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  1. tengri added a post in a topic Project Manager Fired?   

    And he also did a lot more harm than good once he had been granted mod powers on these boards. For all he had shown on here to the public (post launch,  I dont really care what may or may not have happened earlier) he was "just a player"... and a player who could not handle the little responsibility he was given. No one will miss him.
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  2. tengri added a post in a topic Pre-Order starting to work but..   

    Yes, it does work...

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  3. tengri added a post in a topic Pre-Order starting to work but..   

    Where are these 10% bonus you added officially confirmed?
    I know on KR they said a bonus percentage would be added for a pre-order sale but the exact value and how it was calculated was not yet specified.
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  4. tengri added a post in a topic Dye + marketplace issue not being addressed?   

    Game-altering feature? Gimme a break, please.
    Still, I do would like to know as to why not all dyes from the shop can be listed on AH... they cost the same, they should all be allowed in the market.
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  5. tengri added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 22nd   

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  6. tengri added a post in a topic Fix the amity system please   

    Fix? That amity "minigame" is way beyond any fixing. It needs to be redesigned completely... the pathetic UI alone is using less than half of the available screen space and you have to "scroll" if you have... what... more than 8 or so choices? Come on, really?
    That crap needs to go. Yesterday.
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  7. tengri added a post in a topic 6/17/16 Patch Compiled List of Bugs [For Daum to send Pearl Abyss]   

    "Failed to receive" - transported items still way too often show up for collection before they are actually "there".
    And ofc the "transport complete" message was already received and the delivering npc transport wagon/ship has arrived/moved way past the town's station - but the item still can not yet be taken.
    Annoying as hell... and been that way since months. FIX IT FINALLY!
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  8. tengri added a post in a topic worker in garden   

    Each task he does (plug weeds, kill an insect) costs one stamina point from his bar. He will finish gardening and return home after his stamina has run out (or if you cancel his job earlier).
    And yes, he actually can get all the same stuff a player might get from tending plants... mostly weeds that is.
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  9. tengri added a post in a topic Latest Updates Failures   

    Yeah, and look what that got us.
    Besides the handful of "hardcore" enthusiasts who lobbied hard to tailor the game to their twisted likings the majority of the playerbase wasn't even around during beta to provide any input/feedback; and hardly anyone else was ever ok with all what they dreamed up for themselves. Really glad that PA apparently does not listen too much to the (very vocal) minority.
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  10. tengri added a post in a topic Do you want a Level 50 PvP Enable Quest?   

    Make it happen.
    Should have never been "broken" in the first place only because a handful "hardcore" enthusiasts apparently cried loud enough during beta...
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  11. tengri added a post in a topic How do I get the Mansha's graduation quest?   

    Greater than 52 means exactly that. Not 52 or greater. Level 53 (or more) is the trigger.
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  12. tengri added a post in a topic customer support GM's interfering with pvp disputes   

    Or... maybe playing a game that offers you the option to interact verbally (or in this case in written form) with other ppl is not really your thing. Could be as simple as that.
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  13. tengri added a topic in General   

    Why are there no Serendia soldier costumes for female classes?
    You are really hell-bound to never allow a female class to wear anything that's not oversexed and slutty, are you?
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  14. tengri added a post in a topic Fish Boat stealth construction change   

    New upper boundary for the boat is 2m atm (used to be 1.5m max).
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  15. tengri added a post in a topic Fish Boat stealth construction change   

    Best thing... possible max AH price went UP, UP, UP!
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