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  1. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Daum needs to acknowledge the MAJOR issues with their servers   

    This is the exact issue I believe RU BDO had when it 1st released and used the Mega Servers.
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  2. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   

    Most up coming MMOS are F2P or B2P so you will have a lot of spammers spamming gold sells if the MMO is popular.
    There a reason why they removed player trading and so far it has helped
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  3. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Uh, help with 4k settings   

    Ya even with my 980TI I can play 4K but it kinda takes a dip in FPS. If I set it to the 2k option than I have no issues at all but I think the reason I see a dip in the 4K setting might be also my CPU since its the i7 -4790k
    Also you prob need to go into your computer settings to make sure its changed over for 4k and in your monitor settings. Even if you are set for 4k the game can still run in 2k just fine
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  4. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic You need to stop pearl trading.   

    ArcheAge died bc all the bugs, bots, gold sellers, hacking
    Try again.

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  5. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   

    And than would have a whole lot more spam going on
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  6. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Mervs pallet????   

    You clearly missing the point........
    Before you would been spending a lot more than 1k pearls to get the dye aka color you want since it was a RNG dye system.
    How the system is now you buy the pallet and can redye and have all the colors in game as much as you want. Not sure how long the pallet last but its 10 USD and if its for a month than thats just basically a sub fee if you do not like it than try to get the colors you want for free
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  7. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Housing Monopoly   

    Not p2w........ also LOL costumes are hardly P2W
    True P2W is when buying direct power from the cash shop and can only compete with cash shop items
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  8. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Question about Anniversary Event Candies   

    So where the scam at?
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  9. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Silicon Studio   

    I got the point...... but you still can not compare what Kakao been saying or advertising  and PearlAbyss and Silicon been saying
    Also they have been showing off what they been doing just they have not gone into what all Silicon will be doing besides what we have seen or been told. Clearly you missed that part.
    So again so far what we have seen this is what Silicon has done with the game......... Silicon has gone on saying more will be changed or improved but did not go into detail what they will be doing besides the Godrays and the other effects they been showing off
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  10. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Silicon Studio   

    Well from my understanding that there will be more options to turn up and down settings with the setup Silicon will be giving. Also PA if I remember said they will bring other optimization to the game along with what Silicon is doing 
    Where do you get Kakao??? The person is from Pearl Abyss not Kakao
    Also Silicon Studio even said they are also helping on improving graphics and optimization 
    They are working on other things just not sure what all is being worked on they atm been showing off the lighting 
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  11. TwilightAngel added a topic in General   

    Silicon Studio
    So here a article that MMORPG posted showing the video the SS showed off (not sure if this video been posted or not)
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  12. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Admit that the game needs a level hard cap   

    All games that release will have some type of grind
    nerp try again................ 
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  13. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic um wth? had 13 toons and deleted one to make room for new DK   

    Think it takes a few hrsa to 24hrs till a toon is deleted
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  14. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic Nexon or Kakao   

    Kakao gives 2 options however you mean Pearl Abyss...... Nexon is also is not just a publisher
    Looks at AIONs current age and release date....................
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  15. TwilightAngel added a post in a topic ANNIVERSARY EVENT -what about those of us who work ?   

    gotta be new to MMO's never met one company that was able to perfect do events nor cater to everyones needs and never had any complants
    not sure why we should care about you being british this just saying all black people look the same...........
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