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  1. Berakestor added a post in a topic Serious issue with drying things in snow?   

    you can use normal fish to make pet food. It even costs one fish less than.
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  2. Berakestor added a post in a topic BANABLE ? EXPLOIT ? Read Please !   

    Every new account automaticly has a 7day Trial now. Atleast for the time of the event. So basicly noone needs a Gift code now. So the only option to get the costume is to do it yourself.
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  3. Berakestor added a post in a topic liverto > kalis/yuria 3 months experience.   

    Didn´t knew you use Kalis. Just gonna give you my thoughts.
    Liverto has 2 Slots and gives 3 crit, while Kalis only has 1 slot and gives 1 crit and 1 attackspeed (Ultimate version).
    Livertos Dmg: 106-110
    Kalis Dmg: 93-111
    --> Less chance to do less dmg
    Ofc your dmg isnt going to skyrocket. They are about the same dmg numbers. (You killed Ogre faster with the liverto tho)
    Liverto probaly has more Accuracy.
    Kalis has Rain Protection. meh.
    your best buddy <.<
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  4. Berakestor added a post in a topic hi! dark knight?   

    dont know if troll or if real
    I want compensation for beeing confused! A T9 Full Fire Death Metal Pegasus would be enough I think.
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  5. Berakestor added a post in a topic KR patch note for 15th December   

    If this comes to us iam gonna be so pissed. Stop giving away BiS stuff.
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  6. Berakestor added a post in a topic FPS issue slight fix   

    Read a bit more than just the original text. Seems like Kakao already knows. And you dont know if he already reported it to kakao. He gave us a solution to the problem.
    "Large fps issues seem to be coming from the time when we got the new water system introduced, I know there was an FPS fix patch on KR 1-2 weeks after the release but I don't think we've received it yet explaining some of the horrible fps."
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  7. Berakestor added a post in a topic [HELP] money for value pack   

    Wont work.
    You cannot trade in this game (expecpt potions and food).
    Offering more money than the actually max price from the marketplace would be possible through the pre-ordering feature, which doesnt work for Pearl Shop Items. And here you would have to compete against other people that probaly would pay way more than just 10kk for a value pack.
    Your only chance to get a value pack is through winning the bidding phase in the marketplace.
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  8. Berakestor added a post in a topic [HELP] money for value pack   

    That was the amount of sold value packs.
    Its really hard (well lets not say hard but luck dependend) to get one. Many many people want a value pack, so everyone is going to bid on one and only one can win.
    If you dont know about the marktplace system than I will tell you:
    New Item comes in --> Bid phase --> no people bid --> goes to buy phase (can be bought from marketplace) END
                                                          --> you bid --> you win --> you buy END
                                                          --> many people bid --> someone wins and buys it END
                                                          --> many people bid --> someone wins but doenst buy --> goes to buy phase END
    Bidding isnt actually bidding. It means that you throw your ticket into the pot and after 40 sec one ticket is drawn and wins. You dont have any advantages the more money you have.
    Than we still have preorder. This is different thing and isnt possible for Pearl items. If you want me to tell you how it works than feel free to ask.
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  9. Berakestor added a post in a topic Dec 24th Siege war?   

    Yeah man Santa Claus comes to your house and gives a nice free Ps4.
    Which you can sell to get Value packs for Black Desert.
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  10. Berakestor added a post in a topic No more brand stones from Jumanji game   

    Brandstones :c I miss you.
    They nerfed Lauren Event? Holy. They actually "adjusted" something in the right way.
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  11. Berakestor added a post in a topic So how are you guys enjoying new mega super servers?   

    huh? the server merged? what.
    Iam still playing on Croxus Balenos.
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  12. Berakestor added a post in a topic FPS issue slight fix   

    HOLY SHIT. I Love you.
    The title of this forum is kinda missleading
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  13. Berakestor added a post in a topic Horse prices too low   

    (Dont take this too seriously please)
    If you want those changes than please:
    - Remove afk feature of fishing, proccesing and cooking, for example by adding a minigame to proccesing and cooking or makeing it so that you have to select the items again after you proccesed one item.
    - Add 30% chance to get a lower tier item from proccesing and cooking, 40% chance to get your items back, but less. 30% to actualy get what you wanted.
    - If you somehow die than your chances on getting the stuff you want gets lowerd to 8%
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  14. Berakestor added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Let the RNG be with you.
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  15. Berakestor added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    My first 3 T8 breeding tries (2 T7 lvl 30) gave me 3 T6 females. :c Now I have to start from T6 again, cause iam out of female breeding resets...
    T8´s cant learn Two Seater? Is that correct? If yes than I wont waste anymore time in getting a T8. Well lets say less time
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  16. Berakestor added a post in a topic How do I regain boss scrolls from bs?   

