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  1. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Collections   

    You could just sell them to a vendor in any town you want and save yourself even more time and effort as you could have it go straight to the storage you want.
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  2. Monkey80 added a post in a topic AFK Training logout, reducing the lag   

    Yes, lets think about others. We should take your idea and just completely do away with Black Desert being a MMO. Make is so that we are all in our own little world like before we hit lvl 5. That way we never have to deal with other players in an online game. We need to re-work all the creatures in the game so they are solo-able so we don't have other players digital presence increasing the polygons for you. Honestly, if you think your lag in city hubs is caused by people just AFK training or fishing, you don't pay much attention to what everyone is doing. You'll also need to get rid of the majority of NPCs that just wander around. We'd need to make it so that NPC vendors only appear when you click on a button to make them appear so to further reduce your lag. So yes, lets think about someone else other than yourself and stop asking for Black Desert to be made into a single player game.
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  3. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Very Poor Optimisation   

    Well, it took me a few minutes to figure out what most of your problem probably is. You've got a DDR3 RAM. Meaning, you've got an old motherboard. Perhaps you might want to upgrade that to something that was made within like the past 5 years. You'll also need to upgrade to DDR4 RAM. The speed of your new RAM will make a huge difference for you as well as having superior bridge technology on your new motherboard. From the specs you initially said your computer has and from when you claimed to have reduced the graphics and texture down to a low setting and were still getting poor frame rate, is indicating you have an older motherboard with slower bus speeds than the game was really designed for. Also, you should NEVER just drag application files from one drive to another. This is a great way to cause yourself registry errors.
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  4. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Chariots   

    What would the purpose of the chariot be? How would you generate it's speed compared to just a horse or a wagon? Would the stats of the chariot be effected by horse gear or would there be chariot gear similar to a wagon. Can't be the same as a wagon, as the wagon's gear, except for the wheel, is designed for trade goods.
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  5. Monkey80 added a post in a topic AFK Training logout, reducing the lag   

    For strength and breath training, this might work. But for horse training, who sits just riding a horse back and forth in the small cities? I set up a path from Calpheon to Alitnova. If you are really concerned about the lag, then you shouldn't be doing your training in a city where people normally group up. There are dozens of other quiet places that get little to no traffic to do your training at. Perhaps a rework of your idea would be good.
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  6. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Horse Breeding - Rare Drop - TWINS!   

    There can be issues with this. Say you're breeding in a stable that you've only got 3 slots in. You've got your mare and your stud in it obviously. But now your mare just had twins and you've only got 1 slot left. You can't remove the mare or stud yet. So which twin do you just release into the wild getting absolutely nothing from? How much cursing did you just do because you got the rare drop and couldn't actually receive it? It's a nice idea, but has a major flaw that will probably prevent it from ever being implemented.
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  7. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Costume/Outfit/Gear Profiles   

    I'm for some type of system to be implemented to help manage outfits. As well as someplace to be able to store outfits. Even if it needs to be a pearl shop wardrobe that you put in your residence to use. The wardrobe system with another MMO, you got like 16 slots to save outfits. Then you'd open it up and be able to click on whatever saved outfit you wanted and it equipped with 1 button. So you equip your mix-matched sets how you like them, save it, and then can equip that saved set whenever you want, (as long as you're idle. Perhaps needing to be in a safe zone as well.)
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  8. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Revise Loot System on Regular Mobs   

    I find people asking for groups for grinding all throughout the day. And there is a loot system while you're grouped. It seems the only issue you're having is with tougher mobs that you almost need a group to defeat, like the Ogres. So it's rather limited to what would be changed if anything is even changed for this topic. At least from the way I'm seeing things.
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  9. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Costume/Outfit/Gear Profiles   

    I think what you're asking for, other MMO's call this a wardrobe. While I don't have many costumes myself, I think would be a good feature. In addition to this, being able to use the wardrobe furniture item in your residence specifically to store outfits/costumes would be nice. Heck, I've got like 3 apprentice fisher outfits sitting collecting dust because I've had a few characters go through the initial fishing quests at Velia. Just throwing outfits into storage doesn't seem right.
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  10. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Camp site XP boost   

    This is correct. The more you invest in a node, the higher the chance for better item drops become as well as getting more items. In addition, the higher grade knowledge you have of the things you are killing, the same applies.
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  11. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Make reviving easier (Wizard/Witch Resurrection skill)   

    I haven't been able to use this skill successfully on my witch yet.  It's like there is a complicated mechanic to using the skill, but nothing that tells you what you have to do.
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  12. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Implement These "Quality-Of-Life" Suggestions   

    With over 70% of the people who voted in the pole saying to implement NONE of these, I think it's safe to say this is a poor idea. While the costumes and pets are more of a convenience, making it so people can buy them and then turn around to sell them is a pay to win feature. It is literally turning real world money into in-game currency.
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  13. Monkey80 added a post in a topic [Ninja/Kunoichi] Changing the names of secondary weapons by others more correct   

    I agree, but I think the reason for this is because most people don't know or understand the culture. It is easier for them to understand when incorrect names are used.
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  14. Monkey80 added a post in a topic processing speed   

    How fast should processing be? Drying hides should take you days, not minutes. And if you're heating ore or chopping wood, I guess we should be moving at super speed. Get 3,000 timber chopped up in a matter of minutes.
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  15. Monkey80 added a post in a topic Flying Mounts   

    About the only thing I find unreal with BDO is there is magic. But what RPG would be complete without a mage class? I absolutely love BDO because there is no fast travel and storage in one city isn't magically connected to the storage in every other city. Flying mounts would hurt the game more than they could help.
    We don't need to make things easier. I quit playing another RPG because they kept dumbing down the game, making it easier and easier. There is no need to make an awesome game easier.
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