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  1. shadonic added a post in a topic What games are you guys heading back to now the BDO is going to be P2W   

    been playing GTA5 Online again with a few friends that left BDO.
    having ton of fun.
    we're all waiting for escape from tarkov tho.
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  2. shadonic added a post in a topic People are upset because the game will no longer be U2W...   

    games are all about time investment.what the ----- are you talking about.do you also complain to your friends for compelting their solo games quicker then you?
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  3. shadonic added a post in a topic This is not pay to win   

    blind fanboys are blind
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  4. shadonic added a post in a topic 30K euro charge backs are hitting BDO today   

    why is it criminal to do a chargeback if it's in the right of the person to do so?
    it's in the hand of daum to confront these disputes with them, paypal merely offers you help within 180 days of the items you bought.
    if daum doesn't give a shit, their problem, but paypal isn't that lazy and does care about their costumers.
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  5. shadonic added a post in a topic we need an account security upgrade.   

    looking back at their merits from the past few months, i am preeeetty sure their security system is run by a overdue copy of kaspersky.
    besides, as i've said a long time ago, it's 2016, most people own smartphones, create an authentication app and everyone's happy.
    also, just improving their security doesn't warrant you from getting your account stolen, that's another plus to authenticator apps or tokens.
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  6. shadonic added a post in a topic Ninja gathering - working as intended ?   

    it seems so.i used to gather hides outside the northern wheat plantation.
    at some point there was someone that went ahead and pulled 5-6 a pop to kill and gather them, the issue was, his gathering was so slow that it was impossible for him to actually gather them all before they depop.

    so i decided to kill less and just grab some of the ones he killed.
    i guess, never kill too many if you're gathering is weak.
    i just don't like wasting precious skins
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  7. shadonic added a post in a topic For players that bought the Ghillie Suit before the date   

    Retailer Basics 101
    never piss off your customers.
    Before the Game launched it was said that Node Wars  were to come around ~4 weeks after the launch without any notice of the Ghillie not working.
    Now they gave buyers a 1 Month Window to get a pearl refund although it was only recently stated that this feature wouldn't work in those situations.

    so, what did they expect?
    Just give a pearl refund and be done with it, nothing lost.
    They can be stubborn about it i guess, but what good does it do?

    I've worked at a retailer for 3 years in my past, and i have seen all kinds of retarded refunds, in most cases they got a voucher instead so they can just spend it on something else, in bad cases they got a slight reduction of refund/voucher of their original items worth and in very few cases there was no refund at all.
    seriously, we got a laptop once with a hole in the screen, obviously someone must've pierced it with something, and we actually took that back and sent it in to have it replaced.

    Customers are stupid, welcome to business, just don't screw them and drive them away, that's losing you more money and maybe further customers.

    but what do i care.go ahead and ----- up your own game lol.
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  8. shadonic added a post in a topic Epic Customer Service! @Daum   

    well, to be fair, many expected this feature to hit the game way early.just that it didn't

    Castle Siege and Node Wars
    They will not be part of the launch, but released with the earliest update, roughly ~4 weeks after launch. The main reason behind this is to give everyone a chance to get accustomed to the game, find a guild and educate themselves about the features before it gets ugly. J
    Also before the features get fully activated, we will do some test runs at the beginning once implemented, so we can fine-tune the settings at our end to provide the best stability possible.
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  9. shadonic added a post in a topic Epic Customer Service! @Daum   

    they smoking weed all day, no time to have a person actually sit at a desk and actually work.
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  10. shadonic added a post in a topic Pearls refunded for Ghillie suit change   

    i love this community.
    when the maehwa atanis costume got a slight change after a patch, people were in an uproar, screaming pearl refunds because of a very minor change.
    when the treant costume mechanics got changed (the tooltip does state that your presence becomes harder to detect, it does not state the fact that your presence becomes inable to hide your name in certain portions of the games content) people suddenly think that those feeling betrayed don't deserve to be refunded?
    double moral much?

    i say, give them their refund of pearls.a costume was purchased knowingly, it doesn't matter if it was for some benefit or not.
    the money stays with Daum EU and the player gets to choose a new costume if they feel like it.

    it's bad business practice to suddenly change a contract (bought costumes effect suddenly doesn't have effect, althought not stated so in it's tooltip).
    a better way to counter such issues would've been to give players temporary items to show hidden names (can't recall the items name right now) when Node Wars/Sieges would start.

    this is practically the same deal as with the Conq. Horse.Players have discovered it wasn't actually as good as a caught horse and got upset by it.
    now imagine you bought a costume for the sole reason to hide your name and have to discover that all of a sudden, it doesn't.
    put yourself in a new players hide wanting to buy this only to hide your name and the tooltip doesn't state that it doesn't work in certain aspects of the game.
    the most likely outcome is that that person won't be pleased and will most likely ask for a refund.

    if daum was aware that this costume made this community so sour about its effect, they either shouldn't have put it into the game to begin with or offer 1-7 day trials for costumes before a player decides to buy them.
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  11. shadonic added a post in a topic Feedback - Recent Patch Notes   

    Daum EU

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  12. shadonic added a post in a topic Hacker's friends...   

    this is fantastic.
    A+ level gaming lol.
    this game will break before it even had a chance.

    the longer daum waits to actually fix these issues the more damage will be done.
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  13. shadonic added a post in a topic ranger extremely op??   

    wanna know the secret to insane quick ranger kills?

    i'll tell you, it's actually......

    i wonder who in their right mind decided that rangers need to use mana potions to use skills, are they actually shooting magic arrows out of their asses?
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  14. shadonic added a post in a topic How do people get 300 points in battlefield??   

    when i was still a sucky 53 warrior i was part of a group of people ganking a wiz with 300+ points.i got last hit and went to 150 points or so.
    the point system means nothing.really.just do last hit and don't get killed.bingo
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  15. shadonic added a post in a topic Why do all MMO's go casual?   

    is the OP implying this game was meant for hardcore players?
    because last time i checked, spending more time playing a game doesn't excatly make it more hardcore.
    there are zero hardcore mechanics in this game, literally.zero.0.
    "RNG has failed me so many times, this game is so hardcore!"
    "that ranger spamming shotgun and Qstep killed me so fast with his 150+ AP, this game is so hardcore"

    lol, please.
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