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  1. Berakestor added a post in a topic Extended Maintenence ohh .. what a shock   

    You must be new here.
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  2. Berakestor added a post in a topic Patch is up   

    patch got stuck at 37%
    Deleted Version.dat
    gonna see how it goes in 20 mins
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  3. Berakestor added a post in a topic Patch is up   

    delete version.dat and try again.
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  4. Berakestor added a post in a topic Daily/Weekly quests   

    Bhegs quest gives you the task to kill some Giants. You can click the daily quest, then skip the dialog and then look at the reward scroll you get.
    Bheg = Altar Imp Captain http://bddatabase.net/us/item/41550/
    Giath = Goblin Chief http://bddatabase.net/us/item/41549/
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  5. Berakestor added a post in a topic Warum ich das spiel nach nichtmal 30min wieder deinstallierte.   

    Also du hast eines der grafisch schönsten (bestimmt sogar das schönste mmo) deinstalliert weil es im hintergrund etwas meh aussieht. Ok.
    Bei black desert sollte man auf jedenfall die auflösung des monitors nehmen.
    Naja ich bin mal gespannt wie es hier später aussieht. Ich geh erstmal pennen. 
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  6. Berakestor added a post in a topic To all those crying about Dark elf not being "Dark"   

    But why is Batman a Female?
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  7. Berakestor added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    *cough* that screenshot was taken during maintance *cough*
    Edit: "tinfoil"  confuses me. Dont know if real or troll. SEND HELP
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  8. Berakestor added a post in a topic 150% combat and 120% skill XP not working?   

    In the patch note it says
    150% exp BOOST. For me that says 150% more exp.
    Would we wounderfull if someone could actually confirm if this is a typo or not.
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  9. Berakestor added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    Let yourself get killed (Ingame) and spawn in a town.
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  10. Berakestor added a post in a topic character slot is closed   

    Probaly this.
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  11. Berakestor added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    A train is good, but for it to work everyone has to help with it. As it seems only one server has trains, so trains will probaly not work anymore.
    The performance would also drop incredible. Just imagin 3 server instead of 1 doing a train on a boss.
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  12. Berakestor added a post in a topic @Kakao games   

    It says: "PC not allowed to use Monitor."
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  13. Berakestor added a post in a topic Post-Merger Awakening Titles   

    The first 300 people will get the title. They said it in the FAQ.
    Here the link to the FAQ: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/119305-faq-the-new-world/#q28
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  14. Berakestor added a post in a topic Should i cancel scanning files?   

    I bet with you that if you close your launcher it will restart from 0.
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  15. Berakestor added a post in a topic Boss discord?   

    I know that IHA has a Discord and it seems that there are 2 other Discords for NA and EU. There will no main one. You just choose the one you like more or you use both. All Servers will have boss calls.
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  16. Berakestor added a post in a topic Downtime compensation   

    I request compensation for not getting a compensation.
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  17. Berakestor added a post in a topic Why is the server down?   

    Server Wipe my friend. Games is getting reset to release state. They are going to republish all the classes and stuff. c:
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  18. Berakestor added a post in a topic refund question   

    Wasnt it that aslong as you dont equip them that you can give them back?
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  19. Berakestor added a post in a topic Horse taming for quest   

    "when its almost dead "
    POKEMON!!!!! Gotta catch em all! Lets go pikatchuuuuu.
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  20. Berakestor added a post in a topic Are there monthly fees?   

