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  1. Neontides added a post in a topic [Levelling rush to win] Level 56 confirmed, so level CAP is?   

    Even if it's a snarky comment, it's pretty much true  I'll be impressed if someone makes it there though.
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  2. Neontides added a post in a topic Post your Goddess/God   

    Why not?

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  3. Neontides added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    Update: Decided to work my Berserker to 50 and changed his appearance a bit. Might even main him until Blader or Ninja comes out !

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  4. Neontides added a post in a topic BDO is Pay2win   

    Even if this was meant to be a troll post, this was the worst argument I've ever read. "You just do." Is a really silly statement. If you want to compete and don't play as much as people, just log in every day and use Loyalty to give you exp boosts. Even if you log in collect the loyalty and log out, there you go a step ahead already. Costumes give appearance and what a 10% exp boost, it's nice and all but it still is whatever. If you feel like you want costumes, there are in game ones you can buy just like the Noble costumes  there are ways around the buying stuff.
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  5. Neontides added a post in a topic Credit Card getting declined?   

    I am in the same boat as you right now. I was really wanting the new costumes haha
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  6. Neontides added a post in a topic So Daum nerfed my skills yet I have to pay to reset them?   

    That is true, but Hearthstone isn't exactly an mmo. I have play quite a bit of Mmo's where I never got any free respec. Which I am fine with but I do understand why you'd be upset.
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  7. Neontides added a post in a topic So Daum nerfed my skills yet I have to pay to reset them?   

    Shit happens, it's not only this game. Many games have nerfs and it upsets people. Just wait till they decide to buff, or balance out other things.
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  8. Neontides added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance   

    It's I guess you could call it a "hard cap" essentially if you make it there you are going to go through hell and back with grinding. If they were to change anything I guess it'd be the amount you'd need to get but then they would probably have to do that with all levels. So who knows what they will do with leveling
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  9. Neontides added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance   

    There is no level cap in BDO
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  10. Neontides added a post in a topic [OOC] Post your character Selfies HERE!   

    Why not?




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  11. Neontides added a post in a topic The wait is over, we are live !   

    Well, I don't actually remember where I saw it to be honest, So I am just going to pretend it probably won't be coming out and if it does, then I can just be even more excited when it does. Low expectations create great reactions for me
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  12. Neontides added a topic in US Guild   

    <Nobles> Edan - Recruiting Members - PvX Guild -
    Guild Site: http://blackdesertnobles.shivtr.com/
    Right now, Nobles is recruiting all members. Working towards expanding and getting established is our current goal and slowly getting active members to help run certain parts of the guild!
    Nobles is a guild that is meant to have a friendly and a competitive environment. Within the guild we just ask that you 
    A.) Respect each other
    B.) Don't Player Kill
    - You are allowed to bounty hunt and kill players with bad karma.
    C.) Be 17 or older for Discords voice chat

    Rules are subject to change but this is the ground we have layed currently.
    Message me if interested, or add me in game by family name <Ritter> or character name <Chancellor>
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  13. Neontides added a post in a topic The wait is over, we are live !   

    I mean they did say something about Blader within a month or two
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  14. Neontides added a post in a topic Maintenance on the 29th of February   

    It is also the nicest way of telling them something is wrong instead of bickering  patients is key. Still enjoying the game so much!
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  15. Neontides added a topic in General   

    Let the Flood of People Begin!
    For Honor and Glory! See you all in there on Edan

    Edit: Also forgot to mention. Let the Panic begin!
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