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  1. Berakestor added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening!   

    Well Pearl Abyss is involved in C9
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  2. Berakestor added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

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  3. Berakestor added a post in a topic We can't have Nouver but newbies can?   

    ... They get 5 nouver souls that they can't even exchange. While we get tons blackstones, shards, memory fragments, a pet and 2 rng boxes where the worst case is the BiS ring, for the first box. Buhu they dont care about loyal players. 
    I would rather say they give out to much stuff. BiS should never be given out for free. Maybe,  just maybe,  when the game is so old that the marketplace has all the BiS, than they can give us a box. 
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  4. Berakestor added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    AGAJOC8-MNV6IK9-LPNO3L9-AA8A2  Didnt even play
    SJ95MIT-U6R489Q-P16B27L-LO143 Level 7
    8HVOHV7-MFNSLNV-2STO45L-AACSM Didnt even play
    SJ7GU6M-9NQ7F6G-SEUMAGL-0N5FG Level 11
        Why the ----- do you want a guest pass if you are not even using it or just use it for 10 mins. For real guys. Watch video before wasting guest passes.
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  5. Berakestor added a post in a topic Am i stupid to lvl and gear alts?   

    Nice calculations, but they can be cut down to this:
    5 Pearl items sold each week = 120million more money every week.
    It just has one big downsight. It costs real money. (100+ every week)
    Just do whatever you want. Have fun with the game. I myself started changing characters after I got my Tamer awakening. I started playing Kuno (really handy cause I can use my tamers mainhand). Than I continued playing my old Valk (case she has the Kibelius set A [bought when it first came out. Iam special look at me] and is a real Valkyire). After I got her up to a decent level, I started playing Warrior (And once again I can transfer my mainhand). Iam no where near competitive PvP btw.
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  6. Berakestor added a post in a topic Bought Tri: Manos Ruby Ring Merry Christmas   

    make it tet and sell it for profit
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  7. Berakestor added a post in a topic How to skip tutorial???   

    You can just skip the basic tutorial stuff. Like learning how to look around and learning how to take potions and such. Killing the mobs isnt a tutorial anymore. If you rush through than you can use navigation around lvl 12-13. Depends on how lucky you are with your rng quest drops.
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  8. Berakestor added a post in a topic Kibelius Set benefits   

    +1 "Limited"
    Ok for real now c:
    It gives you all bonuses.
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  9. Berakestor added a post in a topic People Killing Witches and Wizards trying to stop them from getting Awakenings   

    Ok. Suddenly "everyone" is like: Its an open world pvp game. Lol git gud.
    But when we talk about Karma and beeing the stronger one, getting the stop, THAN suddenly its unfair. Well kinda like that.
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  10. Berakestor added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    Please.. I beg you.. stop it. It hurts. But what you say is true. Blackstones never dropped from Gathering for me too.!1!!!11! Pls fix sonic fast.
    Seriously now. Blackstones drop from grinding. Sharp and Hard shards drop from Gathering.
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  11. Berakestor added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    Kibelius Set A - "Limited"
    Comes into the shop every week. (over exegerated i know)
    Seems like its in the shop forever now. Nice. Now Iam not Special anymore :c
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  12. Berakestor added a post in a topic Worth returning to BDO?   

    Ahh cmon. Iam getting annoyed by all those "Is it worth to return?" "Should I return?" posts. I can understand if people want a quick rundown for all the updates, but asking if the game is worth it is kinda .. meh.
    Gonna anwser your question with this.
    You enjoyed the game, but left cause other games were fun too. Why should you not return or atleast just test it out c:
    The game isn´t dead. There was a server merge a few weeks ago, now we have one big EU and one big NA server.
    If you are interested enough in the game to open a post about it, than I think you will probaly enjoy it. Especally cause you played it before and you liked it.
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  13. Berakestor added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard Awakening Pull limit   

    Ah now I understand. Thanks c:
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  14. Berakestor added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard Awakening Pull limit   

    So yourself still only pulls 7-8 mobs, but your pool/poison enables you to pull more mobs, right? Or do they just trigger for the duration of the pool/poison?
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  15. Berakestor added a topic in General   

