts being sold, Power-leveing, 24/7 account sharing getting gold farmers playing for you.. etc.
    the real problem is companies are too lazy to spend the time and money on actively dealing with RMT traders. 
    the truth is and always will be that there is no way to truly stop RMT... people make a living off of this, its a damn business.
    so should the community get this sort of collective punishment for something the companies cannot deal with?
    on another note, they already have "Bind on character" and "Bind on account" items.. why can't they just add this bind to valuable items like boss armors or accessories? 
    why not just simply disbale "silver/gold" as something that cannot be traded? Instead, they disable everything.. you can't even trade a single damn log...
    the steps above are what MMOs do now a days.. I don't think disable trading entirely is the right step and it's shady as hell too.. 
    greed breeds misdeed..
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  6. Becareful added a post in a topic Transporting from calpheon to Alta nova   

    is aids
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  7. Becareful added a post in a topic as a new player im proud of this   

    wow props man you did good
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  8. Becareful added a post in a topic Remember when it was just +15? (too much disparity in gear now)   

    when greed happens it turns to a mass of fcked up shit
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  9. Becareful added a post in a topic EXP buffs refunded?   

    rip 100% weekend
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  10. Becareful added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    potato servers for life...
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  11. Becareful added a post in a topic Fix this broken market   

    Just pretend this is a single player console game, oh wait, you dont have to pretend.
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  12. Becareful added a post in a topic New class new datamined skills ! 2nd of march.   

    fcker has hadouken... thats it rerolling
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  13. Becareful added a post in a topic Doot Doot   

    sad day indeed... guess you can take all skill points out now and put into something else
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  14. Becareful added a post in a topic my biggest fear confirmed   

    my guildie who has ass ton ap goes to bosses and always get sealed boxes
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  15. Becareful added a post in a topic Quest's going over multiple characters fix it please !   

    you'd think a game with 3000+ quests  would at least have a few compelling ones that tell a dramatic story... 
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