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  1. Zelius added a post in a topic More balanced after Awakenings?   

    No, but some classes like Warrior and Zerk get skills that help their survivability.
    For example Warrior becomes invincible while dashing with the Greatsword.
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  2. Zelius added a post in a topic Hi Forums, me here (✿◡‿◡) +19?   

    Don't you mean losing your weapon completely? ;o
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  3. Zelius added a post in a topic Hi Forums, me here (✿◡‿◡) +19?   

    Do it. No Cron Stones. Full Yolo.
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  4. Zelius added a post in a topic they might as well should sell gear upgrades in pay shop   

    I heard StarCraft 2 is pretty balanced and not p2w. 
    Everyone is perfectly equal and its 100% skill. 
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  5. Zelius added a post in a topic Hacker's friends...   

    Still don't understand why companies don't ban harder.
    Ban the IP, HWID, UniqueID, MAC, HDID, etc.
    Makes it very hard to play again without getting a new computer. Not impossible, just a lot harder.
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  6. Zelius added a post in a topic Why People Are Quitting Black Desert   

    Many of us, myself included are on hiatus until awakenings come.
    Awakenings will breathe new life into the game for me and many others but if people truly are leaving, one fact comes to mind.
    The biggest problem this game which is advertised as a sandbox mmorpg is facing is the fact that all the other systems are completed overshadowed by grinding in progression quality. 
    The horse breeder, alchemist, chef, shipwright, wagon craftsman, blacksmith, trader, hunter, farmer, gather, or processor are all but peasants before the mindless drone hacking away at sausans or pirates all day. 
    All other activities are simple, uningaging, and/or simply AFK practices. Instead of making professions a viable way to mainly play the game, they made them into what equates to side quests to fill time between grinding. 
    Awakenings will help the game only in that for most classes it will make grinding, the only viable way to play the game, more entertaining.
    As P2W as a game like archeage is, at least if you devote yourself to a craft, or even to piracy of others craft, you can make significant progress. 
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  7. Zelius added a post in a topic [Poll]Wall of shames for cheaters   

    I say go for it. Cheating scum should be exposed.
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  8. Zelius added a post in a topic Warrior top tier class/ best melee class in the game (BY FAR)   

    Doesn't work that way, friend. When there's a community consensus, and someone is trying to convince people otherwise, it's their responsibility to prove it.
    We don't have to do anything, warrior will get awakening, get buffed, and the rest of us will enjoy our class while you sit here crying about falsehoods.
    Even the koreans know warrior is weak. That's why KR buffed them today.
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  9. Zelius added a post in a topic Korean Patch notes 6/9 ( No more RNG stats on leveling)   

    Warrior buffs? Wut?  
    That was unexpected.
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  10. Zelius added a post in a topic Warrior top tier class/ best melee class in the game (BY FAR)   

    Sorry, but the burden of proof is on you. If your guildmates really are getting deleted by warriors in one combo without losing any health, record it and post it here.
    As it stands, Warriors simply do not have that kind of damage. Spinning slash and Scars of Dusk, our two hardest hitting skills do not have a down attack multiplier, and SoD does reduced damage in PvP.
    If you can prove otherwise, I'll be happy to discuss it, but as it stands you just come off as trolling.
    EDIT: To clarify I'm not saying warriors are morbidly underpowered, but to claim they we're the best melee class is just silly. We have some of the lowest damage of all melee, perhaps tied with Zerker. Our PvP damage is low, which is fine since we can build tanky and do our job in mass PvP. The ddrawback of having low damage though is PvE. Hard to get Field Boss loot, and farm slower than most other classes.
    P.S. @CM_Jouska can you merge his sockpuppet account with his main? At least come up with a less obvious sockpuppet name if you're going to use one, "OP_class_9999" aka irrelevant.
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  11. Zelius added a post in a topic Does BDO use VulkanRT?   

    DX11. No planned vulkan nor DX12 support.
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  12. Zelius added a post in a topic Fishing Issue: PERFECT catch = junk/bugged   

    I've pulled coalecanths with Perfects before.
    The perfect just skips the second minigame.
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  13. Zelius added a post in a topic Hey guys, me here (✿◡‿◡)   

    The problem is you can lose money on the investment. 
    I sent a professional human with 20 luck to do it once for lulz and lost 1mil on a 4mil investment.
    Would be one thing if it had guaranteed returns, but they don't..
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  14. Zelius added a post in a topic Why I quit (Did you miss this video?)   

    Gotta say, the chat channels on Uno seem to be quite a bit less active than even a couple weeks ago. 
    Could be people just grinding and not talking but it does feel a little quieter in game lately.
    Just an observation, not reading too deep into it just yet.
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