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  1. Rinza added a post in a topic Wait for Grunils?   

    I saw that I basically said you are a moron in between the lines but sure. I'll read what I said.
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  2. Rinza added a post in a topic Wait for Grunils?   

    how am i kidding myself please explain.  This game's PvE content has a lot to it and the crafting system is nice.  End game is PvP but without the PvE income you can't pvp lol.
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  3. Rinza added a post in a topic Don't complain - read the Laws of the Jungle!   

    Those days when people actually wanted to win by bettering themselves and learning to fight back or knowing when to flee.
    Now a days it's like this "If I can't crush you I will cry on the forums till they nerf you".  Games don't get played anymore the games play for the players.
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  4. Rinza added a post in a topic Kalis Staff   

    Which is why I was hoping more knowledgeable people can come here and just post so I can figure it out but everyone wants to keep it secrets LOL.  If it's in the game someone else is going to figure it out so yea.
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  5. Rinza added a post in a topic Wait for Grunils?   

    This game is rich and in depth take your time and enjoy it.  The PvP is just a bonus =)
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  6. Rinza added a post in a topic Kalis Staff   

    I see well all my knowledge is from reading the description in game while i'm just running around trying to figure out all the mechanics.
    That is the reason i grabbed Kalis > Yuria because to me the description of the Kalis staff applies to everything and the yuria staff only gets a bonus to 1 thing while lacking the AP bonus that Kalis gives.
    This is just how my thought process went and figured Kalis should be better but like you mentioned no one really has any hard proof it's just a bunch of hearsay. 
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  7. Rinza added a post in a topic Kalis Staff   

    Can you explain I don't claim to be the most knowledgeable but learning more would be a benefit which is why I am asking questions...
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  8. Rinza added a post in a topic Kalis Staff   

    I will do that when I get home I originally got the Kalis staff cuz of the AP bonus but if the enchanting part if the reason then a lot of people didn't even think for themselves and jumped on the bandwagon saying yuria is better....
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  9. Rinza added a post in a topic Don't complain - read the Laws of the Jungle!   

    Law of the Jungle #5: You are never going to be a god. 
    Too many of you have had that time when you have those cute little adolescent fantasies about being a powerful, unstoppable killing machine with the title of Overlord while wielding the shiniest, largest and most phallic weapon in the game and laying out every single foe you happen to encounter through sheer invincibility. It ain't gonna happen- ever. (See Law #1) PvP isn't for people who like to play single-player games in godmode, spanky. You didn't come here to be godlike, you came here to embrace mortality. You aren't just here to kill other players- you came here to give them permission to kill you, to utilize advantages over you, to take advantage of your weaknesses, to leave you broken and bleeding while they /dance on your corpse and count their honor. If you came here planning on becoming the all-powerful king of the hill that no one can topple, you made a mistake. Even if you bum rush for gear when a new patch hits and go on a ganking spree for a month, the server ages, everyone's going to bunch up in the higher levels and tiers so guilds and players are going to be after you more than ever. You will never be safe again. The safe servers are still where you left them. 
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  10. Rinza added a post in a topic Kalis Staff   

    So now I am even more confused 1 person says it can be enchanted and the other says no.  Ok do we have a third opinion =D
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  11. Rinza added a post in a topic Elion's tear in OWpvp   

    It kills my wallet thats why nerf!
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  12. Rinza added a post in a topic Wait for Grunils?   

    Sadly thats all people do now a days is read a guide from some player who developed a certain playstyle and then posts a video.  Now you got everyone who read that thread post or video thinking "I'm going to do what he did and kick ass".  News flash doesn't work that way unless you have a similar playstyle.
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  13. Rinza added a topic in PVP   

    Game has been out for 2 years...
    Yes it has,  so go get a job as a translator and translate from Korean/Russian to US so they can speed things up.  If you can't do that then stop complaining about how slow the content is coming out.  Thank you.
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  14. Rinza added a post in a topic Don't complain - read the Laws of the Jungle!   

    If only people had this same mentality MMO's the past decade wouldn't be absolute garbage.
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  15. Rinza added a post in a topic Kalis Staff   

    Thank you =).  
    So enchant is when the staff goes from green +15 to blue right?
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