    Witch/Wizard Awakening Pull limit
    Witch and Wizard can summon monsters that fight for them. Can they pull mobs like Heilang (Tamers pet) does? Can WIzard than pull 24 mobs?
    If thats the case than one of the big advantages of the tamer will be gone.
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  16. Berakestor added a post in a topic Tomorrow, 10 different dreams will get destroyed   

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  17. Berakestor added a post in a topic Turn off crafting motification   

    I dont know if there is an option. If there is none than just type /reloadui into the general chat to reload the ui.. duh and than the notifications are gone. I do this everyday after my afk horse training. (I stay in the map while training horses. Read somewhere that it helps with disconnects. Till now I only had 1 disconnect in about a week)
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  18. Berakestor added a post in a topic Chrismas Bundle - Information   

    yes characters are kept.
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  19. Berakestor added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    Yeah ban those. Yeah... oh.. shit..
    wheres my food? wheres my FOOD?????
    As a master Fisher. right?
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  20. Berakestor added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    Buy cheap horse > Realise that the horse is shit (no skills) > p2w the skills > lose all money cause horse only learns shit skills over and over and over > re-sell > Realise that good skills dont add that much money> forgot about 30% taxes > no money made > happy day
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  21. Berakestor added a post in a topic Stuck at lvl 49, 99%   

    I remember those days when I started the game
    It took me a while to get to out of Olvia and get to Velia, just cause there were players EVERYWHERE and the drop chance for the Quest item was shit. So after a few hours I got to Velia and I stayed there for the next few days, finishing quests like crazy, trying to understand the game. I watched some videos too, but they didnt really helped that much, cause didnt had enough contribution points to copy them. My friends that didnt bought the game preorder than catched up to me and asked the shit out of me. (They skipped some quests). I got to lvl 16 and went on my way to the next big city. Heidel. The one and only true city. Here is where the fun started. I got so many quests that I decided to even skip some quests, which isn´t really my thing. Then I learned that you dont need to do every quest. I started skipping the gathering quests, than I skipped more quests. Iam now sitting on just about 170 contribution points and 200 energy, which is kinda ok. I cant really do much with it, but its enough for Storage, some Connections and some Workers.
    If you really want to learn everything the game has to offer than you have to watch Youtube videos and dont forget to watch videos on youtube (this is intentionally). The quests are going to show you the basics of the game, but to truly understand what is possible you need videos. Videos are way more important here. The black spirit quests are going to show you aroung the world a bit. Did I mention Youtube?
    The game has so much to offer. Take your time. Explore a bit. When you go somewhere, just press CTRL + U to hide the UI and enjoy the graphics. (expect you play on potato mode)
    Some thing you can do instead of grinding:
    - Fishing, Gathering and processing, Taming and levelning horses (ok ok.. only a few people do this activly), Farming (well afk.), Cooking, Alchemy, Trading and more.
    Youtube videos. Watch them. Important.
    Take your time with the game. No need to rush to rush through it. It looks beautiful. (No one is forcing you to do as I say tho. Play the game how you like it)
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  22. Berakestor added a post in a topic Stuck at lvl 49, 99%   

    Hit lvl 50 yesterday. Just grinded for a a few hours. (with 100% exp event and without the 200% 30 mins or any other boosts). You just gotta know where to go. Well and you need a decent weapon. But who cares, that doesnt matter.
    You should probaly look into the quests a bit. No one is going to force you to do this, but it would probaly benefit you more than just grinding. They give you usefull stuff like Skill points, knowledge which will give you more energy, contribution points your going to need, inventory slots and more.
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  23. Berakestor added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    You mean using a guide?
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  24. Berakestor added a post in a topic Breeding two T7 horses question.   

    You will get a T6 female. Totaly. Everytime. Doesnt matter if T7 or T8. Always T6 female .
    No seriously. good luck. Please tell us afterwords what you got.
    T7+T7 both 30 - 30% chance T8
    T6 27 + T7 30 - 8% chance T8
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  25. Berakestor added a post in a topic Serious issue with drying things in snow?   

    "- 1 fresh fish can be replaced by 2 dried fishes and vice versa. "
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