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  1. heroicfish added a post in a topic BDO just isnt meant for me   

    While I agree, an RBF or something similar that's gear score related based on tiers would be great for newer players to learn/practice/farm gems, it's that highlighted part that gave me a giggle.
    They're a game provider and don't really owe any player anything; it's up to the players to research and choose their products carefully, and be able to pick what they spend their time on. This is a niche game, and there's a plethora of information, including multiple "should you play BDO 2k17" videos on the game, for prospective players to find out if the game is for them or not. It's completely up to the player to decide if that carrot is golden or rotten before they spend the 4+ months to get where they want to be, and if that means at the top of the list with the players who've been here for over a year working on their accounts? It'll have to be worked for just like they did, though honestly it's already been made much easier than the game was on release. 
    That's the thing too; they're constantly releasing ease of life updates that have been making the game better over the past year. I like to think of it like Runescape, where when it first started out the grind was a -----, but they're already bringing it closer and closer to RS2. I keep my fingers crossed that they'll add a gear-tier based RBF too, but that'll probably come later when they've worked on improving multiple other aspects of the game. 
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  2. heroicfish added a post in a topic The new gunner class   

    good shit
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  3. heroicfish added a post in a topic Game got jokes   

    lmfao, good shit 
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  4. heroicfish added a post in a topic Game got jokes   

    thx bb, but i broke the windows srry bout it
    resolution is good! I wish I could continue having the same, but personally it's not worth it ;D
    I'll try forcing, then, 'cuz I see no point trying with 25-30 stacks on more alts
    oh okay 
    Hah, I'm glad the salt goes both ways then
    you're 100% right, just currently, for me, it feels like too much effort for not enough results in terms of saving to progression. I don't feel compelled to keep grinding it out knowing I'll someday be spending billions on 1-2 AP/DP increases all entirely based around RNG (which clearly mine is quite shit), when I could instead keep enjoying mobas like you said and wait for an MMO that is not as much of a time sink for such small rewards - ESPECIALLY when pvp is basically one cc > kill.  so for now I'm just trying to grind an hour a day to get the login rewards (and having this hilarious RNG), and then maybe someday if they switch some things around I'll come back for more, or if not that's fine too, there's other games coming.
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  5. heroicfish added a post in a topic Game got jokes   

    You right, I logged off and will give it a few days to sink in 
    It was just a result of "I have 3 others past 26fs, let's just push it, it can't take THAT many more"
    oh no no, it took that many more, and I find it absolutely hilarious 
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  6. heroicfish added a post in a topic Game got jokes   

    Eh, I've basically quit, have only been logging on 30 mins a day for attendance so that if someday the game isn't a steaming pile of waste then I could come back. Honestly though, considering I can't even get a weapon above 13 so I can spend my daily 30 minutes grinding somewhere other than rogues.. really just feeling like none of it's worth it at all. You're both obviously right and I should save them, but still just wanted to share what an absolute joke this is.
    You're right, you got me, I totally have a reason to lie about this, haven't spent 2 weeks saving stones and shit off and on trying to get this bullshit to +14 by now
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  7. heroicfish added a topic in General   

    Game got jokes

    This is after 26fs on 3 other characters trying to get it to +14
    I really don't see why it's this -----ing hard when everyone I've talked to did not have this much trouble. 
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  8. heroicfish added a post in a topic Gravity at Nouver   

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  9. heroicfish added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    no shame asking, I know about a dozen people in my guild alone who've come back in the last three weeks and won't be getting any of the last weeks items 
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  10. heroicfish added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    Can we extend the daily attendance rewards too, for all the players who've just come back and won't be getting the nice rewards at the end?
    Seriously, there's tons of us
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  11. heroicfish added a post in a topic Buff tamer   

    I would play mine if they were buffed, but they seem too gimped right now so it's quite sad
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  12. heroicfish added a post in a topic Which class has most outplay potential?   

    if only they could be cute, I'd probly play one based on that description
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  13. heroicfish added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Classdoubts for returning player
    Hi guys,
    I've been back a few weeks, been playing on my witch who I just got to 56
    I also have a lvl 54 kuno who I'm working toward 56 now, and am wondering on the state of their awakening currently?
    I really like both classes, it feels like pre-awakening kuno kills stuff faster than my pre-awakening witch already, but I'm curious how they both are after awakening?
    I really need to pick one to main because I don't have tons of time to gear up both - hell I barely feel like I'll be able to gear up one, so picking one of the two is imperative.
    So yeah, could you guys tell me how kuno awakening is currently and how it compares to witch? Does it have good mobility like witch does now and does it have any good CC for group/small scale pvp? I really love small scale and large scale pvp so I'm hoping kuno could be good at both with their chakram. 
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