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  1. Brandon added a post in a topic Fishing Hot Spots - What's the point?   

    Tbh they're the only thing making fishing a viable skill cash wise, and even then fishing is still outclassed.
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  2. Brandon added a post in a topic The gold sellers are really trying   

    The filter I currently use does its best to try not and nail actual conversations between people so I have:
    . c o m
    .c 0 m
    , c o m
    , c 0 m
    The last 4 remove the vvvv spammers as they tack on .com or ,com or some variation of it that I've already filtered. Though it's weird to me they're trying to get to people who are intentionally trying to filter them out. Clearly these people aren't interested.
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  3. Brandon added a topic in General   

    Grunil Armour
    Does anyone know if the AP the Grunil armour gives is bugged or just invisible?
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  4. Brandon added a post in a topic Crashing At Velia Fishing Hotspot   

    I wouldn't even give a shit really if it didn't lock me out of selling my fish for 10 min but I'm glad to know it isn't an issue on my end.
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  5. Brandon added a topic in General   

    Crashing At Velia Fishing Hotspot
    Does anyone else crash around the Velia Hotspot when swimming/boating away from it and back toward Velia? It doesn't happen all the time. I'd say 65-70% of the time. I'm just wondering if this is on my end or if everyone is crashing in this specific spot.
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  6. Brandon added a post in a topic How the Market is fail   

    No it isn't. It suggests that trying the SAME thing over and over again when it is unsuccessful won't make it successful. Not that trying again and again is a bad idea. Maybe you're right. Maybe they'll just implement the dry system leave it like it is and laugh straight to the bank. OR, they'll expand upon it and adjust it. We don't know yet. My suggestion is we give them breathing room and let them polish things first. If a month or two down the raod the market hasn't been adjusted at all, then we can start to get a bit salty.
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  7. Brandon added a post in a topic The spam & pearlsellers this shit is making me sick   

    I feel like this should be the catchphrase at the very top of the forums. Maybe then thread 8,000,000 of the same thing will see it, and think "huh, maybe I'm not the only one" and instead do something more productive like sit in a wooden chair, place a wet paintbrush littered with paint up against a wall, stroke it across the very same wall, place the brush down, then watch the paint dry.
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  8. Brandon added a post in a topic How the Market is fail   

    We do. The idea is to regulate the market to allow it to adjust itself. (See: Runescape G.E). Prices can be heavily manipulated, but only by players. I think if it is done similar to that, prices will be okay. Especially for resources. If they sit on their hands though and leave it as it is, there will be issues. I am assuming for now they won't.
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  9. Brandon added a post in a topic How the Market is fail   

    That's a misquote so we're clear. He never said that. Especially since he spoke mostly German and it wouldn't translate like that in English even if he did say it. Also not the actual definition of insanity. It's more of a statement used for dramatic effect.
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  10. Brandon added a post in a topic How the Market is fail   

    It's like talking to a wall with the ability to type.
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  11. Brandon added a post in a topic How the Market is fail   

    That is what they're TRYING to avoid in this version. Can you at least let them try? You can have a tight-nit economy that'll take some work and end up probably acceptable, or you can have a messed up economy dominated by bots with all prices horribly crushed, and gold sellers tenfold worse than they are now. I say give them a solid month or two to work kinks out before you piss in their corn flakes.
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  12. Brandon added a post in a topic Why is this game B2P?   

    The actual reason? Return on initial investment. I ASSURE you it'll go F2P in about a year. This happens all the time. The B2P scheme allows a stable launch, allows return on investment, a stranglehold on bot accounts initially, and a clear idea on the actual demand of the game. These are the main reasons.
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  13. Brandon added a post in a topic How the Market is fail   

    Why? One can take time, be adjusted and fixed. The other leads to under-inflated prices and mass amounts of items + players walking around a day after they join the game in the best possible gear. A result that will within but a month will forever rock the prices of items until the day this game dies. as well as alienate players trying to play legit. You say that as someone who clearly hasn't seen a game be totally dominated by bots. You shouldn't bite the hand that's feeding you.
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  14. Brandon added a post in a topic How the Market is fail   

    The whole purpose of the market being the way it is has a reason I assume many have figured out. It is to remove abuse + bots + gold-selling as much as possible. They didn't just make the market that way because they wanted to ruin your day. 
    There's issues, the market is bad, prices don't fluctuate fast enough (if at all?) They know this, I'm sure. It'll take some time but I think most items (save very specific things like the horse example in the first post,) but I think that's a price to be paid for the inconvenience gold sellers and bots have. Yes, it isn't perfect and bots are still finding a way around things. This is also probably noted too and will be remedied. This post isn't original or realistically helpful. Seriously, where are the forum mods that lock stuff like this?
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  15. Brandon added a topic in Suggestions   

    Marketplace And Spammers Suggestion
    The recent patch notes increased the amount you could type in a message in world chat but also raised the energy cost of spammed messages. This unfortunately had unintended results. What ended up happening is now spammers are allowed to totally fill up the chat box with their spam so it is much harder to ignore. Sure they cannot spam as much, but the size in which they spam actually makes the chat unreadable at times.
    What do I recommend to remedy the issue?
    A) I recommend we revert the changes of both the increased energy amount for spammed messages and lower the amount we can type again. Then, I recommend that chat banning not cost 30 energy. This is too punishing for players. That is 90 minutes of energy that is better spent on literally anything else. I recommend it cost 5, and need to be reported by 5 players before it is investigated (not an immediate ban.) This obviously will require someone on your team to sort through spam messages a lot, and can be overwhelming.
    B) Why not create player moderation then? Super simple, player mods can mute chat spammers for 48 hours. This obviously has room for abuse, but if the selection is good in player mods then the amount of good they can do far outweighs the bad. P.S, it's important player mods CANNOT be distinguished in game. Reviewing of their bans may be necessary on a weekly/monthly basis perhaps by other mods to ensure quality, quantity, and legitimacy is maintained.
    I can see some of the backlash this may get, but honestly, if you have a better suggestion I'd be willing to hear it.
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