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  1. Viri113 added a post in a topic Relic shards and Fishing   

    You fish at the moat in Keplan?
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  2. Viri113 added a topic in General   

    Relic shards and Fishing
    Has anyone noticed a drop in rate of the shards when it comes to fishing? i normally got 1 or 2 per steel rod with pro 5 fishing. but last few rods i have seen zero. Also, anyone have any tips on where i can get books, and scrolls that might be faster than trying to fish/farm for shards?
    • 13 replies
  3. Viri113 added a topic in General   

    Gone fishing and keep on getting D/ced
    Title says it all. Anyone else having problems with this? Fishing in Velia on my boat and i keep on getting D/ced. If I'm out fighting/gathering/riding everything is fine. Just when i go fishing i get D/ced.
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  4. Viri113 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    Make your mama sigh
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  5. Viri113 added a topic in General   

    Farms and sharps/hards?
    Ok so i have heard from others and seen in the forums that farming will net you some sharps and hards. Well i have been at it now for 36 some odd hours and haven't gotten a single one and i cannot figure out why. Guildies don't understand as well. I have 7 plane fences and have been farming the Top-Quality sunflowers and have lvled up to skilled 2 with no sign of stones. I have been pruning/ squashing bugs like mad and all i get are trade bugs and monks branches. Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong? 
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  6. Viri113 added a post in a topic Fishing Spots   

    Anyone know where i can catch belt fish reliably? 
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  7. Viri113 added a topic in PVP   

    King of pvp?
    What class seems to be strait up king of pvp? just wanted to see what yall think.
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  8. Viri113 added a post in a topic Ninja Awareness   

    Hey Crowleyz the funny thing is that the classes are ready. They have been in KR for a while now. With Daum doing the weird skill alter/optimization thing that they are doing atm it makes more sense for the ninja and the female counter part to come out asap so people can tinker with their skills while the devs work on all the skills at once. 
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  9. Viri113 added a post in a topic PVP Musa and Maewha Questions   

    Thanks Reavan for the replies. Do you have a tips for the Maewha?
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  10. Viri113 added a topic in PVP   

    PVP Musa and Maewha Questions
    Hey all hoping y'all can help answer a few questions about these two classes when it comes to pvp.
    1) I hear that even though the Maewha is better at doing more direct damage the Musa is better suited for pvp due to it having more CC's. 
    2) I have been told that the Musa's decapitation skill is far supierior to the Maewha's and can even one shot people when at 100% crystal power. 
    3) These toons have become more viable as pvp classes with the recent update.
    Are these true? Any insight would be helpful. And please no "don't play these classes if you want to pvp" or "if you want to pvp play a ranger or sorc" I would like to keep this topic on the Musa and Maewha please. Thanks!
    • 7 replies
  11. Viri113 added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance May 13th   

    Why are you guys doing this on my day off? Why do you keep on changing maintenance days? It is like you guys are just picking random days to screw with us. Do you even care about the game at all Devs? Pick a day and stick with it stop being so erratic on when you give us info and when you are doing maintenance and not at the last minute. #careaboutyourplayerbase 
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  12. Viri113 added a topic in US Guild   

    Looking for Small family guild in Owren
    50 sorc, ranger and valk. Have a 45 plum which is my main. Looking for a small laid back guild to call home in Owren
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  13. Viri113 added a post in a topic Harpoon Fishing/Deep Sea   

    I spent 12 hours trying to find a spot or even something higher than flyingfish but have yet to catch anything better than that. Did a lot of the "deep sea" areas i could find around Dalton, Eberdeen and Staren island but have not found this harpoon fishing to be worth while. Took a big chunk out of my boats endurance too which sucks for so little of a return. Im not saying that we should be given any hotspot locations but a confirmation that they are out there for the harpoon would be nice. Maybe even some sort of visual cue if we are in the area like seeing dorsal fins or breaching.  
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  14. Viri113 added a post in a topic Petition for Harpoon Hot Spot Confirmation and Information   

    I approve of this and would like to get more info please 
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  15. Viri113 added a post in a topic Harpoon Fishing Information   

    Bump and where were you in your video man? I see you around Dalton looking west but can't match up to where you were looking at.
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