    If you used the scroll than its gone.
    EDIT: Seems like Iam wrong :c
    You will probaly get a new scroll after the reset tonight.
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  17. Berakestor added a post in a topic How is the BDO community?   

    Just join EU Server and come to the Balenos channel. The chat is full of memes and stupid people. You cant get a better channel c:
    *cough* Croxus ftw *cough* <.<
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  18. Berakestor added a post in a topic Fix Ninja Dandelion Market Price Bug?   

    Its always like this. The prices start at the lowest minimum price. It will go up soon. Somehow. Maybe. Hopefully. Totaly. Trust me.
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  19. Berakestor added a post in a topic New Bidding System Lowers Purchasing Power   

    I highly recommend to do it in a group. It isnt hard or anything, but you get 1 seal for every scroll that is used and you have a chance of an extra memory fragment.
    From a 5x5 run you will get:
    From your scrolls:
    15x boxes from which you can get memory fragments (I get about 25 mem frags) and seals (about 25-30 or so)
    5x guaranteed seals from killing the last boss
    5x CHANCE to get a memory fragment from killing last boss
    From the scrolls of your party members (20 scrolls):
    20x guaranteed seals from killing the last boss
    20x CHANCE to get a memory fragment from killing last boss
    When your unlucky you will come out with 6 memory fragments just from the scrolls (without boxes)
    The 3 days I made the relics. I always got above 30 memory fragments and about 60 seals.
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  20. Berakestor added a post in a topic Repairing durability on enchanted items +1 etc   

    Wow. Iam impressed noone had time to answer that question.
    So If you have a +13 Weapon with 20 durability left, than you need the same weapon +0 to repair 10 durability. I dont even know if you are able to repair a +13 weapon with a +1 or higher one.
    If your weapon is green than you can repair it with a green one. If your weapon is blue than you can repair it with a blue one OR a green one (You had to pay 100k or something like that before to repair it with a green one tho. I think they took the price for that away. I dont know. I always enchant at the lowest possible grade).
    The interesting thing is this one -----ing rod. That one that gets increased durability with every level. You enchant it to +something, lets say +3. You are happy as ----- and then you see that it really only increased the max durability. You still need to buy/craft another rod, just to repair your enchanted rod. I find this very stupid. You fail to enchant the rod? Okey here you lost durabilty. You succesed to enchant the rod? Okey here you have more possible max durability, but you will stay on the max durability you have right now.
    Small TL:DR
    Repairing max durability consumes the item and adds 10 durability to the other item.
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  21. Berakestor added a post in a topic New Bidding System Lowers Purchasing Power   

    If you want memory fragments than you can buy relics, books or scrolls from the marketplace and look for a group that does those 5x.
    Its gonna take a while to finish it, but at the end you will get about:
    30-35 from relics
    about 40 from books
    I dont know how much from scrolls, but probaly more.
    You also get Seals from it, that you can turn into blackstones.
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  22. Berakestor added a post in a topic Event   

    Well here in germany its 9:39 on the 8th right now. And I got my reward at 1:00.
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  23. Berakestor added a post in a topic How is the BDO community?   

    You just need one chatfilter to filter most/all bots. "Panda Shop" was it if I remember correctly.
    There is no level cap, but it takes EXTREMLY long to get past lvl 60. A few made it to lvl 61. You can sell cash shop items, but they wont give you that much money. You can easly make that money in one day. (24 million). The Value pack (or VIP Subscription) gives you various bonuses that are only convient. Well... execpt one. 30% more money from the marketplace. Lowerring your taxes from 35% to 15%.
    English is the most used language, but there are also options to only use/see german and france.
    Depends on what you want to do. If you want to be competetive in PvP than you need to invest much time into the game, but the game also offers many ways to get money while being afk.
    EDIT: Send you 2 Guest passes to test the game, so you can see for yourself how it is right now c:
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  24. Berakestor added a post in a topic maintenance   

    Dont know how to help you sry
    OH LOOK what is this? Luckly for you i found this premium website...
    iam sorry :c
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  25. Berakestor added a post in a topic Patch is up   

    Yep it helped for me
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