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  1. Neekz added a post in a topic running out of characters for fail stacks   

    hahah I'm just struggling so much with TRI that I'm scared to try TET because if I fail I'll be back at trying to go for TRI again D:
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  2. Neekz added a post in a topic running out of characters for fail stacks   

    what did you use them on
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  3. Neekz added a topic in PVE   

    running out of characters for fail stacks
    Currently mine are like this:
    currently trying to get to TRI on a vangertz shield. Failed on character 3/4 each going DUO-TRI starting at ~32 stacks each. They failed enough to end up with the amount posted above (3 and 4)
    trying to get back to DUO, failed on character 5 going from PRI-DUO starting at 24 stacks. Failed enough to get the amount posted above (5)
    what do you recommend i do if my entire entire account is full of overstacked characters? I don't think I should use a 35 stack just to get a DUO vangertz.. but over half my account has characters that are overstacked for the gear I'm attempting. At this rate, my whole account will be in that situation
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  4. Neekz added a post in a topic Axion shield?   

    nouver is never on mp due to massive op preorders
    do i need 2x RCE? Or one + tungrsde/whale
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  5. Neekz added a topic in Warrior   

    Axion shield?
    is axion acceptable if I'm using TRI Kzarka and PRI Bhegs? Do I still need the accuracy from Vangertz? 
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  6. Neekz added a post in a topic General Consensus of the Enhancement System   

    wrong. and for you to understand that you first have to understand that this game was originally intended to be a FREE TO PLAY, PAY TO WIN business model. the best way to appeal to a casual pay 2 win crowd was to use the RNG method. it keeps people addicted and interested, much like how casinos and gambling in general gets people to continue participating. people get excited when they "win" a "jackpot" (finally enhancing their item) so much, that they tend to forget the amount of failures they endured and go back to paying real $ to afford more chances at "winning" another "jackpot". it's a much more casual friendly system that caters to the original F2P P2W model this game was intended for. 

    if they had it so that there was no, or less RNG involved it could be something like if you acquire 1500 weapon stones you can take your item from DUO to TRI without the chance of failure. 

    personally I like RNG in rpg games, but the amount of RNG this game has is a bit over the top. my preferred system would be a revamp of the enhancement system.

    i would prefer it if each item had it's own individual fail stack for each enhancement and a "memory" system so to say.

    example: my PRI: Kzarka longsword would have a DUO failstack of 29 and TRI failstack of 18
    because i failed DUO enough times to reach a 29 stack and failed TRI enough times to reach 18
    these would be seperate from each other and would never reset. they would also never cap. this ensures that with enough time and effort a person will inevitably successfully enhance their gear. it also removes the NEED  to make multiple characters to get failstacks, and the NEED to have at least 1 red character that can take a 15 item and let a guard kill them over and over until their blackstone pops out for another failstack attempt. the current system is honestly just bad design. 
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  7. Neekz added a topic in PVE   

    Losing My Mind Trying To Get Tri Kzarka
    Keep trying to TRI my Kzarka weapon... only for it to be PRI again
    i was told that having duo gear is not enough for valencia.. and i really want to move onto valencia so that i can grind harder and more rewarding things, but i can't seem to get just a tri weapon let alone my armor or accessories

    i got a 60 stack on my main (which apparently is "TET country" [LOL])
    i got a 51 stack on my alt (which apparently is also "TET country" [LOLLL])

    both started attempting TRI at ~30 stacks :[

    why would i try TET when i'm having this much trouble with TRI? i'm most likely going to fail TET even at a 60+ stack and have to get TRI again.. but if i somehow manage to achieve TRI in this lifetime i'm not going to want to risk it failing and going to DUO which it most likely would if i attempt TET
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  8. Neekz added a topic in PVE   

    How many failstacks for 18 blue awakening
    how many failstacks is max for a +18 blue awakening weapon?
    the chart thing I use is apparently only for greens
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  9. Neekz added a topic in Warrior   

    Warrior vs field boss
    Hi just coming back to the game after a long absence. I jumped into it and ran into a field boss battle against red nose as a lvl 56 warrior with all 15 gear. Didn't know what I was doing because even when I used to play a lot I didn't show up to field bosses a lot. Can someone post a video showing how warrior can effectively fight rednose/ bheg/ mudster/ tree
    preferably with awakening weapon and preferably recent. Or provide with advice (nothing like "make ranger problem solved") ty
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  10. Neekz added a post in a topic [Edan] Warrior Only 1v1 Tournament! Who is the best?   

    unfortunately your delayed actions in game take priority over ours because since they are client based, they come out later  they cancel what we do and overwrite them with what happens in your client
    so many times i read you, predicted, got ur back, but instead of rewarding me for it it just teleports me into a grab and I'm punished somehow
    anyway you're pretty good and I know you know what you're doing, just wish you weren't so god damn -----y :p
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  11. Neekz added a post in a topic Stop saying this is a PvP game.   

    there is no pve in black desert except for mindlessly killing easy mobs or field bosses with their only "mechanic" being: respawn at node at run directly back to the boss when he taps you once for a one hit kill, repeat 10000x
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  12. Neekz added a post in a topic When you're #1 in the server and can't handle one guy solo grinding   

    you guys are dumb as hell. he's level 52 berzerker and you expect him to fight a 56-57 dp wizard by himself.. lol.

    especially when the wizard can easily just call his other 4 party members if by some miracle the berzerker actually manages to damage him. 

    people saying "lol run like a -----" are the ones that would have lost xp and probably gems
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  13. Neekz added a post in a topic Looking for a game that fits to my needs (no enforced PVP)   

    1. BDO does not have pve
    2. The only "mmo aspect" that BDO does have is pvp, and since you want that removed, it does sound like maybe you would prefer a single player rpg
    3. i recommend:
    a) Tera
    B) World of Warcraft
    c) Care Bear Online
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  14. Neekz added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    Pvp is optional
    in fact, this whole game is optional. If you don't like pvp, play a single player game.
    pvp is the only reason this game is considered multiplayer
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  15. Neekz added a post in a topic Grinding is way too good compared to fishing   

    Huh so you're mad because fishermen don't make as much money as those who risk their lives fighting demons? Just checking
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