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  1. LaRode added a post in a topic Tamer-Is this a scam devs ????   

    seriously... learn 2 play!
    new tamer is amazing! love it
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  2. LaRode added a post in a topic Gvg and open world PvP   

    well. just wait for it and try it out then.
    i had gvg almost everyday with multiple guilds. all rather small scaled. i personally prefered grouping with my 5 favorite guild members and hunt down other gvg guilds
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  3. LaRode added a post in a topic Gvg and open world PvP   

    well gvg is mostly 5v5 - 15v15 maybe.
    sieges are zerg vs zerg
    have you done gvg yet? have you seen how it goes down?
    edit: there is also a 3v3 battle ground and more
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  4. LaRode added a post in a topic Gvg and open world PvP   

    of course fighting other players is your endgame goal. what i meant was, you shouldnt gank someone who is unflagged. this is where you get a penalty
    if you pk other players who are flagged as well you wont get a penalty. inform yourself.
    and yea. the games pvp is very tied to your guild. also, games like this arent supposed to be 1v1 solo games. if its that you are looking for you are wrong in black desert
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  5. LaRode added a post in a topic How good are tamers in the open world pvp?   

    in pve somewhere at lvl56+ the pet will also start dying fast. still tamers aoe skills and kd or floating combos are quite strong.
    about getting away while ganked in open world pvp. well getting away should never be a problem. turning around a fight requires a lot of skill but can then be easily done. while turning around a fight while being ganked, you just have to find the right oportunities to attack (superior hit and run tactics)
    just asalways while being ganked, your enemy will play overly aggressive so its easier for you to catch him on his weak spots
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  6. LaRode added a post in a topic The tamer conundrum...   

    low mobility? lol very wrong.
    and true. somwehere beyond +16 it kinda gets to who hits who first or who makes the bigger mistakes in movement kd and positioning
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  7. LaRode added a post in a topic Gvg and open world PvP   

    well first off all think about it as this. gvg, sieges and node wars are mostly about prestige
    imo open world pvp is punished to hard for the fact that this should be an endgame pvp game. however, the valencia patch. i am not sure what the guy you are refering to meant by that but over all its like this. in KR they introduced a patch, a bit later than valencia release, that changed the pk penalties in the valencia area (lesser karma loss and easier to regain)
    talking bout penalties, ganking unflagged players shouldnt be your endgame goal anyways.
    but so far, all we will have access to in release isnt considered end game. we will see what input we get to late game pvp with patches and areas introduced
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  8. LaRode added a post in a topic [Bane] - Hardcore PvX - Go hard or go home.   

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  9. LaRode added a post in a topic Tamer mini guide - by Tenrai   

    finally someone who doesnt just say "spam your RMB skill" thank you! i dont get why people think they need to rely on the whip skill^^
    from my side... i would say two of the strongest combos, or at least 2 of my favorite combos are:
    air kick into air combo (down + RMB)
    and knockdown "E" into downward combo (up + RMB)
    i also use the two palm strikes (shift + LMB) as gab filler between my combos to deliver extra damage.
    most important for playing a tamer is to always hit with the knockdown and air kick to start ur combo.
    btw. i was wondering why u dont use the consume beast skill for the 60sec buffs. i always use it short before my pet dies or whenever i have a summon ready. it gives an increadible momentum in either outnumbered fights or group pvp
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  10. LaRode added a post in a topic Question   

    cheers man!
    altho tamer got nerfed in KR, i dont think they make the same mistake twice.
    besides. black desert, even tho its gearing part is important, its rather more skill based. so master your class and be good. no metter which class imho.
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  11. LaRode added a topic in New Adventurers   

    former KR player
    hey guys, this is LaRode
    used to be a top tier pvp player in KR (5v5, GvG, territory wars,..)
    so hope to kil you all on EU as well. jokes aside, i played in 2 different korean guilds. now i am looking for an EU pvp guild that would pick up a BDO veteran
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  12. LaRode added a post in a topic CC Question For Those Who Have Played   

    also keep in mind. there are skills with CC where the CC part is disabled for pvp. so where a class has a total of maybe 4 cc skills, only 2 might work against other player.
    check the korean forums or the english community forum for the KR version for some pvp builds before rushing into the game.
    also u can get gear and crystals for ur gear which increases ur CC immunity. in KR people where having 50-60% CC resist on their characters. so there is no guarantee that in high tier pvp all ur CC that hits also does work
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  13. LaRode added a post in a topic Question   

    hey guys. i played a lot in KR and i mained a tamer. i played a lot of gvg all with +15 up to +17 gear.
    tamer in KR was not the best but a viable choice if u knew how to play her.
    besides the pet, tamer does a decent amount of dmg with her palm strikes for example. u also have a strong knockdown + downward combo.
    her advanteges are that she is fast as hell. combine her with some attack speed crystals and u r good to go.
    often what i did to initiate a fight is to get into right positioning and do the Q skill which gives u a big AOE if u use ur beast. with that AOE u can seperate players and full combo them.
    always consume ur beast just short before it dies. always get the Q AOE up when u have it ready. while ur beast is doing the AOE skill it wont get hurt. (KR version. lets see if there will be changes)
    also consuming the beast is giving the buffs to ur full party. not just you: atk speed, move speed, atk power, crit chance
    if u want u can check out steparu's tamer pvp videos. he also was one of the best tamer players and he got a lot of scenes where he is killing other player with 2 hits
    grab KD into downward combo into palmstrike.
    i personaly going to start out with the tamer, continueing with female blader (hopefully she comes out early <3) and going for kunoichi once she is released. my 3 mains that is.
    just a suggestion on the way. try to have at least 2 main chars in this game. makes ur life easier
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