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  1. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    Yes...because PVP-players would be happy with PVP, that's the most redundant statement I've ever heard.
    And nope, most class video's I've watched are PVE-oriented/mechanics oriented unless you specifically type in PVP.
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  2. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    This game isn't massively known here...It's very new. It doesn't matter what you've 'heard', you're not everyone. What matters is what they're displaying on their main site as majority of casual players are just going to go on it, read up on classes and stuff of that nature and decide if they want to make their purchase or not. Some may do their research but most won't. Then when they're forced into PVP, they get upset. "This isn't the fantasy world I was promised! What's with this forced PVP???" It's NOT there, it's NOT being marketed as a PVP game on the GAME'S ACTUAL SITE. There is zero evidence to it having anything to do with it...and regardless if you want to admit it or not, that DEFINITELY matters.
    You may THINK people go around doing their research constantly, but a lot of casual gamers don't, they see good graphics, they might watch a gameplay video on youtube, and then they'll check the main website. That isn't going to expressively shout PVP OWPVP, PVP PVP PVP! As I've seen hundreds of videos that have nothing to do with PVP, specifically class videos(which will be the most looked up videos for gameplay given, that's how many people will decide which one they want to actually play.
    The proof is in all the threads popping up like this one, if this person had done their research they'd have nothing to be crying about. Clearly they and everyone agreeing with them, didn't.
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  3. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    So you mean...it wasn't there when majority of the buildup to the game was happening, it was there for a very short stint prior to the NA release, and they removed it without a word and are not actively billing the game as a sandbox/OWPVP experience....And you're arguing with me that these people complaining don't have a case of deceptive marketing. Alright then.
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  4. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    That's funny I'm going through it right now and I'm not seeing anything like that on it.
    Overview, World, Classes, and Professions...Not a single little bit about OWPVP or sandbox, or GvG. If you're talking under NEWS, most new players won't look under that. That's irrelevant. I'm talking about the main site description.
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  5. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    So now you're changing up your stance. So you didn't see it billed in bold letters. Interesting.
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  6. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    Well that's weird as many various OWPVP supporters(Myself included) couldn't find it on the main website for the longest time. Avidly looking for it and everything. With various PVP oriented posts on here openly stating it's not being billed as that with zero people being able to at the time being able to point to it directly. But you were the one person on here whom saw OWPVP in bold letters. That's pretty crazy actually. o.0 I wish it was bold for us all.
    Hell even at this very MOMENT I struggle to see where they're highlighting OWPVP on the main site. 
    ....Which anyone can clearly see is the major problem. It should be one of the most highlighted and pointed out features. Along with the World, Classes, etc, they aren't pointing out it's PVP-centric and those that are looking at the game, they'll just see a very good graphical, fantasy MMO. I'm willing to bet a good portion of people fell into, hence why we have threads like this one. They want EVERYONE playing, not just the PVP'ers.
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  7. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    I was here since before the first beta launched. Their website did not indicate PVP at all. It was actually a huge topic that was brought up numerous times, because they were trying to draw more then just PVP'ers. It's obvious, the game is meant for PVP, but their marketing team and their websites went out of their way to NOT market it that way, hence why there's tons of non-PVP'ers sitting here upset. I was involved in MANY conversations on this fact. And it is indeed a fact.
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  8. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    Not before release and during their marketing phase.
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  9. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    Weird, this game's gameplay is much better then most MMO's.
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  10. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Forced PvP has ruined this game   

    Actually, that's false. They went out of their way to not market it as a PVP game anywhere on their main site or in majority of advertising. They wanted more then just PVP'ers.
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  11. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Blader > Ninja, game isn't dying.
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  12. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Their names are traditional Korean names, it's perfect as is. And lets be honest ANYTHING is better then "Blader". That was a horrible name, people made Bladder jokes all the time.
    Samurai is also Japanese and Musa is based on Korean warriors.
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  13. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    We did it guys! Have fun in the game starting the 20th.
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  14. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    I just did the same man, I wasn't insulting anyone or anything of the like. Just providing what I meant fully and in actuality. Some people even had trouble understanding despite multiple clarifications so you'll have to excuse me for any attempts at being thorough. haha
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  15. MikeHeel added a post in a topic Blader - Just out of reach   

    Given how this game works, a vast majority of people are focusing on one character, any others are alts that won't get nearly as much play-time as unlike most games, where there's a clear cap and only so much you can do, it's a LOT harder to reach that constant cap in BDO, as you can always continue leveling and progressing your character's many various attributes. Meaning...a good portion of players will have tons of classes they've never experienced and will be able to whenever they feel that main-burn.
    And when they're released with an expansion, the vast majority of players aren't leveling that class, they're checking out the new content on their mains. Though the new class might see a bunch of alt traffic regardless(because classes bring hype to players that don't care about end game or might like the visuals/playstyle of the new class better, thus transforming into mains instead.
    However, they don't stagger the class despite this....Why? Because there's zero benefit to doing so. People, will check out the class in their own time. They don't need a "NEW CLASS: ONLY PLAY THIS NOW!" Date, when they feel the burn and want an alt to play, they'll check out the class selection at that point in time and if the new class is the class that interests them? They'll select it. Holding back on that, is only hurting the people whom are planning on maining that class, the alt'ers will get around to it when they feel it anyways. As just because a new class is released doesn't mean 9 people out of 10 will suddenly decide they want to alt anyways, majority of people will just keep on progressing their mains, as this game is so heavy on progression as is.
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