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  1. Staic added a post in a topic 182 Raw AP Giant - NA   

    google some worker guides.
    The ones you REALLY need to get working are the mining nodes in mediah (outside altinova), the best way to get the materials you need for ultimate regrade stones, platinum and black crystals.
    As to dtiching saiyers, I personally wouldn't untill you are 56+, only because of the accuracy for pve grinding. Otherwise yeah get an oros for going above 15. I had a 15 oros and 15 saiyer even prior to valencia. I never understood everyones belief that we wanted all that DP. AP giant for life. 142/198 pre valencia, fk all your DP.
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  2. Staic added a post in a topic 182 Raw AP Giant - NA   

    My opinion of the gear you have above is obviously get everything 15 16 17, ditch the scarla and make/buy a tri bares (ghetto ogre ring). at least pri a schultz, ideally you want to duo or tri it unless you want a basilisk belt. I would honestly invest some time in getting crescent rings, but for now you want to get at least pri accessories. Outlaws are ok, personally I'd take pri marks. Get that grunil to ultimate, pretty easy nowdays with the 100% stones. Not sure if they have fixed the bug where you can't ultimate gear after 15 so do it before you try for 16.
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  3. Staic added a post in a topic B>zaka axe :^)   

    15 kzarka kills without dying and the fker didn't drop a single box for anyone.
    So yeah fk that shit.
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  4. Staic added a post in a topic 182 Raw AP Giant - NA   

    100/165 was below average before valencia released, sorry to say.
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  5. Staic added a post in a topic 182 Raw AP Giant - NA   

    Well I am now so far behind everyone it hardly seems worth the trouble to start playing again.
    Gfx card died about a week before valencia dropped. FML,
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  6. Staic added a post in a topic Playing BDO...right now.   

    I'm 40% through 56-57 just from shadow knights.
    Why? dem mark of shadows brah. Plus this game is fun.
    Only reason I'm not playing right now is cos my graphics card died. RIP
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  7. Staic added a post in a topic What is the endgame like?   

    End game pve is prety much grind grind grind for exp and loot.
    If you lag in main towns you will lag at world bosses.
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  8. Staic added a post in a topic Mark of Shadows drop exploit   

    I mean if you can't get his family name they won't even bother looking tho.
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  9. Staic added a post in a topic Mark of Shadows drop exploit   

    You know 5 in half an hour is entirely possible right?
    I have had 5 drop in an hour.
    Its reasonable to believe thath rng really loves this person.
    The inherent issues with RNG mean that such a drop rate is entirely possible, though unlikely.
    It's even possible for someone to get 5 in a row off 5 mobs.
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  10. Staic added a post in a topic Giant's don't need 20340254 seconds of chain cc anymore?   

    OP needs to invest in grapple resist.
    The odds of a zerk getting his 4 chain grab cc off with desync AND grapple resist is nearly impossible.
    You just need to man the fk up and get gear.
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  11. Staic added a post in a topic LFG 56 300+ Zerk   

    Should probly mention what server you on.
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  12. Staic added a post in a topic PvP is a complete JOKE   

    eh sorcs aren't that bad, I don't get 1 combo'd to death because I have 3850 hp....
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  13. Staic added a post in a topic 30K euro charge backs are hitting BDO today   

    I just can't understand the logic behind any company refunding such absurd claims.
    I also can't understand how someone can think they are justified for even asking to charge-back.
    I have only once ever asked for a full refund from a company, and that was because a I bought a car and 1 week later the engine literally exploded.
    4 Months is a long time to accept the quality of a product you have purchased. I'm just done on this topic. I'm writing his name down on my perma KoS list for any and all games. Anyone know his guilds name?
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  14. Staic added a post in a topic PvP is a complete JOKE   

    The points system is actually completely irrelevant unless you want to inflate your online ----- size.
    If your team wins, you get 5 seals. if you lose you get 1.
    Points only translate into your channel ranking, which is kinda irrelevant also since I know ALOT of the good/great pvp players don't even enter Red BG. Whilst it is nice for my zerk to log on and be top 5 in rankings it means very little. The true reason to play RBF is for the daily 200 energy and red seals. Gotta get them red crystals in valencia.
    Plus whoever the fk said there is no healer classes in BDO, you on some serious crack fool. Your entire frontline will melt in gvg if you don't have wizards and witches rolling heals on and off. Class that can heal whole groups/guild = healer, it's just nice that they can also obliterate people with mad aoe.
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  15. Staic added a post in a topic PvP is a complete JOKE   

    There is a 2v2 mode coming at some point. I don't recall atm if it was valencia 1 or 2....
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