    Wow. I saw this post a few minutes ago and didnt thought it would go to this direction.
    You only have to pay ONCE for the game.
    So lets break down all the things from the cashshop.
    1. Pets - If your going to spend more money in the game. Get this. Currently you can have up to 4 pets. They loot stuff for you. Very helpfull (accesable from all characters) (You "can" buy them from the marketplace ingame. But your not the only one who wants a pet. Sooo you can always try but dont think you will get one. Its not who comes first gets the pet. Everyone has the same chance to get the pet. 5-8Million silver on market)
    2. Outfits - Gives you small bonuses (Visionrange, Jump height, Stamina, lower Death penalty (sometimes no Penalty), lower Durability consumption, Set bonus: 10% EXP) You dont really need them, but they look nice. They are pretty easy to get from the marketplace ingame (for about 25million silver, which is pretty easy to get). Downsight is that  you cannot really choose which Set you want. (Outfits are Character bound)
    3. Costumes - Different kind of Outfit. Gives you no Exp bonus and stuff, but other sweat things. For example. 2 Sec less cooking time, your name is hidden, you swim faster and need less stamina to do so... and so on. (Costumes cannot be bought from the marketplace ingame)
    4. Inventory and Weight increase - This depends on what you are going to do ingame. You just grind mobs? Then Weight increase is your friend. You are just afk fishing? Then Inventory space is your friend. Basicly its weight increase over inventory space. You can get inventory spaces ingame. I think there are 19 quests that you can complete. In the end you will have about 40-50 slots (Please correct me if iam wrong). Weight increase and Inventory slots are also buyable from the Loyality shop. Its going to take a while to get tho. You get 100 per day you logged. (You probaly noticed). (Weight and Inventory spaces are CHARACTER BOUND. You will not have those on a different character!)
    5. VALUE PACKS - Oh holy rngesus. They give you +100 Weight Limit, 30% more money from the Marketplace (AFTER the 35% taxes applied ---> You get about 85%), 16 Inventory slots, 16 Storage Slots, 10% more EXP, Distance node invenstment for 10 Energy, and unlimited uses of the Beaty salon to change your apperiance (stays after the pack ran out) and unlimited uses of dying your armor (resets to normal after the pack ran out). So? Do you need this to play the game properly? NO. Do you want it? YES. I just wanna remind some guys that there was a time before value packs. Somehow we managed to get throught there. (Value packs are... well kinda buyable from the market place. I mean you can see that they can be bought. Pets are very are already hard to get, but Value packs is on a different level.)
    6. The other things. - Mount stuff, Furniture and Dye. I mean what? Mount skins look nice. They give INCREDIBLE BONUSES like 1% speed... Yeah you dont need those. Not gonna write much about them. You just dont need it. Did I mention that they are expensive? They are expensive. Dyes? If you have a value pack then you wont need those either.
    So. Did I spend more money on the game?
    Yes I did.
    I bought a few costume sets (cause they look nice and they give that EXP bonus. I did preorder the game and there were no EXP events early. So the bonus was actually usefull.)
    I bought 2 pets (+ 1 pet that I got from an event).
    I bought horse armor, cause they look pretty.
    This black friday I bought a maid. A pet. 2 Costumes. and so on.
    Do I think it was worth it?
    Not really, its too expensive, but iam still happy i got them. If I see something that I want and that is actually buyable for me, then Iam thinking about it everytime I start/play the game. I just need it. Iam basicly "wasting" my money.
    The pets are really usefull and i would buy them again if I would start the game from scratch. (still to expensive)
    The rest is just convinient. I could do with 100 LT less. no problem. (I only bought one Weight increase with pearls (100LT)). Iam mainly grinding. I have no problem to take 30 secs of my time to go to my horse and dumb stuff in it.
    Iam better gonna end that wall of text right here.
    PS: If you quote this than... ehm put it into a spoiler
    EDIT: I like to say that 1hour of playtime =1€. Ofc this is not possible for all games. (I spend about 195€ on the cash shop + 50 € preorder package)
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  21. Berakestor added a post in a topic Are there monthly fees?   

    Thanks for pointing that out. I didnt even think about that point, cause the only thing I do, besides grinding is leveling my horses.
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  22. Berakestor added a post in a topic My Love/Hate relationship - What's yours?   

    and rangers and warriors and rangers.
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  23. Berakestor added a post in a topic Compensation needed for no blackstone event!   

    Iam just going to throw out what is going through my head right now.
    If there is going to be a blackstone event. What would the normal player do? Yep they would grind more. What would the hardcore player do? Yep they would grind more. What would the newbie do? Yep they would grind more, but also they are going to try to understand the game. Where do you think the hardcore players are going to go? They will go to Sausan and co. All those nice playes with high density of mobs. Where do they go if the spot is already taken and they can´t fight for it? They go to lower level places and farm there.
     So basicly your going to throw out more blackstones for everyone. But who will profit the most out of it? The hardcore players. They can get the best spots. Simply as that. Ofc new players can catch up more easily, cause they need less blackstones to level up, but you already get many blackstones from all those quests. You can do Sausan solo with 100 AP and some low enchanted (+11, +12) gear.
    Ehm yeah. cya.
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  24. Berakestor added a post in a topic Kakao, can we please talk about Karanda?   

    Iam playing the game again for about 2 weeks now. I never saw Karanda spawn. Since shes a world boss, she has an annoucment when she spawns right? Iam normaly playing from 17:00 to 02:00 UTC. (GMT+1). So she probaly spawns at 06:00 or so? I dont know. I understand that she is dropping the BiS awakening weapon and its really good that she doesnt spawn everyday twice, but her spawn times should be adjusted a bit.
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  25. Berakestor added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer in underwear and in combat stance
    You heared it here first. Or not. Well... gonna start now.
    To those people who bought underwear for their tamers... I got some good news.
    Do you hate it that you can´t do shit when you are casualy walking down the street in your underwear?
    Well I just happend to got the right thing for you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    You can even use your HORSE. WOW (naked outside town isnt possible tho :c)
    How to:
    1. Go into underwear mode (only availible in safe zone)
    2. Do W+F
    3. wow you did it. Your in attack stance. Good job.
    4. While in attack stance you can get on your horse/heilang. WOW PROFIT.
    You actually can get some nice pictures
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