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  1. Toabsters added a post in a topic PLEASE EXTEND THE ATTENDANCE REWARD EVENT!   

    They'll probably have another attendance event after this one. Stop asking for it to be extended.
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  2. Toabsters added a post in a topic Server instability and AFK horse leveling   

    I recently started playing again and noticed that I can't afk level my horses anymore because of this reason. It never occurred before (I stopped playing a little before they released Valencia). I've tried several different channels but it still happens.
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  3. Toabsters added a post in a topic Manta Ray? What?   

    That's cool as -----. Gonna have to check up what else they added since I've only just started playing again. This gets me excited for the ocean/underwater content they're planning to add.
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  4. Toabsters added a post in a topic Flying ship   

    Skyship battles CONFIRMED
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  5. Toabsters added a post in a topic Post Pics of your couples! Spring is in the air!   

    Is that a warrior. Pls be a warrior. Nghhh so hawt.

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  6. Toabsters added a post in a topic Ninja Gaiden blonde girl. Can anyone make her?   

    I made an attempt and included the file in case you like it or want a starting point:  Ninja chick person
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  7. Toabsters added a post in a topic Create an Updated Me?   

    Fineeee....so I had made this like twenty minutes after I saw this post on Tuesday and felt like my attempt wasn't very accurate so I didn't post but here it is anyways...

    I liked the short curly hairstyle even though it's not accurate 'cause it has better curls.
    Ahni's is way better. They got your eyebrows down 100%. Mine are all pointy and make her look angry. Hopefully this helps though! She's kinda squinty too... Lynn

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  8. Toabsters added a post in a topic Board game... do not pass GO!   

    I recently got back into the game and only got to play it for a few days but it was a neat feature. I thought it was great that the black spirit board piece changed each time you made it past start.
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  9. Toabsters added a post in a topic Got any darker skinned characters? Show 'em off!   

    I'm pretty proud of how my ninja turned out. It was pretty difficult trying to make him not look like a really dark skinned Asian guy. I think I succeeded though!

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  10. Toabsters added a post in a topic Costume design contest - Korea   

    The Wizard one is probably my favorite one. And the Valk one they already released was really nice too! The Kunoichi heavy armor looking one and the Ninja costume are probably the only other ones that looked interesting.
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  11. Toabsters added a post in a topic Post screenshots of your character!   

  12. Toabsters added a post in a topic Whats honestly the point of MS easter egg event ?   

    I participated in that event and I got my rewards.
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  13. Toabsters added a post in a topic Game not right for me?   

    If you're not enjoying yourself, stop. You'll burn yourself out and you'll end up quitting out of frustration. Do what you like to do. I started playing with a group of friends and we would grind together for jewelry and experience to hit cap. I almost never grind alone for anything. I take breaks from BDO. I'll go play other games for a day and then go back. I also explore all the aspects of the game. Recently got super into alchemy and am taking up fishing again because ----- afk fishing. Find a guild if you haven't already. There are PVP/RP guilds that have pretty good players, at least on Orwen NA.

    Don't play anything if it feels like you NEED to do something. Do it 'cause it's fun. If you want to be hardcore as ----- then yeah you're gonna have to treat it like a job unless you enjoy grinding for hours.
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  14. Toabsters added a post in a topic Red battlefield map could use some... adjustments   

    The barrier idea seems like a good solution to the spawn camping. Or make the spawn point a more open area rather than a small box where everyone is easily cornered.
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  15. Toabsters added a post in a topic Named workers (Location and bonuses)   

    Really hope you get better soon! I've found both your worker and ecology guides very helpful. Rest up and best of luck!
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